Let’s Just Get Used To It


I don’t like this one bit.  The fact that I even had to spend my early waking hours photoshopping this pissed me off.  It made my coffee taste bitter and I couldn’t bear to even take a bite of my toaster strudel.

But the Celtics and Marbury are apparently interested in each other.

That still depends largely on Marbury’s ability to negotiate his release from the Knicks after weeks of fruitless and oft-contentious buyout talks, but sources with knowledge of the situation told ESPN.com this week that Boston is Marbury’s preferred destination if he manages to become a free agent and that the Celtics are indeed hopeful of signing him.

Of course Marbury wants to come here so he can stick it to the Knicks.  And I can see how a GM would want to sign a guy with his talent when he’ll probably come over for the veteran minimum.  But I don’t like what he’ll bring to this locker room.  Then again… he’ll be easy to cut if need be and it’s not like these guys are singing kumbaya around the camp fire as it is.

Mark Murphy has more on the KG “tutorial” for Patrick O’Bryant we told you about yesterday.

Assistant coach Clifford Ray attempted to feed O’Bryant in the post as Garnett bumped the youngster with forearms to the chest, grabs at the neck and waist and anything else to make the backup center react.

“No foul,” said Garnett, staring O’Bryant down after one particularly heavy hack. “No foul, no foul, no foul.”


But it wasn’t over. Garnett stood, his face inches from O’Bryant’s under the basket, and he again pushed the kid in the chest and pointed his fingertips at his own temples.

Judging from the uneasy, hesitant look on O’Bryant’s face, he had no idea what was coming.

So Garnett scooped up the ball and dunked, swinging off the rim and landing right in front of O’Bryant. Then he repeated the violent motion.

“This is how I feel – this is how I feel,” he said before finally allowing O’Bryant to leave.

I think it’s officially time for people to stop trying to understand KG.  He lives on a different planet.  Operates on a different plane.  He pulls emotion from some deep recess of his soul and converts it into raw, uncontainable energy.  If science could harness it, he could probably power the entire Garden during the game.  Patrick O’Bryant must have been confused as hell… but it’s a great lesson for him to learn.

Whatever talent you have (or had) is nothing in this league without some other-worldly drive to push you forward.

The Globe has its take on the lesson here (memo to the Globe, because I know you guys read us:  update your page and feed.  I shouldn’t have to go to Google news to find your stuff.  Makes us not want to link to you.)   WBZ has video of the guys running some 5 on 5 at practice.

Herald:  Blown call still irks Doc |  Milford News:  Celtics have company at the top |  Camerato:  Celts-Wizards preview |  Washington Times:  C aron Butler’s return makes Wiz optimistic


23 Responses

  1. ughh gross. I’d rather see Marcus Banks or Sebastian Telfair instead of Marbury…

    The move still doesn’t make sense. If anything, we need size, not another guard. Not to mention Pruitt won’t blow the game and is capable of logging mins in the NBA.

    Marbury doesn’t deserve to wear that uniform.

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  3. Can I have the strudel? Could the Celts have found a better way to screw up the league’s best team?

  4. Wow! that’s pretty good ps work!

  5. That is an insult to Acie Earl, Eric Williams, Zan Tabak, John Thomas, Dwayne Schintzius, and Wally Szczerbiak.

  6. I guess its the best move for the C’s to make. They might just have to start playing small and running alot more.

  7. Nooooooooooooo!

    Please god no! Take the picture down!!!

    You cannot put the Ebola virus in our locker room! Don’t do it Ainge!

  8. So, would this be the first case in celtics history where a new celtics member actually gets boo-ed at the garden when he walks on to the parquet?

  9. Umm ok, so Marbury has an outside chance of winning and championship with the Celtics. Does anyone really think Ainge, Doc, Pierce or KG would let him come in without some very specific conditions?

    Shut your F’ing trap!

    Learn the system!

    You will earn any minutes you get!

    Just as well you will lose your minutes based upon performance within our system.

    I’m not saying I am excited about getting a long term head case on the team, but Marbury used to be a hell of a player.

    Career 20/8
    He can hit the three

    If, and that’s a big IF, he comes and IF does a Celtic humility turnaround, and IF he buys into the defensive system I think I would take Marbury over Sam I Am, Tony Allen, and Pruitt in the fourth.

    I’m just sayin’

  10. agree with JP on this. Still need some size, if Beast’s shoulder goes we are stuck with who at center? nobody. hopefuly some guys open up at the trade deadline. what happened with Joe Smith?

  11. Dude, anyone can act like a human for six months, even Marbury. I love this move. Let’s get youthier.

  12. Im with Matty S.-“Nooooooooooooo!
    Please god no! Take the picture down!!!”

    Can you say self-destruction? Don’t do it Danny, focus all efforts on Zo and Joe Smith. Marbury will not “gel” with Rondo, Ray or Paul…and KG couldn’t stand him in Minnesota. He has no defensive mindset and will shoot before passing the ball way more than Sam did last year. Ill take Bill Walker back over this guy. PLEASE!?

  13. It’s not about being big (although that would help- or play the new and improved O’Bryant) necessarily, it’s about having scoring off the bench. Something Marbury can do.

  14. I still think that what we need more is a big for the second unit… where is Zo’s number?

    Looking at the figures onlyt, it may be a smart move, especially considering we played a really small second unit this year, and playing with a guy like him who definitely can shoot it may be good. But I don’t know if Starbury could really go along the team’s mentality.

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  16. Please add this self-destructive, a$$hole to a team who gently balanced an ego-filled team of all-stars to a championship…please temp fate…please let Ainge’s ego think he can do anything…please Celtics…ruin your season.

  17. very interesting!!! haha… would make for must see tv, with all the drama that is sure to come the celtics way… much like the lakers drama.

  18. Talk about awkward for Eddie House, does Danny not trust Gabe Pruitt or something???

    It was…nice[?] having you on the team Sam Cassell.

  19. Does it occur to any of you that marbury sees what everyone thinks about him, hes a cancer, he’ll ruin the team, this and that. The man has more to prove to himself and others than probably anyone else in the league, he may have been a punk with the knicks, but who wouldnt have been with isiah thomas coaching you? He can flat out play and he knows how to win, he has something to prove, and we don’t really have to risk anything for him? how can you not like that situation??

  20. The problem is Pruitt only plays garbage minutes (for whatever reason- youth?) and Eddie House is not a PG, nor is Tony Allen- they struggle running a half court offense. This is where the second unit fails. Too many times this season they give the ball to Big Baby with 5 seconds left at the high post and everyone stands around and watches. Mabury has and could run a half court offense. Dump Scals (doubtful) and get a backup big man and C’s are set.

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  22. I think its a good move. If we get him for the veteran minimum, its a steal. Lets be real people, Marbury is better than anyone on the C’s bench. If Marbury does get out of line, KG will pull a POB on Starbury.

  23. …”he knows how to win”…
    Double Pippen Ripper

    Double P…can you show me exactly where this fool has won?

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