Christmas Kicks

Kevin Garnett’s Adidas TS Commander UNDR CRWN

Kevin Garnett’s Adidas TS Commander UNDR CRWN

It looked like everyone was wearing clown shoes on Christmas.  I’m all for limited edition shoes… but I think they took the green & red Christmas thing a hair too far.

Nevertheless… has a full rundown of all the shoes both the Laker and Celtics were wearing on Christmas day.

Here are a couple of other Celtics shoes.  Check out for all of them.

Rajon Rondo’s Nike Zoom BB II Low

Rajon Rondo’s Nike Zoom BB II Low

Ray Allen’s Air Jordan 2.5

Ray Allen’s Air Jordan 2.5


8 Responses

  1. I really like Rondo’s kicks, actually.

    Does he not tie his shoes, though? I hope that was taken during warm-ups or something. He was wearing low-tops last night that came off real easily when he slightly rolled his ankle…

  2. He does tie them for the game… but those low tops come off real easy. I don’t get the guys in low tops who don’t tape their ankles. I know I sound like Tommy when I say that…. but there are 18 other feet out there that you can step on and roll your ankle. Especially when you’re always driving to the hoop like Rondo.

    As for the shoes… they’d look good without the red laces. I like Ray’s other version that we had a few posts ago. I’m not a fan of that color scheme.

  3. Sorry Ticket, those things are HEINOUS!!!

  4. I thought KG was a Hurricanes fan or something. Those laces look orange to me.

  5. whoever is writing that seriously needs to find a better use for their time. you’re obviously not a celtics fan…so what are you doing on this blog on the first place?

    hmmm…..i sense a little jealousy from last summer perhaps?

  6. Sweet you guys won a home game in December that was necessary to maintain your status as a top team. Congrats!

  7. I’m deleting those “Boston Sucks” posts….write it once and it will stay there, slamming the site with repetitive posts like that just make it harder for everyone else to read the rest of the comments.

  8. I saw the undercrown for sale in adidas here in the philippines
    I really thought they are the team edition for the milwaukee bucks.

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