“The worst 27-4 team ever”

So says Mark Massengil Heisler

If anyone forgot, as almost everyone did, the Lakers’ size, depth and athleticism are far superior to the Celtics’. If the Lakers played as hard as the Celtics, and defended as well, they really would win 70.

Just keep this in mind:  This guy got paid to write this pile of crap

Then there’s their bench, as in, what bench?

Powe and Tony Allen might or might not break into the Lakers’ nine-man rotation. Davis and Eddie House, no shot. If the Celtics’ endurance has yet to be tested, that loss Friday in Golden State wasn’t a good sign.

I wonder what his excuse was when the Lakers lost two in a row in Florida… or when they struggled to beat Memphis?

Or… could it be possible that you can’t make ridiculous snap judgments based on a single game?

(via Celtics Blog)


13 Responses

  1. to answer your question about what excuse he would make, he answered in the first paragraph: “if the lakers played as hard as the celtics and played defense like the celtics.” the lakers this year havent gotten up for crappy teams and dont play hard nor play good defense against them. the lakers lost to the florida teams because they have a bad habit of not focusing on lesser opponents. IF the lakers played D and played hard every game then I do think the lakers would win 70 games.

  2. Whats in the water over there? Did some botox make it in the water system in LA or something.

  3. Playing defense is more than effort. You just don’t walk out onto the court and say “we will play defense tonight.”

  4. Damn – I didn’t realise we were so crap!

  5. I suppose the Lakers were thinking that in the finals when they got blown out in the elimination game

  6. haha yeah the fact that you think playing defense like the celtics requires purely putting the effort into it is very wrong, to be a good defensive team you don’t change your plans no matter who is in front of you. wow these guys are pathetic

  7. Laker could use some of our players maybe they would figure out that to be a defensive team you don’t take time off defensively.

  8. You forgot some of Mark’s other quotes

    “If glen davis scored as good as lebron he would be a better player”
    “if scalabrine wasn’t white he would be black”
    “if the celtics scored more than LA they would have won the game”

  9. Defense. Gimme a break. The best defense is a good . . .

    Listen, we’re gonna keep kickin’ the crap outta you. So get used to it.

  10. Let me just add that the celtics lost to the warriors as we are all aware of (blew 15 point lead) and….so 2 days later, the Lakers beat them by 17.

    Also i noticed you said lakers struggled against the Grizzlies, One might say so, but they still won,kinda like how the Celtics struggled against the BOBCATS?!! Gee who do the bobcats have that is good, I see Michael Jordan, but wait hes retired, LOL! Grizzlies actually have a decent team, they came off a 2ot loss to the spurs the other night, and OJ mayo is an incredible talent. Then with the back to back losses in Florida, Miami they are above .500 mark with dwayne wade…enough said, and Orlando is a title contender this year. Celtics lost against the lakers, which we all knew was going to happen, but the warriors loss, ummm not so good. It’s not like the lakers blew a lead, and its not like they lost by double digits, they just lost by 1 shot that could of won or tied the game.

    Warriors loss total = 23
    Magic/Heats Loss total = 19
    Dom = a win
    redsarmy = loss

  11. rofl @ doms comment
    you celtic fans have nothing on him

  12. “Let me just add that the celtics lost to the warriors as we are all aware of (blew 15 point lead) and….so 2 days later, the Lakers beat them by 17.”

    Hey Dom1020: Let me just add that the lakers lost to the Kings as we are all aware of and…so 2 weeks later, the Celtics beat them by 45!

  13. DOm120, if you wanna go by win margins, here you go.
    Lakers at Kings: LA Loss by by 12
    Celtics at Kings: Boston Wins by 45 points
    So shut the fuck up.

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