Deja Vu

Lex Nihil Novi (via CelticsBlog) has some much needed perspective today.  It comes in the form of press clippings from the 1985-86 Celtics season.  You know… the best Celtics team ever?  Check it out:

Slowly but surely, the Celtic bench is slipping into the Atlantic Ocean. Four starters played 38 or more minutes last night and Dennis Johnson went 32 with his bad hand. Boston’s bench contributed 13 points and zero rebounds.

Bill Walton has been increasingly ineffective in the last couple of weeks. Last night he was 0 for 3 from the floor, played a season-low nine minutes, and did not get a rebound for the first time all season. The rest of the shock troops aren’t doing much better.

“We have not been getting the job done,” said Walton. “We have not been playing that well as a second unit. We just have to start playing better. It’s going to take some concentration and hard work and patience. You can’t force it, because that attitude just tends to compound it.”

There are many more… and they all sound very similar to what has been written about this team lately.  What does it mean?  Every season has its trials and tribulations.  It’s only natural for a team to go through them.  And it’s only natural that idiots like me and Chuck will be there to bemoan them.


8 Responses

  1. Good post

  2. That’s a good way to try to make yourself feel better.

  3. It’s not a way to make ourselves feel better, it’s just the way sports go. It’s so rare for a team to play as well as the Celtics were playing for the entire season (in any sport). Why do you think no one has matched the Bulls 72-10 season? It’s also natural to have a little bit of a letdown after the streak ends.

    Does this mean there are no problems with this team that need to be addressed? Absolutely not. Are we in as much trouble as all the haters like to think we are? Absolutely not.

  4. Have some Celtic Pride for God’s sake. Bunch of panickers. Panicking is for bandwagon fans and pussies. You know the ones- in Olympia sports looking for their Paul Pierce 34 shirt the day before the playoffs start. We’ll be fine-the Big 3 will make sure of it…

  5. Antoine Walker…arrested. After saying what a great guy he was…

  6. I think the starters are burned out to some degree. It gets frustrating to know that as soon as you rest, the lead you created will melt away. I would get frustrated too. Changes HAVE to be made with that bench. Anything positive in that regard will take that weight off the starters. Start by playing Sam I am and Bill Walker and sitting TA and Glenn Davis. More meaningful minutes by Pruitt over Eddie House as well. How much worse can it be than constantly blowing leads?

  7. I just want to reiterate how sick I am of TA. Stupid mistakes every game. Without fail.

  8. I would like to see Gabe get a few minutes too. He looks like he might have a better all around offensive game than either TA or Eddie.

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