Washed Up But Still A Good Guy


Found this blurb on Antoine Walker in Newsday:

Antoine Walker’s greatest impression with the Grizzlies was made in the seat cushion at the end of the bench. But there are some in Memphis who miss the chunky forward since his buyout in mid-December. Walker, 32, who reportedly walked away with about 95 percent of his $9.3-million salary, used to hand over his travel per diem – a little more than $100 per day on the road – to Grizzlies interns.

“What do I need this for?” Walker said when he was handed the cash at the start of the first trip of the season. Walker did not play in a single game this season for Memphis.

Classy move, ‘Toine.


9 Responses

  1. I know it’s not popular, but I miss Walker. I remember so many games when he would make an impossible-shoulda-been-blocked drive to the basket, then while everyone else was running down the floor he would stay at the base line defending the in bounder, looking for a steal or a time out. I remember seeing him hit the game winner here in Detroit..err–Auburn Hills after the C’s trailed the whole game.

    Wrongly now, I remember thinking we traded the wrong star when he left. I was happy for him in Miami, when they won.

    oh well…now we won!!!

  2. My favorite ‘Toine memory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55s6XGRIQMs

    Horrible quality but whatever….

    I think we should sign him.

  3. Liked ‘Toine, did not like the wiggle..I hope the C’s destroy the Knicks today

  4. sign him since pj and dikembe are not coming.

  5. Signing Antoine is not the answer.

  6. where has ray allen’s shot been the past 2 weeks

  7. That is classy, especially given that he was jacked a few years ago.

  8. ESPN reporting Toine got a DUI. No word yet on whether a BJ was involved.

  9. […] day after I praise Antoine for giving his $100 travel per diem to interns, the dude gets arrested on suspicion of drunk driving: Former NBA player Antoine Walker was charged […]

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