Worst Call Ever


Courtesy: NBARefsSuck.com

The Blazers came out of a timeout late in the 2nd quarter with 6 players on the court and scored a quick bucket. It wasn’t until KG screamed at the officials did they realize the situation. So they huddled and assessed a technical foul to the Blazers. But in a decision that will forever baffle me, they allowed the basket. Now the league says the decision will stand. WTF?

Ray Allen made the technical free throw so the screw up ended up costing us one point. David Stern better pray that point doesn’t cost us the game.


16 Responses

  1. i…. dont understand how that can be allowed… what is the reasoning behind that??

  2. Probably one of those arcane rules…they didn’t come across this situation earlier so there’s no rule against it. Obviously there will be a rule change at the end of the year.
    Seriously though, least you can do is call two techs and let shuttleworth shoot 2 as a compensating call.

  3. If the refs wave off that basket, would Nate McMillan bitch about it? No. Everyone could see that Portland had 6 players on the court and that is against the rules…I think.

  4. Celts are down 2 right now in the fourth…. if this score holds…. these 3 refs better never officiate another game in their lives.

  5. what was that call on allen that he knocked the ball out when it was just a miserable attempt at a crossover? the refs certainly arent helping…

  6. oh and what do you know one point game with 22.6 in the fourth… honestly NBA?

  7. you’ve got to be kidding me. im speechless after this game. F the refs. They weren’t the only reason we lost, but they played a MUCH larger role than they should have.

  8. a) nobody’s crying

    b) they had a right to be mad obviously

    c) are you intelligent enough to express yourself without sounding like an ingrate? didn’t think so.

  9. that being said…they celtics played incredibly sloppy basketball for much of the third quarter. turning the ball over way too much.

    the bench failed us again…e house has been real cold of late…i can’t remember the last time he came off the bench and sparked us like he did a bunch of times last season. I gotta question the last 3 by eddie if the play was drawn up for him.

  10. Why did the Lakers lose game 2 of the finals? Bad play? NO! Good Celtics play? NO! Turnovers? NO! Celtics defense? NO! Crappy refs and 38-10 ft advantage for the Celtics? YES!

  11. How much do we hear of all the football players this week saying “sports is a game of fate”? Chargers over denver, miami into the playoffs, etc.

    All of the flopping and chip shot calls that the celtics get and all this complaining about ONE call. thats fate. the celtics get more than their fair share of calls and have to learn how to deal with being treated like everyone else for a whole 24 seconds.

    Take a replay of the game, go through it with a fine tooth comb and you call it without bias and see how many free throws each team should have shot.

  12. that doesn’t excuse the refs allowing a basket that came with 6 men on the floor….not even close. that isn’t being “treated like everyone else.”

  13. I don’t think Lakers are allowed bitch about that FT advantage in Game 2 of the finals when they had a huge FT advantage for an entire series against Utah.

  14. the celtics get treated like everyone else all the time. i hope that your not saying the only reason that they win is because the get treated better. from what i’ve seen they win because of good play

  15. Sure it was a bad call, but the calls were bad on both sides. This being a Celts blog I suppose I’m going to get flamed like crazy but I think it’s karma for the amount of whining about calls that the Celtics do.

    Just saying. Between PP and KG they argue every call…plus when did KG become such a bad sport? No, not “serious competitor” but BAD SPORT. Talking crap in the media, talking crap in the game, talking crap in the locker room, etc…winning a championship turned this guy from one of my favorite players to my most hated because now his ego is out of control.

    Don’t give me that “He’s just super competitive” garbage either. That’s like parents excusing their kids’ terrible behavior because “He’s just got ADD, sorry.”

    Either way, the officiating was terrible in that game. Absolute garbage, both ways.

  16. they dont argue every call, and the ones that they do are sensible ones. everyone complains all the time, whatever, but to have a basket score with 6 people and count it? thats unprecedented and SHOULD not have happend, obviously the refs were not paying attention, and when a game is to the extent of intesnsity that it was, youd think that they would pay exceptional attention. But cleary that wasnt the case and it still baffles me today.

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