Misusing Rondo?

No one is going to pretend Rajon Rondo had a good game against the Knicks.  It’s why he only played 26 minutes.

But Ray Allen struggled and he played 37 minutes.  How Rajon is used is the basis for Rich Levine’s mock news conference with Doc Rivers.

RICH LEVINE: Doc, at what point, in your mind, will Rondo have earned the right to have a bad stretch without being banished to the bench? I mean, no matter how great a player is, he’s going to have a tough spell or two, and when that happens the coach must weigh his options. He’s got to say to himself, “OK, this guy is clearly in a little funk, but considering his body of work, shouldn’t I just give him a second to break out?” Is Rondo really not there for you yet? The kid’s being talked about as a potential All-Star, why do you insist on treating him like Tony Allen?

RIVERS: Excuse me, do I know you? How did you get in here?

It’s a fair point.  Good players struggle.  Sometimes you gotta let them play through it.  On the other side, though, is the possibility that Doc thought being down double digits required more of a scoring threat like Eddie House.

Personally, I would like to see Rondo get some minutes to play through rough patches.


4 Responses

  1. What Doc needs to do is play Pruitt and let House play the 2.

  2. rondo needs more minutes regardless, he needs more than 30 when hes playing well and more than 20 when he isnt…was he sick? thats the only rational excuse for the knicks game, he couldve got it going with more minutes..the way he was used in the rotation took him out of the game, doc was panicing, and you could see it on his face

  3. When Ray is off it means he’s missing his outside shot. But Ray has other weapons, specifically a strong drive to the hoop, which he uses instead. And if Ray keeps shooting he will eventually start hitting.

    But when Rondo is off, it’s usually a mental thing. He inexplicably stops TRYING. He becomes weirdly passive, passing up open layups, not driving, just looking to pass off and let someone else do the work. Doc is right to take him out of the game when that happens, because it’s hopeless at that point. Rondo is not going to suddenly have a change of heart like a shooter who finds his mark. When he’s off, he tends to stay off that night. It would be a mistake to keep him on the floor when he’s in that funk. I would say that Doc should take him out EARLIER and try to talk to him on the sideline. If there’s no change of heart, let Pruitt have his shot.

    Btw, Pruitt can sub for either Ray or Rajon. He needs more minutes right now. The Cs need more from their bench and GP seems to have the right stuff, or at least the potential for it.

  4. It’s pretty simple why Doc would take Rondo out of the game at that point, the whole offense was stagnant because of the defense they were playing specifically for when Rondo was in the game, you can’t continually double off of eddie house because he’s going to hit the jumper. Its basic basketball, its a game of matchups, and Doc is really good at utilizing them.

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