Ray Feels for Steph

After practice today, Ray Allen commented on the mess that is Stephon Marbury and the New York Knicks:

“It’s somewhat disappointing watching what happened with Stephon,” Allen said after Saturday’s practice. “He and I grew up playing together, against each other [in] high school basketball and then being drafted together, we got traded for each other. So I’ve always followed his career. He was in my draft class.

“So this year was somewhat disappointing regardless of whatever was going on in the organization, I thought he still could help that team. So it’s not like he’s a guy who can’t play basketball anymore. With his skill set, his talent, he still can come out and play basketball and carry a team.”

Ray didn’t comment directly on the chance Marbury could be a new teammate, but he did say this:

“We welcome the help,” he said. “Our egos, we’re pretty selfless here on this team when it comes to playing basketball. We just want to win.”

And FWIW, Sam Cassell says (in a roundabout way) he’s cool with Marbury joining the C’s.


5 Responses

  1. Ray is a very smart guy. He knows the reality of Steph’s situation. All of these guys that come out of nothing into million dollar deals, screaming maniac fans, gold-digging women, armed robbers etc. It’s a miracle more of them don’t become self-absorbed and ego-maniacal. Steph is a classic case. Bottom-line, the guy can play. Bring him in-if he acts like a dick, ainge will cut him loose just as quck.

  2. I’m all for 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th) chances, and hopefully he will become a team player, who will play the defense needed to win championships. If not we release him right? I just hope Danny is still looking for a big.

  3. Any chance he covers up that tatoo on his head with a clover? haha

  4. Going after a Knicks reject in a desparate attempt to keep pace with the league’s premier team – the Los Angeles Lakers. Well, it’s official – the Celts’ wave has crested and the Laker Tsunami is screaming toward the shore.

  5. Rambis…you’re delusional if you think the Celtics think about the Lakers on a regular basis.

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