Pierce’s Christmas Shoe


When the Celtics destroy play the  Lakers on Christmas day, Paul Pierce will be wearing a special version of his signature sneaker, the Nike Max P2 V (click photo for hi-res).  It’s got the cool gold trim (which makes me think the Celtics will be wearing their cool gold trim jerseys on Christmas), and a personal logo that is based on his new tattoo.


Kobe Bryant is going to also be wearing some new shoes… which people can customize and order if they want.  There… that’s my little Christmas gift to you Lakers trolls who are always around here.  Now go away.


6 Responses

  1. Now thats a good looking Shoe!

  2. Yeah… I’m feeling this one. It’ll look good with those gold trimmed jerseys. Maybe Lamar Odom will get a good look at the back or bottom of those on Christmas

  3. Those are badass. A pair of those and a bowl of Beasties…and my Christmas is set! By the way, did you see any Losers orders sent to Concord, NH?

    Did anybody notice the jerseys they donned on the first regular season game of the year? I don’t think they were the ones you’re talking about. They were similar to the normal home jerseys ones except the letters had a gold border or something. Definitely different. Definitely a reminder that they are the defending champs.

  4. Eh, I have to say, Kobe’s shoe is much much better.

  5. […] like Paul Pierce’s Christmas shoe, but I like Ray Allen’s sneaker better.  NiceKicks.com has the scoop on when you can pick up […]

  6. the bad thing is Nike will not sell it to the public nor his regular shoes

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