Beastondo For MVP

Only $10.99

Only $10.99

Kendrick Perkins returned to the lineup last night and showed why the Celtics need the Beast in the middle of the paint.  He blocked 4 shots and grabbed 12 rebounds in 27 minutes of work.

Rajon Rondo knifed through the defense at will.  And while he only managed 6 assists, many of his passes led to assists (the Celtics had 23 assists on 41 FG attempts).

Once again, this shows that while one of the Big 3 can carry the Celtics to a win… the Celtics don’t lose when Beastondo steps up.

So in honor of Perk’s return, and the nickname that seems to be catching on , we unveil our newest (and least expensive) shirt.  The Beastondo shirt is understated, yet effective… just like Beastondo.  And because we hear the economy might be struggling a little… we found a way to make this one $10.99.  Of course, you can feel free to browse our entire store if you’d like.

The latest Carnival of the NBA is out on  It looks like they’ve linked to every known basketball blog in the universe… so check it out.

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