Should Pruitt Get More Minutes?

Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

That’s the question being asked by Jeff on Celtics Blog

For one thing, the guy has paid his dues.  He spent a good portion of last year working the D-League over, learning the pro game and getting a better feel for playing the point at this level.  Then he had an excellent training camp and preseason.  In the limited time he’s had this year (mostly in garbage time, so numbers are largely irrelevant) he’s looked solid and composed.  He’s not spectacular by any means, but he’s at least worth looking at more.

I think Gabe has played well in his limited minutes… and they haven’t all been in garbage time.  He filled in well when Eddie House missed a game earlier in the season.

There’s a lot of talk about bringing in another point guard.  I think it’s possible Gabe Pruitt could be the answer.

The two losses out west have cost the Celtics.  They’ve fallen to third in the Real Clear Sports power ranking averages

And here’s a good story for fans to remember:  If Chris Paul is ever having a bad game here at the Garden… DON’T taunt him about it.

And here’s the most ridiculous technical foul call ever.


7 Responses

  1. That’s what happens when you look like a lower-IQ version of Kimbo Slice…you get T’d up just for looking goofy and slapping another man’s ass. Man should know better.

  2. had no idea Gabe got up like that. I was shocked when he put it down the other night. KG was loving it.

  3. Those points made by Celtics Blog are moot. So what if he’s paid his due by going to the D-League. If someone is more talented than Pruitt, then he should play more. And preseason and camp don’t matter all that much either. And he’s certainly not going to play in a big game in crunch time against the Lakers or Cleveland. Unless Eddie House goes down, I don’t foresee Pruitt’s number being called very often. The bottom line: if Doc felt better about Pruitt being in there over Eddie, don’t you think that would be the case?

  4. “You know what, that’s a pretty good slap!”
    loved his face at the beginning of the clip
    And Pruitt should at least be getting a bit more opportunities… Doc should look into whether he’s ready for the big time

  5. Gabe Pruitt is:
    – A MUCH better shooter than Tony Allen. (Actually, TA is not a shooter at all, so that’s not saying much.)
    – As aggressive and energetic an individual defender as TA.
    – A much better overall defender than TA, because he doesn’t RUN INTO PEOPLE and get called for those fouls in EVERY game like TA, and because Gabe is smart and TA is not.
    – A much better ball handler than TA (TA loses the ball for a turnover at least once per game, on average).
    – As tall as TA.
    – Also pretty athletic. (You saw that dunk.)
    – Calm and in control.

    When either Rondo or Ray needs to sit down, Pruitt should be going in. He’s a natural point guard with a great outside shot. Hell, TA couldn’t hit a 3 if his life depended on it… and GP is shooting like Ray out there.

    So, uhh… why is GP sitting on the bench and TA playing so many minutes?

    On the assumption that Doc knows what he’s doing, I have a theory. The Celts may be trying to burnish TA’s numbers in preparation for a trade. Hope that’s the case anyway, because TA is currently on the wrong team. He seems like a nice enough guy, and he tries hard and all, but he is not going to grow any more brain cells and the few he has aren’t working right.

    Btw, Patrick O. has shown us some good things lately, especially on defense but also on offense. Ferrchissakes tho, somebody PLEASE TEACH HIM HOW TO SET A PICK. I mean, give me 15 minutes and I’ll explain it to him. YOU CAN’T MOVE INTO GUYS WHEN SETTING A PICK. Got that?! He gets called on at least one of those every single time he plays. (Oh yeah, and quit trying to make hero passes. As Doc says, just play solid basketball ya big fruitcake.)

  6. I agree with Steve…this is not about paying your dues. If and when Pruitt is ready, he’ll likely play alongside Eddie not instead of him.

  7. over who? house…. no.

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