Don’t Deny The Chance…


Asked if he’s interested in reuniting in Boston with former Wolves teammates Kevin Garnett, during an appearance on Minnesota’s local TV broadcast of Friday night’s victory over Golden State, Marbury said: “Definitely.”

“When I left here [in 1999], it wasn’t about basketball,” Marbury said. “When I was younger, I had a different disposition as far as how I wanted to live life. Reuniting with Kevin is something that I would love. Going to Boston would be great for basketball and for fans to see Kevin and I reunited, like when we were younger. There is some hope, if I can get out of my contract and they’re interested in me. How can you deny the chance?” (Click here for full story or Watch video clip here)

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’m ready for this. We need his scoring and most importantly, playmaking off the bench. We’re all envisioning Steph jacking up bad shots, but the dude can pass. He’s averaging nearly 8 assists per game for his career. He will open up the court for Leon, Big Baby, Eddie and TA.

If Marbury really wants to be a Celtic, he needs to speed up the buyout of his contract. What’s another $5 million? Ease up on the demands and get here. He hasn’t played since the preseason and suited up for just 24 games last year. There will be rust.

ESPN’s Marc Stein lays out some reasons why Marbury and Boston are a fit, while Steve Bulpett says otherwise.

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15 Responses

  1. I read on
    that the Celtics took an overnight flight on Wednesday morning after the game in Portland. Why would the team do that instead of flying during the day on Wednesday? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

  2. I think that’s common for most professional sports team…when the game is over…they leave…no matter what time of night/morning.

  3. probably wanted to get re-adjusted to the time switch as early as possible

  4. Guys, you’re joking right? How many posts have you started pointing out how much of a loser this guy is and laughing at any team that was interested in him? Don’t be blinded by the stats and our recent 1-3 road trip. Marbury is not the answer, he will hurt team chemistry more than help the bench scoring. Rondo may start to regress, KG may Cobra him right on the court just to get the ball out of his hands. This is a dumb move that I wouldn’t wish on any team but the Flakers.

    He comes here, no more ubuntu, and no more rings.

  5. This would be the dumbest decision the Celtics could ever make!!! Many of the reasons why it would be a nightmare move are laid out here in this Hoopsworld article entitled “Celtics Would Be Crazy to Add Marbury”

  6. The problem with that article is it flies in the face of what last year’s team really did. Team work, humility selflessness, blah blah blah.

    The thing about last year was that each individual person made the commitment to those things. It was not the product of the team willing it. The team was a product of each individual willingness to change. Give Marbury the chance to change. Everyone says how surprised they were that Pierce committed to defense, never would have thought he could be such a defensive player. No one though Allen could take fewer shots and need the ball less. No one thought Rondo could lead the team on the floor. On and on… no one thinks Marbury can change? Guess what, this team is built on players who decided to change.

    Furthermore, be honest, did Cassell really fit the team first mold? Didn’t he jack up shots, many times bad shots, as soon as he hit the floor? Didn’t we need that at times in the play offs.

    If it happens, give the guy and the team a chance. Saying there is nothing worse the team could do is a bit knee jerk. Do you really think Ainge is just sitting in the office twiddling his thumbs until he sees what happens with Marbury? Do you think he is not calling around dozens, maybe hundreds, or times a day seeing what other opportunities exist? What if it is Marbury or no one?

    Marbury is proven talent, maybe not a proven team player or proven winner (yet) but anyone who would deny his talent clearly has not done their research.

    I have strep and am very tired and cranky so forgive my outburst, but seriously, settle down folks.

  7. It’s a tough call. You can agree with the previous couple of commenters-he’s a cancer, bad for chemistry, etc. But you can also look at what the Bulls did in the 90’s with Rodman. Same type of situation, they brought him in, and it worked. It worked because vets like Pippen, MJ etc. were able to kind of corral Rodman when he got a bit crazy. Ainge has to ask himself and the Big 3 if they think the same can be done here. It’s a risk either way. Take him, you risk him being a distraction/cancer. Don’t take him, if Joe Smith or some other trade/signing doesn’t go through, are you confident T.A., Powe and House can carry 2nd unit…..???

  8. At first, the thought of Marbury on the Celtics made me want to vomit but the more I have been thinking about it the more it makes sense to me. I know we definitely need bigs but its not often you come across a talent like Marbury for so cheap. He could end up being a H-U-G-E spark off the bench for this team and really open up the floor for everyone. JP brings up a great point about Cassell coming in. We were all pulling our hair out watching those terrible shots he was jacking up and not distributing the ball AT ALL.

    If you think Marbury is going to come in and destroy the atmosphere in the locker room then you are nuts. There is NO WAY Pierce or Garnett would let that happen and Marbury has a lot to prove to everyone out there and will certainly be on his best behavior. If in the slim chance he comes in and starts acting like an asshole you cut him. Its short money anyways and isnt going to hurt that bad. Low Risk High reward situation in my opinion.

  9. Just wanted to say that while everyone was griping about Stephon, I was dying to see it happen. I’m psyched and this better work out for us…NOW. Point. Guard. YES!

  10. It’s about time my favorite NBA picture ever made its way onto my favorite NBA site ever. Too good.

  11. I’ve been wanting marbury on the team ever since i heard the first rumblings about it early on in the season. He’s in a contract year, and in that interview he had at the laker game last month he said he is really going to surprise people when he joins his next team, I’ll take him for his word cause he knows he has the world to prove wrong, and hes got so much damn talent. He could slide eddie to the 2 and he can set people up with the second unit better and take over the scoring at times when they are struggling, a veteran leader for the bench, like what posey was, is EXACTLY what we are missing, not so much the size and all that, just a true leader for that group. Thats what posey was and what marbury would become

  12. ^truth. House isn’t a point guard. Marbury can run a(n) (2nd team) offense.

  13. Look at KG in that pic with punk-ass Marbury…remember what a choker KG was then…your whole team is going to regress…you guys could use some point help, absolutely, but how about going after some young talent…the Big Three have one more year left-what happens after that?

    Well, you won a title already…Iguess that’s enough…here’s to another 20+ years of futlity…

    Go Lakers!

  14. What a refreshingly short-sighted analysis…

  15. Wasn’t Marbury a target of criticism on this site? Please, guys, don’t be this fickle about this guy. What happens when Marbury decides one practice, that he’s better than Rondo and starts fracturing the team in the locker room in order to prove his point? Or when he is late for practice because he lost his cell phone? Or when he makes bizarre television appearances and says something off-color?

    I really think it shows some underlying desperation when you’re lobbying to get a “talent” like Marbury. The guy is a self-proclaimed “me first” type of player. He’s going to do “Marbury” and not the team. He’s not even a defensive minded guard. The Celtics don’t need him. The Celtics shouldn’t want him.

    I bet you the idea of this is making Auerbach roll over in his grave. I bet if you went down to Faneuil Hall, his statue is crying real tears.

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