Should I Be Worried Now?

You know how Manny Ramirez actually HURT his reputation by being so awesome for the Dodgers… that it confirmed he dogged it Boston? Well… the Celtics are sort of setting themselves up for something similar. If they come out and dominate tomorrow night at home against Houston… they’re going to confirm that they have a big time problem on the road. This is starting to leave “lull” territory and creep into “concerning.”

The C’s dropped their 5th of 7 games… this one a 114 – 106 loss to Charlotte in overtime.

Box Score | Recap

The Celtics were in full schizophrenic mode in this one. At one point, I wanted to take the shoe that flew off Rondo’s foot (seriously Rajon… again?) and throw it through my TV. The Celtics were starting to build a lead in the second quarter when they fell apart (as detailed in the previous post). They continued to flat out suck during the process of falling behind by 10 points in the 3rd. It was classic “road Celtics” mode: guys were just standing around and no one seemed interested in being there at all. Rondo even tried to feed the left post from the right elbow. Huh?

Suddenly, something clicked and they woke up. The defense became stifling again. The Celtics actually won the 3rd quarter and built a lead of their own. Rondo was in full “Rondo” mode, complete with wild, violent, sprawling falls.

And then, Adam Morrison went nuts. Raymond Felton hit big shots. And we had a battle on our hands. In overtime, we saw the same frustrating mistakes (a Garnett travel, which they’re calling A LOT on him this year) and missed rotations (an insanely easy Emeka Okafor dunk) that have frustrated us over the past few weeks. Ray Allen (7-20 fg, 3-11 3pt) started out hot and then his shot disappeared. He and KG (7-18 fg) missed good looks in the overtime. If they had just hit a few of those shots, this ending would have been different.

Question for the C’s: In last year’s playoffs, Paul Pierce became the unquestioned “go-to” guy… option #1 when the C’s needed a bucket. So why hasn’t that really been the case this year? Why did it take the last 2 minutes of OT for Pierce to have the ball in his hand every time?

And one thing I’d like to mention about Charlotte: I think DJ Augestin is underrated. I know this year’s rookie class is all about Derrick Rose, OJ Mayo and Michael Beasley… but Augestin is pretty good. And for a rookie to step up and go 12-12 from the line, half of them in OT, against the Champs is a big deal.


46 Responses

  1. Hang in there C’s. I honestly don’t know why the Bobcats can’t be an elite team, they really do have a lot of talent. It happens.

  2. No. We would have won the game if RA was not cold and DOc learned how to rest his starters better. The team is fine, it is just tired. We need some additional bench help and the starters to get key rest and then we will be fine.

    In the playoffs there is usually enough time between games to make that less of an issue.

    The team just burned out at the end. That is the fault of the coach, not the 30+ year old players

  3. I think Doc needs to have a talk with everyone. He needs to yell a little bit, he needs to tell Rondo to get his head out of his butt sometimes, he needs to yell at Alpha Dog Pierce when he makes one of his three crap passes to someones foot every game. He needs to coach, not just sub players. Scal is not an option, i am sorry, he just is not. Call up Bill Walker and get him in there, Big Baby was given his shot as a rookie, why not Walker or Giddons? I know everyone loves Scal, but he is not good, and not good enough to be in this rotation.

  4. The Lakers went through the same thing, Boston will snap out of it. But damn, that is quite a few losses.

  5. Is it documented that Ray Allen helps Rondo with his shooting? Rondo has the purest shooter in the NBA, at least work with him, and improve the liability he is on offense. I hear it’s because Rondo’s hands are too big, it’s uncomfortable for him to shoot.

  6. This is beyond what the Lakers went through, Rene. Boston has been absolutely pitiful on the road. No more excuses. They’ve just been plain bad because they lose their mental edge and their intensity, namely KG. Rondo was good in the second half, but he also made quite a few bad plays, and he seems much more indecisive on the road. Ray is just cold, can’t get into a sync. And Pierce is up and down. One play he makes a big shot, the next he turns it over.

  7. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth…. Rondo had 9 fucking turnovers.

  8. “This is beyond what the Lakers went through, Rene.” -JD

    Thanks for stating, finally some honesty on this site.

  9. I don’t think this is even comparable to what the Lakers went through. Something is very wrong. We need to pinpoint it and fix it. This is the exact same team that won 19 straight.

  10. Obviously it’s not that simple in actuality, but you get the gist.

  11. It will NOT get easier. Houston, @Cleveland, home at home (back-to-back) with Toronto-always a tough arena, then we have TWICE as many road games as home games in February. If they truly are champs, they will find the intensity. Winning championships back-to-back is extremely hard. And we honestly have to look at the fact that we may NOT have home-court in the playoffs this year. UNLESS we get our shit together on the road. I have faith. Do you?

  12. I do.

  13. LOL @ Everyone willing to point fingers this way and that way, Ray shot bad, this team goes as rondo goes, the bench is terrible blah blah blah…KG is not pulling his weight right now, hes been really bad guys, are you blind? if hes injured, give him rest he clearly needs it

  14. suckers

  15. Solid commentary, Bryan.

  16. Bill Walker played OK tonight

    The old guys are tired are DOC played them too many minutes tonight. They got on fire like they should and just burned out. That and RA slump is what caused this loss. They still “have it in them”. The starters need more rest and the bench needs to be more consistent so DOC leaves them in longer

  17. Why is everyone freaking out… The C’s won the NBA Championship plus dominated 19 straight games!! They didn’t all of a sudden lose it. Its just a little skid, they’ll turn it back on. Take it easy.

  18. ” . . . Manny Ramirez actually HURT his reputation by being so awesome for the Dodgers . . . ”

    Bringing the Dodgers into this? Chanting ‘Beat LA’ at the Sixers game? Your LA obsession is unhealthy. But your fear of the Lakers is justified.

    The Celts aren’t as bad as they appear right now. There’s a LONG way to go ’til June. In other words, you have exactly 6 months to call yourselves champs.

    You still have as good a shot as anyone – – – to win the EAST, that is.

    Rambis out!

  19. I think the Celtics need to put some of these teams on their ASS!! Let me explain, A rookie thinks he can walk up to PP and talk shit? Pierce should of knocked him out and any other Bobcat that came up to him. Teams do not have respect for us, they think they can say or do anything they want and get away with it. I think if Tommy was there he of said “in the old days we would not of let them get away with that” we need to be like the Pistons and the Celtics of the 80’s. I would not even care if big baby would of got up after the flagerent foul that Howard had and got into a pushing match with him. Doc might even need to get ejected to get these guys fired up. Just my thoughts what do you guys think?????

  20. Our team needs to be called out. I can understand missing shots. I can understand bad calls. I can understand guys having an off night. I can understand opposing players getting hot. What I can’t understand is not boxing out, not rebounding, not pushing the ball, not playing tenacious defense, not making crisp passes, not finding the best shot or the hot teammate, and not going after loose balls. We look like we don’t care out there. And there is NO EXCUSE for that from a Celtics team.

  21. Call up Walker. He will be the energy rookie we had going for us last year in Powe (I agree with another poster here who said that)

    He can hit the 3pt shot, board, pass, steal, score, Fastbreak, play D, start fights, etc ;-)

  22. Powe wasn’t a rookie last year.

  23. Ever since you took down the forums, the Celtics have sucked. Worse yet I have nowhere to really talk about it.

  24. Like Tommy said in the post game – the team is just tired, you can see it in them, they can’t match the intensity of these young teams who come out and want to topple the champs, thats tough for anyone to do every night, especially on the road against a sub .500 team. Pierce once again is the only one who had it going late, and didn’t touch the ball once in OT until maybe 2 minutes left? How can Doc not see that pierce got them into OT and was on fire and not draw up plays for him?? makes absolutely no sense to me, This loss was a direct result of bad coaching, end of story.

  25. Doc needs to do something to get this turned around. I’m not blaming him at all for the stretch of poor play, but this is where good coaches step it up. Get the boys back on track…DOC!!

  26. It’s not Doc’s fault at all. The only thing he needs to do better is call more plays for Pierce down the stretch…. other than that… the blame falls on KG, Ray, the bench, and to an extent Rondo.

  27. I know its a combination of things but damn with some better play calling down the stretch despite everything else, I think we still would have won that game.

  28. C’mon guys…it is very clear to me why this is happening…you don’t have a GO TO guy…you want PP to be that guy, but he’s not…most of these losses have been close in the 4th with a chance to win…you shouldn’t be relying on refs to bail you out …you need to make shots and someone has to step up and be YOUR Kobe…say what you want about him, but even when we had Kobe and no one else, we didn’t have stretches like this…this is bad and one of your all-stars needs to stop the bleeding…this is way over Doc’s head…forget about him…the Truth hurts…in more ways than one…

    Go Lakers

  29. Listen my man… that might have been one of the most ignorant posts in the history of this website. Paul Pierce is the most clutch player the league has seen since Reggie Miller, and Jordan before that.

    If I had to pick one player in the league to take the final shot for my team, it would be Pierce every single time, and never Kobe.

  30. Yeah, inferno, don’t post if you don’t know what you’re talking about. The Celtics didn’t win last year because they had a “go to man.” They won with a balanced offense and a stifling defense. So far, the offense has been wildly inefficient (with all the turnovers), and the defense just hasn’t been there.

  31. Posey was guarding Bryant in the second quarter and fouled the Lakers’ star early on a drive, but as Bryant continued to the hoop after the whistle blew Posey took a whack at him. That drew a technical foul from Joey Crawford. It was worth it. Posey made his point, without giving a free one to the Lakers, as Bryant missed the free throw.

    “They tell the defender to stop,” Posey said. “If I should stop, the offensive player should stop, as well. I wasn’t allowing continuation on that.

    “That’s just how I play. I make my presence felt. Not just that, but throughout the course of the game. That’s just how I play.”

    thats the mentality the c’s need to regain on D, im still saying its just a speedbump in the season but if they’re not careful it could turn into more than that. hopefully they can get fired up about the Cavs game.

  32. Nothing ignorant about it…I live in New England…I watch Celtic basketball all the time…

    Tim….the fact that you put Reggie Miller and Jordan in the same sentence eliminates your commentary from the realm of the sane…

    JD…I didn’t say that’s why or how they won…to get out of a skid like this, you NEED a guy who says “Get out of my way and let me win it.” Magic did it…Bird did it…Jordan did it…and Kobe does it…if this Celtic team- with a target on its back ( as those teams had and have ) -want to break a slide like this they need a killer…don’t have one.

    celts9…what the hell was that? Is Posey the answer?

    Go Lakers.

  33. inferno….sure, Kobe can score. Clutch? Not so much.

  34. Your “go to man” obviously can’t do it by himself. He needs help. The reason for the slump is we aren’t playing as a team. You could have made these same comments when we were winning 19 straight, when we had someone different be “the man” almost every night. If you watch Celtics basketball, you aren’t paying attention.

  35. Scott…I’m not arguing that your success is definitely the result of exceptional team defense and a list of all-star performers…I am simply pointing out that in the 4th period, when a bucket is needed or a steal or a block or a rebound or a put back, etc…and your team is desperate for a win (which they are) some ONE needs to take that role…

    …and I’m not just talking about that last 24 second shot that your website displayed…I’m talking about the last 5 minutes when games are truly won and lost, when a leader needs to emerge and dictate the outcome…at that point its not about everbody playing together or team chemistry…its about Winning Time…and who will get you there…

    Lets see PP do it in the next game…KG could never do it in Minn…Ray is too dependant on others to get a look…tying the game and then going up in the 4th you should not have lost…no way…and Doc has never really had to coach, so why would you expect him to make better subs…not his fault he’s a “figurehead” coach…

    Go Lakers…the Truth hurts…

  36. Inferno…. the statement about Miller and Jordan was 100% correct. Jordan was the most clutch player in the league, then he retired, making Miller the best clutch player in the league.

    Do you need a picture diagram or can you comprehend that?

    Get the hell out of here.

  37. Hey Scott that awesome article you posted is from 3 years ago genius…nice work…and it only speaks to the last 24 seconds of the game…

  38. inferno…it doesn’t really matter when the article was from. nor does the time reference. Paul Pierce is clutch. Kobe isn’t. I would say the last 24 seconds would be a prime time for when a team needs a shot. Kobe doesn’t get it done…even at the free throw line. Paul Pierce does, just like he did last night.

  39. What good did your “go to guy” do you when you didn’t have Pau Gasol and Bynum? Not much…

  40. actually the point of that post was that defense is what got them the championship last year and the 19 game streak this year, and that mentality to play hard defense and make a statement is what the celts need right now to get back on track. I just felt the posey bit illustrated that mentality from a year ago which they need to get back to

  41. Doc talked a lot about limiting the big three’s minutes this year and it hasn’t happened. mix things up doc! show some lineups that teams haven’t seen, that create mismatches for the other team. its the same combination of guys every night. they’ll bounce back soon…

    Did the lakers write the celts schedule this year??? in Toronto…vs Toronto followed by in New Jersey…vs New Jersey??

  42. Tim…your an idiot…big difference between clutch and 3-pt shooter…Miller was arguably the best 3-pt shooter (I’ll take Bird though), but clutch??? how many rings does he have? Clutch to me isn’t beating the Clippers in December…clutch is big shots in big spots in big games…Miller DID NOT follow MJ as the leagues most clutch shooter…there was a lull after MJ…then Kobe…your out of your mind, or from Indiana…

    Scott…it most certainly does matter when the article was written and it only covered the 3 year spanbefore it…Kobe has hit several winners since and plenty of winning shots have come with 30 or 40 seconds left, giving the other team opportunity to win…we’re not just talking buzzer-beaters you myopic dolt!

    Celts9…it was a little out of left field, but i get your point…your a step up from the Tim and Scott Show airing now on the Disney Channel…

    Go Lakers

  43. To tell you the truth, I actually don’t like Miller, and I have never been to Indiana….. I am however a fan of the NBA and Miller hit an unbelievable number game-winning shots, both in the regular season and in the playoffs.

    Reggie Miller was absolutely the best clutch player in the league after Jordan retired…. I used to hate him for it.

    This is from
    “Reggie Miller’s legacy as one of the all-time greatest clutch players
    will live on forever because we will never, EVER stop seeing his golden
    moments from being played over and over and over again. Wherever there is a montage of classic playoff moments, Reggie’s 8 point outburst in 16.4 seconds against the Knicks at MSG will be included. Or perhaps
    they’ll show the game-winning 3-pointer he sunk with 2.7 seconds left
    to beat the Bulls in Game 4 of the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals. Or
    maybe the 25 4th Quarter points he dropped on the Knicks during Game 5 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals all while jawing back and forth
    with Spike Lee. Or how about the 40-foot buzzer-beater against the Nets in 2002 to send the game into overtime, followed by the game-tying dunk with seconds left to send the game into double overtime? You get the point. Reggie Miller is a player that will forever be defined by his
    ability to reach from within and bring out the absolute best in himself
    when the moment counted the most. And what’s perhaps most amazing about Reggie, is that at 39 years old and in his final season, he’s still
    doing it (61 points in 2 Pacer wins so far in this year’s playoffs). In
    what’s been a storybook career for Reggie Miller, there still might be
    another chapter to his legacy…”

    I would advise you, my friend, to stop arguing this point immediately before you further expose your lack of NBA knowledge.

  44. Tim…I don’t give a shit how many hoopsvibe quotes you throw at me authored by Miller’s cousin…he was a great shooter, no doubt, but he was not handed the torch from MJ…please stop…I hurt from laughter that you even care this much!

    Hey how’d the C’s do tonight?

    PP come up big in the clutch or did he charge and throw up a brick?

    Go Lakers

  45. You didn’t listen.

  46. i agree with the titleisours. scal is bad. bring someone else up. big baby can cause problems though. scal should go where he belongs… the nbdl, or maybe the nets again. he was doing good before he came here. 6.3 ppg and 4.5 rpg. Plus an incredible 39% field goal shooter. OOHHH MAMA!! THATS WICKED PISSA! Go to Utah Scal

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