The KG-Injury Play

This is the play where KG got hurt.  First of all… you can see he took a knee to the calf  (:06 in) when he jumped into David Lee.  That’s some charley horse action right there.  If this is what it looks to be… it’s just a bruise and KG will probably wear some sort of wrap or legging to keep it warm and loose over the next couple of games.

Secondly… nice play.  I know he’s done it forever… but it’s still amazing to see a 7 footer doing that.

** update:  The first video was taken down.  Here’s a new one.  These are full game highlights.  A good view of the play hits at 1:31


12 Responses

  1. Wha happened? Where’d it go?

  2. dammit…. I don’t know

  3. Celts will bounce back. Too much pride not to. Don’t get too excited trolls.

  4. This is why its so hard to repeat as champs, we came out of the gates firing on all cylinders so we could compete every night and win. But especially on the road these teams want to beat the champs for their home crowds and we arent matching there intensity on the road at all so we let them get hot and win. Its tough to be able to get up for every game like they need to, i wouldnt be to worried about this though. They are gonna be fine

  5. You know KG hates being called a 7 footer right?

  6. Does he? Oh well. Whatever the hell he is… it’s impressive to see a guy that size do that.

  7. well, he is a 7 footer, probably 7’2, but refuses to admit it, and swears he’s 6’11, and corrects people every time people call 7 feet

  8. I would love to see KG play as a 7 footer. He plays too far away from the basket and doesn’t get physical enough on the offensive end. He has virtually no post game aside from his fade-away jump shot that he does almost every time.

  9. Whatever he does was good enough to win a title.

  10. I’m just pointing out a flaw in KG’s game that is commonly brought up. Don’t get all offended. I’m a Celtics fan.

  11. I wasn’t all offended I was just pointing out what he has accomplished.

  12. I’m well aware of what he has accomplished being a Celtics fan, and that wasn’t a knock on it. That being said, his game and the team could benefit from him being more physical on the offensive end.

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