Sasha Vujacic is a Fool

My Sasha Vujacic annoyance level reached an all-time high when I stumbled upon this photo. Dude – it was a regular season game. Stop acting like you went 15-rounds with Ivan Drago. Now that was a Christmas day battle that meant something.

I prefer to remember you this way:


48 Responses

  1. Another photo for the locker room bulletin board in February. I pity the fool in February. I pity the fool.

  2. Honestly, what about Garnett clapping in the face of Calderon? What about KG on all fours on defense? What’s the difference? Stop being such hypocrites.

  3. ouch khw got you there redsarmy. :X

  4. Oh Sasha, you got a christmas miracle and we all got to witness it. I’m with redsarmy, watching your reaction to what the other Jesus did to you’ll always be known.

  5. You stay classy. Oh wait, that might be Jeff’s job over at Celticsblog. At least he limits the garbage.

  6. Sasha Vagi-Itch.

  7. Sasha is showing the same emotions any professional basketball player would show after winning a great game.

    Don’t see a problem with this at all.

    Surprised you posted this, especially when KG shows these exact emotions all the time, even during regular season games.

    Stop being bitter about the loss.

  8. I think Sasha has been overboard with his Celtics obsession for a while. Refusing to wear green? Come on.

    It’s not just this photo. It’s the silly obsession that goes with it.

  9. I wouldn’t quite call this obsession. He simply hates how the Lakers lost last year, and winning this game means a lot to him, as well as to many Lakers fans. If any of you Celtics fans were not pumped up for the game, you are not a fan of the game.

    Obsession? Obsession is when Pat Riley ordered his players to dump the Gatorade from the visitor’s locker room in the Garden. This, my friend, is fun.

  10. well guys, i had a peaceful and restful christmas day yesterday. i was in a very serene state after the loss. now i have confirmed that my 72-10 bulls are better than this celtics team. i mean, talk about laying a monumental egg against this lakers team!! jeez, the bulls would have destroyed the lakers. he would have willed the bulls to a victory all by himself if he needed to. the celtics should have destroyed and humiliated this wimpy lakers team. that bulls team is definitely better than this celtics team.

  11. obsession is refusing to wear the color green because of his unbelievable addiction to hating the celtics

  12. Kevin Garnett doesn’t show emotion during regular season games? Or Pierce? Or Eddie House?

    Can’t blame the guy if the finals loss still haunts him and he wanted to get some sort of redemption.

  13. I seem to recall Glen Davis crying like a baby with a towel over his head.

  14. KG is a multiple all-star and a future hall-of-famer; he can do whatever he wants. Sasha Vaginaitch is a one-dimensional player who wears a hair net.
    I’m taking a cue from Pierce and focusing on tonight’s game against the Warriors.

    Did they actually hand out purple scarves to fans at the Staples Center?

  15. Perkins is second in technical fouls. Please.

  16. What does being an all-star have to do with showing emotion?

    KG shows emotion all the time
    Glen Davis cries
    Paul Pierce gets wheeled off
    Eddie House goes crazy every time he hits a 3
    Perkins is among league leaders in technical fouls

    Emotion is part of the game, and it’s really sad that you guys are using Sasha’s emotion as a defense against your loss.

  17. Ha I love how you say that this didn’t mean anything even tho all the celtic fans I know were talking up there 19 game winning streak, all saying they were way better than the 72 and 10 bulls. Its ironic that the lakers stopped it because it is the lakers that have the record for longest winning streak ever with 33 games. You may say this loss doesn’t matter now but it puts doubt in the players minds that they can’t finish out a game against another elite team. I would be worried about playing king James. oh yeah I thought I would mention it really looks like pierce is better than kobe, isn’t that what he said himself, I guess he must have had some kind of injury or fake injury hahahaha

  18. Excuse me? Using it as a defense against our loss? Please quote me where on this site we said Sasha’s emotion is the reason we lost?

    We’re saying Sasha looked foolish because he acted like he won a title last night.

  19. Here we go in a circle again, and we’re saying that you have no business saying that he looked foolish because your players do it all the time.

  20. We have plenty of business saying that. Look at him.

    And yes… our players are emotional. We haven’t denied that. Sometimes… we’ve even called them too emotional. So what?

    Sasha’s obsessed with the Celtics. We’re calling him out on it. Done.

  21. Then we’re calling your players out as arrogant and making fools out of themselves with their classlessness. Done.

  22. khw: showing emotion is fine. Its treating a regular season game like an NBA Finals game thats annoying. Just look at the photo; no Celtics player does that after a regular season win. This game was nothing more than a regular season matchup, and Vujacic, and many Laker fans, are acting like they just won a game in the NBA Finals.

  23. Ok, I don’t mean you guys are using it as a defense for your loss, but you guys just had to find something to hide YOUR emotions for the loss. Pretending like you don’t care.

    Big deal he showed emotion, it was an emotional game, the biggest rivalry in the NBA. Besides this game was big for the Lakers. It was a test to see if they can compete with the leagues best.

    I’ve probably seen more articles about the Lakers here than articles about the Celtics. So maybe YOU are obsessed with Lakers.

  24. Maybe Sasha was celebrating a successful pay off to the refs? Ha just kidding.

    The Lakers played tough, they played all 48 minutes. They beat us. The refs sucked donkey balls, but they pretty well sucked balls both ways. The Celts let it get to them. I wanna say we lost more than they won, but they played hard. I hate that Doc stuck to the rotation (why we lost I think), but I sorta respect the choice. I just really wish he didn’t play 4 subs at once ALL the time. That’s just too unrealistic I think.

    Hats off to the Lakers for the win, you can all still go to hell though.


  25. We’ll always hate the Lakers. That’s what this is all about. That’s what a rivalry is. We post Celtics stuff first… anti-Lakers stuff next.

    That’s not exactly a revelation

  26. Yeah, we’re obsessed with the Lakers, but the Celtics actual team isn’t, which is in stark contrast to the clear fact that the Lakers team circled this X-Mas day game on the calendar.

    I think this loss is good for the Celtics:
    A) It will give them some doubters, and with that will come some more motivation. We don’t want them to be considered the best team in the NBA in the middle of winter; its the beginning of summer that counts.

    B) This team needed some internal motivation, and the disappointing loss will give them even more of a drive to improve. Look for Ray Allen and Rondo to have good games tonight at Golden State; this isn’t the type of team that allows feuds to fester.

    C) Win streaks are great, but they were probably feeling a little bit of pressure. Now they can just go out and play basketball without thinking about where they stand in history.

  27. lol of course it’s a rivalry.

    …but I still think this game meant something to you guys as well. Wouldn’t you guys have liked to win the 20th straight on the Lakers floor, on Christmas, in front of our fans, and with the return of Bynum. Oh yea, you guys were thinking that alright. lol.

    Well either way it was a good game by both teams, exciting back and forth match up. See you guys Feb 5th.

  28. Same here, thanks for bringing out the intensity in the Lakers that we haven’t seen for a long time… I’ll leave with this picture

    May the rivalry last for decades longer.

  29. Is this a lakers blog now? god damn dont you californians have tanning or waxing appointments to go to? i swear 90% of these post are from Fakers fans

  30. Who ever said this game didn’t mean anything to us? I wanted to win the game. But in the end, it’s no big deal. It’s a much bigger win for the Lakers and their fans. I was totally into the game… but now… it’s time to move on.

  31. A bunch of Celtics fan said “It doesn’t matter, it’s only one game, we don’t care” blah blah blah

  32. Wow, Redsarmy…you’ve been hard to criticize until the last few exchanges…your starting to sound like BigMck…

    This game absolutely meant more to the Celtics than the Lakers…you would have passed our 19 game mark and we were at home after a long road trip…we should have won the game…

    Big picture: the Celtics are still the better team (right now) and Champions…the Lakers simply won one big game…

    The fact that you guys are busting on Sasha is silly…that’s like 80’s laker fans harping on M.L. Carr…when you lose (not loose, guys) redirecting anger at role players for the opposition is not the mentality of a champion or their fans…

    …then again…you Boston guys never have been good winners, let alone classy losers…

  33. I don’t understand how this game meant more to Boston. I think everyone in creation can admit that this game meant more to the Lakers.

  34. Oh god. Give it up. You might have something if you guys broke a 30 game streak.

    It was a great game. The Lakers won. Good for them. But in the end, it’s just a loss. Time to move on.

    Maybe you want to make more of it because you lost in the Finals. I understand that. But because the Celtics are champions, a December loss is really no big deal. What’s the difference between the loss to the Lakers and the loss to the Pacers? In reality… nothing.

  35. Philsarmy, its ridiculous (actually borderline retarded) to say that this meant more to the Celtics. In the postgame interviews, the Celtics clearly showed that this game did not mean much more than any other regular season game. They were calm, they gave credit to the Lakers, and they said that its time to move on to the next game.

    Meanwhile the Lakers have effing STREAMERS going down from the rafters. That is just stupid and shows no perspective on what little this win means on the Lakers franchise part.

    And yeah, we’re hating on Sasha Vujabitch because he’s immature, saying he’s not going to wear green, and how his animosity for the Celtics goes beyond hate. And then the picture above… like I said, no perspective whatsover.

  36. Just mad because the celtics got beat on NATIONAL TV, on CHRISTMAS by the LAKERS to end their 19 game winning streak. Yeah I understand the celshits are the champions BUT you’re only as good as your last game, unfortunately the celtics lost. You guys know for a fact bynum made a difference, not just what HE can do, but it slides pau back to his original position(PF). You guys will make every excuse about this loss which I understand because you’re all celshit fans and will defend your team that you’ve liked ever since they had the big 3 (I doubt half of you on this site were celtic fans when they had an 18 GAME LOSING STREAK a few years ago.) Anyways im outtie, have fun hating on sasha/lakers.

    PS Please dont reply by saying “Way to state the obvious dom1020” because I’m aware that you guys were just discussing this, reason why im replying.

    Feb 15 5pm PST on TNT. Mark your calendar bandwagons.

  37. I for one aplaud sasha for not wearing green. it makes me feel better to know i’ll never end up at a party wearing the same shirt as that little douche. Congrads to the lakers, as Redsarmy said, its time to move on.

  38. Hey Dom1020, remember where Celtic fans? We don’t circle one game on the calendar; every game is circled. Your Lakers should learn that lesson. And please don’t talk shit until you guys beat us in the Finals, its not legitimate. You guys won 2 home games last year in June, remember? Didn’t help you out that much though. Like Redsarmy said, this loss is as meaningless as the Pacers loss in the grand scheme of things.

  39. HAHA, what makes you think that you would ever be good enough to share the same presence as Sasha in a party. Oh yeah “Move on” after 3 or 4 articles on the lakers after the loss, maybe you guys should work on the pregame against a beat up warriors team.

  40. ^^Lol dom. Yeah you’re right.

    Thats how you rejoice when PP goes down crying for his knees. Dont you remember the cobra? what a disgusting stance? lol

    By the way, redsarmy should be thankful for the lakers fans cause not because of us, you wont be able to get tons of hits here in your blog site. This was a stinking site before. hahahahahahahahaha

  41. It’s alright… I have refused to wear purple and gold for a long time… Probably not cuz they are the laker colors but because it makes you look like the court jester frolicking in a gay pride parade…

  42. The confetti and streamers are always there when the Lakers win. So don’t think they are exaggerating.

  43. Woot domz is here, now this site is officially CRACKIN!! So just out of curiosity, what did you expect sasha to be like? He wasn’t on the losing end, so when you win big games in the nba now-a-days you’re to cool, to good, to show some passion? Sasha is the Machine, and not a damn thing celtics can do. Just to refreshin the memory.

  44. I haven’t seen this many Laker fans posting here since Game One of the NBA Finals. Are you guys fans or front runners?

    And no one has yet to answer my question about purple scarves being handed out at the game. Inferno, that scarf could make a nice accessory for your night out at Hyde.

  45. Hey dave…nice to be remembered by my adoring fans…as for Laker participation on this site, its very simple…football is winding down and basketball is heating up-time to change gears and redirect focus…not front-runners, just a natural transition time between sports…we got a little hot stove going with baseball…we’ll see the Wings and Pens in hockey finals again and football is almost playoff time…so basketball is a natural filler…couple that with a Christmas showdown and…well…c’mon man…no detective work needed…

    As for the scarf commentary…the fact that you know what goes on at Hyde at night and you used the word accessory as a clothing reference in a sentence in front of other men…well, I think you can keep the scarf…you’ll put it to good use…

  46. If KG gets down on all fours in the middle of a regular season against teams not considered to be historic rivals, it’s “a leader showing intensity.” If Sasha Vujacic shows emotion about winning against a rival, it’s him being a fool.

    Where’s the logic there?

  47. Dre, We’re talking about vajachick’s off the court antics, the cobra amps up the

  48. celtics, and is showing leadership, sasha is just whining

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