Time To Move On


So it wasn’t the best ending to Christmas.  The C’s didn’t look great, and it’s giving C’s haters plenty of ammunition.  That’s fine.  They can talk all they want in December.  I’m more concerned with June.  But I’m officially bored with the Lakers trolls now.

The C’s are in Oakland, and they won’t be seeing the same team that forced the Celtics to come back at home.  Corey Maggette had 32 in that game… but he’s out for tonight.  Stephen Jackson had 30 in that game and he’s been out for a week with a hand injury.  He’s shooting for a return tonight, but even if he does come back, he could be rusty.  Jamal Crawford had 18 against the C’s, but he’s been nursing a groin injury.

It would be nice to get this thing out of the way early so Leon Powe can come in and get substantial minutes in front of his home crowd.  Oakland hasn’t been kind to the Celtics recently (Boston has lost 10 of its last 12 at Oracle, including 4 in a row), but this clearly isn’t the same Warriors team.


27 Responses

  1. Warriors by 5

  2. Just remember Laker feces, when we win another championship we will spend eternity rubbing it in your Faker faces.

    How can anyone cheer the Laker’s with their shallow Hollywood fans. You got the most embarrasing fans in the league. Sleezy rich guys and bimbos with fake boobs.

  3. HAHA! I know he didnt just say that, ESPECIALLY when kobe was getting MVP chants in the garden a few years back. Looks like we have another FAKE boston fan that hopped on the bandwagon! They are rich sure, but they go to every home game and support them (Jack nicklson ever since the boston lakers rivalry in the 80’s) Even through the rough times they have been there.

  4. I didn’t like Chuck’s post on Vujacic. I really don’t like the guy, he was irritating even in his past years in Udine… but that was just feeding the trolls.

    Anyway, it must be said: dear Fakers fans, you are beheaving like first grade children. Grow up… I bet that if we slap your ass on February you won’t be commenting here anymore.

  5. They are rich sure, but they go to every home game and support them (Jack nicklson ever since the boston lakers rivalry in the 80’s) Even through the rough times they have been there.
    Dom1020 – December 26, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    Name another dedicated VIP laker fan then… David Beckham? Prince? All those baaaaaaaaad hip hop stars? Hmmmm I wonder….

  6. Keep cheering for those rapists and perverts Laker’s fans


  7. OK Thatguy, I will have to give you that one. Jack has always been around. But cannot say much for the rest of them that just want to be seen

  8. for the record the MVP chants were coming from Lakers fans. get that through your heads

  9. Snoop dogg hell even spike lee. Now refering to the fuck above me never has a celtic gotten mvp chant in. LA enlven wen the lakers have a bad year

  10. Even*

  11. I think a Celtics Blog with faithful readers, that was created when the C’s were awful, is not the right place to be looking for “bandwagon” fans…

  12. The Laker’s have fans all over the country just like the Dallas Cowboys. They are America’s Team, the epitome of Bandwagon Fans. The Lakers = Bandwagon. Celtics fans are true blue East Coast fans

  13. Ohhh you guys are true fans huh? Where were you guys in the 06-07 Season?? Like I said, lakers have always had their fans even when they’ve been doing bad. When the celtics struggle, their arena looks like the miami heats arena from last year.

  14. Dude… don’t be a fucking idiot. We STARTED this blog 3 years ago. FYI… that’s 2005. So during the 2006-07 season… we were all right here. So can it.

  15. Oh really, how many members were their, and what about the empty arena?Funny how all the celtic fans were there in the 80’s 90’s but when the celtics fell they stopped showing right?? We’ll before i leave this site, i just wanted to clarify because some of you well most of you assume that the lakers took this game like it was an nba finals game,or a “15 round heavy weight boxing match” well you’re all wrong, lakers took this game as just another game. What you dont believe me? Dom always brings the proof man. the hell…. watch,learn, cry.


  16. I was there the whole time, during the 18 game losing streak and all. During Ford, Carr, Patino, O’Brien, Carroll, Rivers. Every season we sucked I was there, as were pretty much all the regulars of this blog. You want to find bandwagon fans, go to Harvard Square and ask people who Kevin Gamble, Ala Albdelnoby, Todd Day, or hell, even Vin Baker are.

    I’m sure you can find bandwagon Celtics fans, but as said before, this isn’t the place to look for them.

  17. way to light up the warriors! you definately started another streak! good for you. on sunday, the lakers will step in and daddy will show you how it’s done.

  18. Celtics 89
    Warriors 99

    back-to-back losses

    Time to move on from this one, also.

  19. boston sucks!

  20. ^^ yeah right JOsh..you were one of the few..hahaha

    oh no! I hope we wont be murdered by the warriors too..Turiaf was redeemed!!! Oh yeah!!!!!!

  21. Question, were there annoying Celtics trolls on Lakers sites when they also lost on back to back nights on an opposite coast road trip?

  22. Warriors by 5
    Dom1020 – December 26, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    well this is the first time I’m Quoting my self, but I was only half way right, Warriors by 10.

    -We Believe (no Corey Magette)

    Btw, who is CJ Watson and that Belinelli guy??

  23. Warriors without Corey Maggette, Jamal Crawford, and Monta Ellis…and still manage to win by 10. Wow.

  24. HAHAHA Warriors win 99-89
    And also, even if it was the Lakers fans chanting “MVP” for Kobe in Boston, that just shows that the Boston fans weren’t there! That just shows that they are bandwagoners.

  25. Um, I was at that game Joey, and I pelted a Lakers fan with ice, and laughed hysterically at the Lakers fans getting tormented on the T from the Fleet to Cambridge.

  26. The Celtics averaged nearly 17,000 in attendance in an 18,600-capacity arena two years ago when they had the second-worst record in the league. Get your facts straight rather than quoting Mike Bibby about “bandwagon fans.”

    “Empty arena” my ass.

  27. They forget that the laker’s rarely have losing seasons as the league gift wraps them presents like Gasol and Shaq O’neil. The Laker’s are the leagues whores.

    When did you have to give up a young all-star like Al Jefferson to get someone?

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