A Lull… Or A Symptom

Seems like a lot of people have a similar reaction to last night’s game.  As Chuck was writing the previous post, I was making the point on the Examiner that the “power play dunk” itself didn’t cost the Celtics, but the way they handled it did.

How many times in sports… all sports… have we heard “play until the whistle?” If Garnett had played until the whistle, he could have rotated over challenged, maybe even stopped the dunk. You can still yell that they’ve got six guys. Everyone else can yell that they have six guys. Somewhere in the next second of play, the refs would have seen it. The Celtics could have saved a second and a half on the clock. That could have gotten them something better than a half court heave at the buzzer. They could have prevented a moment that made the Blazers laugh and stay loose.

I’ve got the screen grabs on there to show how easy it would have been for KG to stop… or at least contest the dunk.

The question now is whether this is a symptom of a bigger problem, or if this is just a lull in the season.

Also out there:  I was on Celtics Stuff Live this past weekend. I keep forgetting to put that link, but you can listen to it to hear me make an ass out of myself.  I’m on about 15 minutes into it.

Bloggers have united once again for the MVP/Rookie of the Year rankings.  KG is on the MVP list… but LeBron is still easily #1

And Rajon Rondo is getting more love


17 Responses

  1. Blaming KG though is not right either. The refs should be making sure there are the right number of players on the floor. If KG can recognize it how come they didn’t. The 2 points should have been waved off since it was against the rules of the game to have 6 players on the court at one time.

  2. Doc needs to change the bench quicker when they are not playing well. Bring up Walker and play POB and Pruitt when that happens.

    Can they be any worse? At least while making mistakes they can bring energy

  3. we need a spark off the bench bad!!!!!!! Maybe Sam i can’t believe I said that Maybe it’s the booze talking

  4. I hear what you’re saying Nora… but I can’t shake the “play to the whistle” thing. It’s a basic tenet of sports.

    There’s no reason KG couldn’t have yelled while running over. I mean, he freakin’ goaltends shots after the whistle all the time… all of a sudden he’s going let this guy score?

    I agree about the refs. They blew it on the call. But that doesn’t excuse the Celtics.

  5. Jester00 I may be having the same booze. The bench as it is now lulls me to sleep. No fire while constantly making mistakes. Boring bunch

  6. We have 0 playmakers coming off the pine right now. Might as well bring up Walker and Giddens. Even if they don’t make the bench any better, they can’t conceivably make it worse, and they’d get some NBA experience.

  7. title did you say POB and energy?????????? I’ve seen sloths with more energy them him

  8. OK, put POB just into the change-up part of the equation and leave the energy part for Walker/Pruitt/Giddens side ;-)

    Why did Doc not go back to the Pruitt/House combo this last game?

  9. I’m all for bringing back Walker (not Antoine) and playing Gabe more, but we need that other piece by the All-Star break. I think a true big center (ala ZO) would be perfect, it allows rest for Perk and KG, and allows Powe/Davis to play forwards, not Oden and Bynum etc.

  10. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/writers/ian_thomsen/12/31/thomsen.referees/index.html

    Good article about the bad call.

  11. Sorry, I noticed you have the link posted and some quotes from it already.

  12. Makes you wonder if the league is orchestrating this. It could just be home field calls, but man this road trip makes you wonder if the ref’s are still just puppets of higher powers


    and Bill Walker.

  14. Last year I recall the team going through a similar stretch. They will have to play like this for a longer stretch for me to say this anything more then a lull. I do agree the bench needs an upgrade though.

  15. Nora…agreed. It’s why it’s so damn hard to go 72-10 and really speaks to how remarkable that season was for the Bulls.

    To be honest, I’m just sick of Tony Allen. Granted, he has had some good games…but I’m just sick of the stupid plays he makes every single game. Always out of control, never making the smart play. He drives to the hole with reckless abandon (never looking for his teammates) and more often than not he ends up losing the ball. As John has pointed out before (if I’m not mistaken…excuse me if I am) he has a very low basketball IQ. I don’t think we can afford to have that; I don’t feel comfortable with him in the game…ever.

  16. It’s not just *basketball* IQ.

  17. lol zippitty….you’re probably right, but i think you can have a high basketball IQ without being smart in general….so basketball IQ is all i really care about.

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