Feeling Good or Bad about 2009?

So PJ Brown is officially retired. I gotta admit – the news is ruining the buzz from my morning mimosas. I was really, really hoping he’d be wearing a Celtics uniform in March. And just when I started believing Dikembe Mutombo would help, he goes and signs with Houston.

For weeks now I’ve been holding the line with our current bench. Give them time and they’ll be fine. But after watching the Portland bigs beat the hell out of us, I quickly became a member of the “we need a big guy off the bench and we need one now” group. The sooner we get one in here, the more time he’ll have to get acclimated to the rotation and the better off we’ll be in April.

Danny needs to be called out on the Patrick O’Bryant signing. The C’s had very limited funds to spend this offseason and they dumped $3 million on a guy who plays less than Scot Pollard did last season. That $3 million could have gone into the James Posey fund.

If Alonzo Mourning returns, odds are he’ll be back in Miami. Just about every contender wants Joe Smith, which means OKC will likely trade him rather than buy him out. We better hope they want Bill Walker, JR Giddens, Gabe Pruitt or draft picks.

In other news, Ray Allen says there’s a lot of internal bitching on this team:

Seconds after a locker-room discussion between Kendrick Perkins and Tony Allen grew so animated that Ray Allen had to stand up and monitor the exchange, he said tiffs can be beneficial.

“We argue a lot,” said Ray Allen. “I’ve been on teams where guys don’t say two words to each other. You like each other, and everyone gets along, but if something on the floor goes wrong nobody says nothing. We’ve gotten into more arguments and more almost fistfights than any team I’ve been a part of. It shows the fierceness and competitiveness we have as a team.”

I’m starting to think this team needs another lesson in Ubuntu.

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4 Responses

  1. Who else is out there??? Scotty P? Tim kempton, the KandiMan, Charles Oakley, Kevin Pittsnogle

  2. How does Tony Allen think he has the right to get into am argument with anyone on this team?

    I know it is a team game, but I ask all of you to suspend that for a minute and point one finger at the yearlong woes of our team. I am not looking for a scapegoat for the past three losses, I’m asking you to think about one player whose play has hurt the team the most.

    My vote: Tony (Dee-Toine Brown-Walker) Allen

  3. We need a capable backup wing and big, its as simple as that, Danny needs to make things happen

  4. I feel very good about the Celtics chances in 2009.

    I don’t think the C’s bench is getting the credit it deserves. It’s not a top of the line bench, but it is a good bench. It’s also inconsistent and will have some highs (Detroit) and lows (a few recent games).

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