Hate the Lakers, Love the Blazers


Courtesy: BlazeofLove.com

Anyone else tired with all the bitching about the Lakers around here? I’m turning over a new leaf and ready to embrace our next opponent, the Blazers. Unlike those goofs at LakerNation (sorry that shot was a reflex), the folks over at BlazeofLove run a damn fine web site. I especially admire the work they do on NBA dance teams.

This is the beauty of the Internet. If you come up with an idea for a blog (say…dancers in holiday outfits), but are too lazy to research and write, it’s likely someone else will eventually do it, allowing you to simply steal borrow and link to their work.

More pictures, courtesy of BlazeofLove.com, after the jump.


Courtesy: BlazeofLove.com


Courtesy: BlazeofLove.com


Courtesy: BlazeofLove.com


22 Responses

  1. Time to change this blog to an account login system. The smelly great unwashed Laker pukes are here.

    The only one who sucks are Laker fans getting a spray from Kobe which he loves to do


  2. No wonder I am no longer choosing to converse with Laker fans. The evidence is mounting with every post they make.

  3. No it isn’t. It is all stuff of public record. Kobe is a sleeze


  4. Thanks for the link love! Just trying to do our part in the never ending quest to help as many male fans (female too) fall in love with their dance teams. :)

    And yeah, that first comment is obnoxious…and very pathetic.

  5. To the aker Garbage fan, of course you think that site is fake. I wouldn’t want to beleive it to if I worshipped Kobe. Doesn’t mean it is fake though. What proof other then you are a Laker fan is that it is fake? You provided no proof that it is fake.

  6. Lakers fans own nothing but stupidity by posting here. You are making yourselves look bad. Keep it up!

  7. I am a Laker fan, and guys, grow up. You’re making us look bad.

  8. I apologize for the immature Laker fans who can’t seem to post comments that don’t say the same thing OVER AND OVER!OVER AND OVER!
    No way do they represent us fans, as most of us have a higher IQ than they do combined.
    PLEASE STOP, as the other fan before me said, you guys are making us look bad.

  9. To the 2 “normal” Lakers fans – While I can only speak for myself, I think the feelings are mutual between myself and other loyal readers of this blog, we understand that these morons that can’t move past a regular season victory in December that happened 4 days ago are not a representation of most Lakers fans. We might hate each other’s teams and like to talk some trash to each other now and then, but I think there is a mutual respect for each other, and each other’s team, I mean, we need you and you need us to make this whole rivalry thing work.

    Personal insults and spamming each other’s websites isn’t basketball fandom, it is idiocy.

    So I can’t speak for everybody, but as for me, I know these douchebags are not a true representation of Lakers fans.

  10. How do the trolls have anything to do with thelakersnation.com? They are not responsible for the spamming or hate posts, the people who run that site are respectable people, they do not condone these type of posts, and neither do I. Just because you got some traffic from a group of people on the shoutbox of that site you’re just going to lump everyone that visits that site with the spammers? That’s not very smart of you. Lets not judge a fanbase or fansite over something a couple of spammers and a handul of douchebags are doing. I happen to see a lot of boston trolls on some of the sites and forums I frequent, but I know most if not all of them are not true celtics fans or are just haters or douches. Anyways that’s all I have to say good day to you.

  11. I think it’s obvious that the Lakers Nation mention was a joke. We know full well that it’s just a few dozen idiots, and not something the website planned.

    And we’re deleting those obnoxiously repetitive comments. So the comment kellex was referring to is gone.

  12. Dude, you Celtics fans are pathetic. Why are you holding on to Kobe’s Colorado case? It makes you look like an asshole.

    And look at who’s talking. This blog has been ripping the Lakers blog and their fans like crazy. Seriously, what’s this obsession with the Lakers that you guys feel the need to post on a CELTICS blog? Some secret man-crush love I’m guessing.

    You guys are idiots if you believe Lakers fans are just gonna sit back and take the vitriolic trash you guys talk about them.

    Lastly, you have to be the most classless, trashiest, most slime-bag fans in the NBA. The evidence is in this blog and the illiterate posts. :)

  13. Yeah Reds, I don’t have anything against the good Celtics fans. I know not all of you are idiots. But when the select few who are idiots decide to spew their nonsense, I’ve gotta vent.

  14. Laker fans should quit worrying about the C’s and start worrying about the blazers. I said it before the season started, these kids are good and Nate is a damn good coach. Don’t worry lakers, all of us lost sonic fans still hate you and will be looking for the jailblazers to shock the west. That being said here’s hoping Oden shows up and gets beasted by Perk.

  15. Sorry, I didn’t mean that comment about the blog being trashy. It’s a pretty well run site. I was mostly talking to the poster named lakersfansaresewage. Again, nothing against this site or the classy Boston fans.

  16. Facts are FACTS! The only reason Kobe is playing in the NBA and not in prison is because he is a superstar celebrity. THAT is your hero! leopard will not change its spots.

  17. But I forgot this is America. She probably deserved it or asked for it right? Probably a gold digger right? So trashy she is not worth much compared to kobe, right? That is what woman have to deal with in courts today. No wonder many do not come forward

  18. lakerfansaresewage is the definition of ignorant.

    Where are these facts you speak of? He’s not in prison because they couldn’t prove he raped her. The defendant’s case fell to pieces once they discovered several different semen spots in her panties.

    Yes, this is America, where everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

  19. lakerfansaresewage is the definition of ignorant.

    Where are these facts you speak of? He’s not in prison because they couldn’t prove he raped her. The defendant’s case fell to pieces once they discovered several different semen spots in her panties.

    Yes, this is America, where everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

    lalball81 – December 31, 2008 at 1:59 am

    and on that note, you’ve just been owned.

  20. Read this and you decide? But your reactions only prove my points stronger. The worship of Kobe is stronger than anything else


    And OJ didn’t kill anyone either…

  21. So sick of the Lakers. Kobe is beyond overrated.


  22. Love how Faker fans come on here and lecture Celtics fans what they can and can’t comment on on a Celtic’s blog.

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