How Lakers Fans Spend Their Time


This is how we know we’ve hit it big.  When Lakers fans randomly decide to leave their blogs and come talk trash on ours.

I’m glad to see that the Lakers are so self confident that they have to come to a Celtics site to pump themselves up.  Whatever makes you feel better, I guess.  But you won’t see us… home of the WORLD CHAMPIONS… leading charges to spam Lakers sites.  We’ll just see how things go in June.


42 Responses

  1. That just says it all

  2. I love the top post “How would you want to die…in a bomb explosion or a car wreck?” WTF? Are Lakers fans already planning their summer funerals after another Celtics championship?

  3. I have to say — it’s not at all clear to me that the Celts and Lakers will meet at the Finals. In the West, it would not surprise me at all if LA does not win… there are a lot of tough teams out there and any one of them can beat the Lakers in a series. Why? Because without solid defense, a team is always at the mercy of the shooting gods… sometimes your shots just don’t fall, and when that happens you have no way to win.
    And though I THINK the Cs will win the East, that’s also far from certain. The Magic and especially the Cavs will give them a run for their money. The Cavs in particular are a MUCH better team this year as compared to last — while the Cs are better in some respects (Ray, Beastondo, Powe, Pruitt, and time together), worse in others (no Posey and PJ).
    “We’ll just see how things go in June.”

  4. John, how did you discover that? That’s some fine sleuthing.

    I can’t read the comments anymore. Too much mindless drivel. It’s like trying to argue abortion with a pro-lifer. You just can’t get through. I liked it better when it was just Celtics fans analyzing a game and offering their opinions on what went right and what went wrong.

  5. ahahaha

  6. Congratulations to the Lakers and their “fans” for winning the first DECEMBER statement game in the history of the league.

  7. Bill.. it’s a minor spike in morons posting. We’ve decided to leave a lot of that stuff up because of how bad it makes them look. They’ll go away soon.

    As for finding that… we can look at our statistics and see who’s pushing traffic to our site. A couple of clicks brought be to that.

  8. What a joke these guys are, get a life. I was surprised that people actually go to another teams fan site to talk trash, now I find out that its a calculated effort. Its sad, obviously they haven’t gotten over number 18.

  9. Here’s how Laker fans spend their time – celebrating CHAMPIONSHIPS. Unless you’re an old geezer, the Lakers are the winningest franchise of your lifetime (i.e., the last 4 decades).

    ’72, ’80, ’82, ’85, ’87, ’88, ’00, ’01, ’02 AND ’09, ’10 & ’11 on the way.

    Don’t let last June’s fluke, injury-aided title fool you. The Celts will fall right back off the radar after this year’s failed title run.

  10. Hey Kurt, watch out for the closeline. You know its coming.

  11. This is how Celtics Fans spend their time: looking out for ONE stupid, ignorant fan of the Laker fanbase so they can bag on us because that individual supposedly “represents” the entire Laker fanbase.

    I wonder why you were on our chatbox anyway (;

  12. Gotta love Lakers fans…. theyre celebrating titles before they even win them. Wow and a “Boston sucks” chant from the Staples Center….. I was really shocked to hear that haha.

  13. Lol yeah, you snoop on our website, we snoop on yours, power to the nation….power to lakers nation.

    and update your computer, those toolbars look hella 90’s

  14. Kurt Rambis is in the running for the most hilarious and stupid posts I have seen. Yes, Celtics have no idea what a championship looks like except last year. Hate to break it to ya Bynum is not going to help the Lakers that much.

  15. Lakers fans, the only reason Red Army went to your site is because of the hits that come on the Red’s Army site. You led him to it by trolling here.

  16. Really Nora? Could you break down your thoughts on Bynum…I’m really interested in your analysis…

    …”that much…” is so provoking and absolute a comment…

    So far we’re 1-0 against the champs with him…and add to that the fact that Pau was only in LA half the year last year…wow, you think team chemistry might be better this Spring…yup.

    Yeah…Kurt is stupid…”that much”…friggin’ 3rd grader.

  17. I think it is hilarious people (Lakers Fan(s)) are still excited over a regular season game that happened 2 games and 4 days ago, I think it is time to move on. Probably the same people saying the C’s 2 wins in the regular season meant nothing when the Finals were about to start.

  18. Bynum helps… but so many Lakers fans make him out to be the missing link its ridiculous. He’s not a bum… but he’s not the savior, either.

  19. Hey Inferno, one game in the regular season does not prove Bynum is the Lakers savior. You have yet to prove other then a win on the Laker home court in the reg/ seasom otherwise.

  20. You are right kb2 because the league is your whore or vise versa

    Giftwraps like Shaq and Gasol will always be coming your way.

    Ainge made the right moves even though we get constantly screwed in the lottery

  21. I give as much insight in which I get back–which is very little. Trolls don’t get insightful responses when they have not presented anything insightful. If you want praise for the Lakers you are not going to find it at a Celtics site. Go find some of your own kind and start a website.

  22. I have had enough of responding to the delusional Lakers. Lakers fans can’t be reasoned with.

  23. One last thing and then I am done. Sacramento etc. beat the Lakers I guess that means they are as good or better then the Laker based on one game. Lakers fans say one game proves things I guess those losses proved something as well. LOL

  24. Ditti Nora

    And one last thing, can you imagine how good the Celtics would be if we still had Al Jefferson?

  25. Thanks for stopping by. We always wondered what the biggest retards in the world sounded like. You’ll receive your full test results by mail in 15 to 20 days.

  26. Nora…never have I used the word “savior” in any statement…and while I agree that Bynum is not an all-star caliber player yet, he is certainly as good and as important to our team as Perkins is to yours…try playing a series or half a season a center down…its not easy and it absolutely made a difference in the outcome of last years final…to think otherwise is either foolishness or ignorance…

    …and Nora…you and Diego and that purple monkey should find another site to drool on, take your map, backpack and get the hell out…damn mouth-breather…

  27. I just was curious what it felt like to be you, sunshine.

  28. Laker fans are proving their ignorace, stupidity, ability to below class jerks.

    payback is a bitch you grotesque morons!!! Laker’s are weak trolls whose crap I wipe off my shoes that comes whenever being near a Laker fan. You Laker’s fans are the worst fans in the world proven by your trolling here.

    Go to hell and we will send you there you pathetic losers when we win another one. You have nothing to stand on as we kicked your ass in the championship and you crying like babies because of it

  29. Laker fans are a pathetic use of our great nations natural resources. Living garbage

  30. My apologies REDSARMY. I have calmed down but they have pissed me off to no end and then their evil abuse of other posters set me off steaming.

  31. Looks like I touched a nerve of truth butwipe. I hope what I said digs deep and burns loser!! And stop being a queer lusting over others balz freak

    Eat my wordsssss

  32. Lakers fans are showing their maturity I see. LOL

  33. I am not reading any more of your Laker fan drivel. I don’t do anything Laker fans tell me to do. You onviously did not take my advice and get yourself a website and put up a shrine for Bynum. LOL

  34. Lakers fans need to do something constructive with their lives instead of spending it trolling here. But do as you wish. I might stop by this thread once in a while but you can go on trash talking without me it is getting old. Seriously.

  35. Maybe post some REAL artciles instead of this “What laker fans do in their spare time” bullshit, you’re just giving us more topics to talk about, this site IS called redsarmy, not philsarmy, talk about celtics, go on lakersnation, i promise you they only talk about LAKERS and what ever team they play next, the celtics lost to lakers in christmas, get over, move on. Yeah you made an article recently about “time to move on” but from what i can see you still are posting bullshit. Let it go, Celtics play portland next, id suggest you get your pre-game typed up!

  36. lol, this is getting out of hand. thx (lakersfans) for spamming our site, you virgins. lets keep it real im a hardcore celtics fan, yall beat us in our 1st meeting since the finals. we know what happened last year. we won the chip. all this talk of the future and how ur gonna win in is really the dumbest shit ive ever heard, if u really believe ur gonna win, put some money on it instead of talkin about it. u havent proven anything but 1 win against us, playoffs are a series of games, u would be up 1-0 right now but its the regular season still. WOW amazing isnt it? its called being a realist and living presently.

  37. In fairness guys…the cheerleader stuff is spot on…that Sacramento piece was award winning journalism…

    That quad-ass shot spoke to me of harmony in a time of fragmentation…

    Oe comment for fellow Laker fans…try and keep the comments clean and to point…don’t make us look like trailer trash

    Go Lakers!

  38. For the record, I like this site and its format. Dawg, F Boston, LakersFan and Boston Bitches (probably same person) are you f’ing serious with those posts? Do you live in LA? If so go out and enjoy the weather, look at some pretty girls, hell maybe even talk to one today. Act accordingly.

  39. Decent fans and people do not spam at all. There is no excuse for it.

  40. This is how Celtics Fans spend their time: looking out for ONE stupid, ignorant fan of the Laker fanbase so they can bag on us because that individual supposedly “represents” the entire Laker fanbase.

    I wonder why you were on our chatbox anyway (;

  41. From a post earlier on the thread if you had read through it that explains how it was found.

    ‘As for finding that… we can look at our statistics and see who’s pushing traffic to our site. A couple of clicks brought be to that.’
    –Reds Army

  42. ;)

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