That Was Some Ugly Gear

Another classic commercial featuring Larry Bird.  I can’t believe that the NBA had such disgusting looking gear back in the 80’s.  I wonder if we’ll look back on the stuff we’re wearing today in 2028, and have the same level of disgust?

(via Basketbawful)


10 Responses

  1. Anyone see this?

    Can’t wait for the comments

  2. I saw that. I was going to post it tomorrow

  3. So what happened to the forums?

  4. I’ll be honest… I’m more focused on twitter now. We’re in the process of de-emphasizing the forums.

    I know that there has been a regular crew in there… and we’re trying to figure out a better way to have that sort of community feel to it. We’re also planning a change in January to the site… which will have an effect on that.

  5. De-emphasize the forums? WTF does that mean….. it’s not like you ever emphasized them in the first place. Just put the damn tiny little link back up in the corner of the page….

  6. Someone should make a Kobe Bryant: Profile in Leadership that loops Kobe demanding to be traded followed by various scenes of Kobe berating teammates concluding with Vujacic crying on the bench.

  7. Ok Tim.. fine… you’re right. It’s not like we went nuts advertising them..

    I guess my point is we’re trying to find a better way to grow the community. That link had been up there since day 1 and it never really got going. So now we’re exploring newer options.

  8. We’re going to charge forum users .99 cents per post.

  9. I had that green Celtics jacket…in the late 80s.

  10. What are you talking about? I still wear that stuff….

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