Perkins Will Not Play Tonight

Perk will not play against the Warriors. According to Comcast’s Greg Dickerson, he’s got some type of muscle problem with his left shoulder. If you missed it, he injured himself in the first half of the Lakers game but it didn’t keep him from playing the rest of the game.  Dickerson said Doc didn’t find out about Perkins inability to play until the bus ride over to the arena.

While Perk is likely to play Sunday against Sacramento, it looks like his shoulder remains a weak spot.


40 Responses

  1. I guess the Lakers really got you guys didn’t they?




  3. lol to your 23 TOs. 19 Lossing streak coming at yah


  5. I want everyone to know that as a Celtics fan, I’ve been made very distraught by the above posts. Especially the one that said BOSTON SUCKS 400 times. Around the 250th time I read it, I became convinced. My team sucks. All hope is lost. Damn the Lakers and their superior ability to win a home game!

  6. Hey anyone know who the ’95-’96 bulls lost to for thier third and fourth losses?
    didnt think so….
    we believe

  7. Maybe not the lakers ability to win a home game but the celtics ability to lose a road game against a 8-22 team, well 9-22 since they won. That still ain’t good. Oh whats that sound? Thats the Cavs creeping up for that 1 seed.

  8. wow Sal you’re right
    i wish we could win a game here or there

  9. Don’t compare the celtics to the 95 bulls, dont you dare do that.

    haha amazing highlight, but im not so sure about that number one seed

  11. Oh no! Dom has gotten me again. The Celtics lost their 31st game of the season! The Celtics’ loss showed all their weaknesses, while the Lakers’ losses to Sacramento and Indiana showed their….grittiness! Or something! Damn, the Lakers are good!

  12. Where are the Champs? Seriously, because they are not suiting up in green these past two days.

    Where is the bench cheering?

    Where is the swagger?

    Where is the leadership?

    What’s with the confused look?

    Ugh, it’s only two games after all…but two emotionally and mentally uncharacteristic games.

    Time to change the sub pattern. Is Tony Allen looking like cancer or what?

    Maybe all the guys just need a hug.

    Here’s to hoping they figure out the doldrums.

    As for me, I’m gonna go cry it out and I’ll be fine come morning.

  13. Man if only i were lucky enough to live in LA i wouldnt have to jump on the bandwagon and root for the celts! I don’t wanna wear green!

  14. Oh no! Dom has gotten me again. The Celtics lost their 31st game of the season! The Celtics’ loss showed all their weaknesses, while the Lakers’ losses to Sacramento and Indiana showed their….grittiness! Or something! Damn, the Lakers are good!
    Big Sal – December 27, 2008 at 1:22 am

    Oh nooo!! Celtics still lost to a team without Corey Maggette, Jamal Crawford, and Monta Ellis…and still manage to win by 10. Oh, and you’re darn skippy they are good.Thanks to them your team is collapsing in front of your eyes and you’re in denial of it.


  16. Wow, this site has a thing for sarcasm or what?

  17. NOOO
    Sarcasm? where??!
    oh you mean that boston sucks post… i guess so then.

  18. and the lakers havent lost back to back this season huh? except for those two games less than a week ago…

  19. Come on Dom, your over reacting. The Lakers lost two in row last week and your team wasn’t collapsing in front of your eyes. Even the best teams lose focus during the long season. Now if the Celtics were in a five game losing streak then I would start to get a little concerned, but not two. Remember Dom, the Celtics still got the record for the best start to an NBA season, so we can lose a game or two and still be on top.

  20. Lakers lost back to back also, but Miami and Orlando were decent teams. Well, Orlando is a title contender, and Miami is still above .500.

  21. How serious is the Perkins injury? Is he day to day or is it more serious than that?

  22. Lakers 247 just proved my point, if you combined the heats and magic’s losses in total, the warriors is still more.

  23. its still december guys and I see your point but really? falling apart? the warriors are a run and gun team and if you let them stay in it that long they have the ability to come out and blow you up, a lesson I’d rather learn now than come playoff time. These aren’t the celts we’ve known all year but a few games arent

    Also what about giving Pruitt more playing time? I think he has the ability to give the bench the spark it so desperately needs.

  24. haha wow incomplete thought much?
    what i was saying is that a couple games arent the end of the world.. now lets finish this road trip strong guys

  25. oh right… that explains everything!
    including why im so worried that the celts will win back to back championships

  26. By the way celtics were up by 15 or so in the 3rd qt if i recall.I dont see the celshits winning against the portland brandonroys’ because its IN portland and they have a bright young athletic team who can shoot and handle the ball.

  27. im honored that by beating the lakers when it counted caused lakers fans to be this pissed off by it that they hate us more than anything. At first it was just annoying..but i think now Im lovin it cuz it just shows that us beating them demoralized them to a point that they linger here and criticize everything that goes wrong with immature caps lock filled bombardments about how much we suck.

  28. ronny turiaf dominated garnett…haha

    maybe pierce should had faked ANOTHER injury this season to get the team motivated.

  29. First grade school is elsewhere, idiots. Why nobody of you showed up when Fakers lost 2 in a row last week?

  30. as a Lakers fan, I apologize for Lakers1fan’s behaviour.

    I would liken it to Family Guy where Peter Griffen falls and hurts his knee. . except only for 5 minutes instead of the usual 20 seconds.

    as a note to trolling Lakers fans. . trolling around here when we beat the Celtics is one thing. . but coming around when the celtics play someone else? that portrays a poor self image. . so stop it.

    now, as you were.

  31. you know that every team stumbles, as a lakers fan I have been witness to a few games that hurt but my whole thing is that everyone has been comparing this boston team to the chicago team. As a laker fan I would love to see the cavs beat out the celtics but once the celts get past trying to beat the bulls amazing record I would watch out. I hope to see a lakers celts finals, makes hte finals so much more exciting. I also would like to apologize for the asshole laker fan that has nothing to say other than boston sucks, he obviously isn’t a basketball fan in general otherwise he would respect good play.

  32. And just to add as a lakers fan, who hates how Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, if you look at who they should be guarding, opposite people playing that same positions, ray allen gave up 22 points to Marco Bilinelli and Paul Pierce gave up 28 to Stephen Jackson. They may be able to score but they need to play defense. Garnet is the only big D player on the team and without him they wouldn’t even make the playoffs. Boston fans need to understand this

  33. Didn’t the Lakes just lose two in a row in Florida?

  34. Those damn refs…they did it again…its a freakin’ West Coast Conspiracy!

    I find it funny that the post on this site is of Perkins injury and his heroic efforts playing injured as the C’s go down to the NBA equal of the Detroit Lions…

    By the way…I haven’t worn a green piece of clothing since 1984…wouldn’t have it any other way…that’s rivalry…that’s good healthy hate…

    …but really it doesn’t matter that you lost back to back games, especially since the first of the two was a monumental blow to the collective team psyche…

    Please fellow Laker fans…come to this site with sarcasm, wit, commentary, opinion and even concentrated rage in the form of fact and debate…but please stop the mindless “Celtic’s Suck” stuff…they obviously don’t and that give the Greenbeans the ammo to refer to us as “trolls” or Fakers, etc…

    I’m going to go fill my Laker “Threepeat” mug with some coffee…

  35. Didn’t the Lakes just lose two in a row in Florida?

    redsarmy – December 27, 2008 at 7:30 am

    Damnit don’t you read comments? Or you only read half and then post, I just said that miami and orlando are not as bad as goldenstate. If you got the total losses for miami and orlando, added them up, the warriors would still have more. Also miami and orlando have at least one MVP legit candidate on their team, where as golden state only has baron davis……oh MYBAD that was last year well monta ellis….OOOPS HIS INJURED…core magettee? wow dom youre fuckin up, the warriors simply had NOONE except a stephen jackson that just came off a wrist injury.

  36. Who gives a shit about what the Warriors record is? The bottom line is the Celtics and Lakers have both lost 2 in a row in the past couple of weeks.

    You know… all you paste eaters came here after the Celtics lost to the Pacers and talked a ton of shit…. then the Lakers lost to them too.

    The Lakers will have more bad losses this season. And they’ll have another losing streak. Calm the fuck down.

    Why do I waste my time arguing with 12 year olds?


  38. Riggghhhht…. Oh btw the celtics play in the LEASTern conference.


  40. Sweet, celtics will lost against the blazers and they will have the same record as the lakers, so that automatically gives us an edge, because we can say lakers have the same record AND they beat boston, then you guys will run out of excuses and bring up the finals right?

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