Shut. Up.

The Celtics were on the precipice of building a lead… maybe into pulling away… when Paul Pierce drove to the hoop and didn’t get a foul call.  It was a bad no-call… but play went on.

What followed was a 9-2 Bobcats run that featured two alley-oops and an easy lay up.

I know other teams will go on runs… but I’m getting increasingly frustrated with how this team seems to let little instances of officiating lapses trigger bad play.


10 Responses

  1. For all the whining about Rondo, the guy has single-handedly gotten us back in the game here in the 4th. Whiners…

  2. He’s been great… but he was terrible for quite a stretch. Total schizo game for him.

  3. Ray is going through an incredible cold streak the past few games. He’s been missing wide open looks. And he hasn’t been missing by a little, he’s been missing badly. In this game alone I’ve watched him air ball a few wide open shots from the corner, which is usually his spot.

  4. Anyone know why has the Celtics winning 110-109 Final on there front page right now..? I just posted it on my site as well. Strange…

  5. Plus minus makes interesting reading today as it looks like another stinking loss. The starters got beat up by Wallace, Diaw, Okafor, Matt Carroll and Felton.
    By plenty. If it weren’t for the bench today the C’s woulda been blown out.
    Here’s a shitty little fact about KG this year as he fails to shoot one free throw all game….his highest no. of ft’s taken in a single game this year is….6. Dude needs to FACE UP and go to the hole, instead of backing down and shooting fadeaways or over people or passing outa double teams. He is so dangerous facing up to the basket but they never do it…

  6. Wow, who saw this coming, 2-5 since lakers game…

  7. DOC again failed to give his starters adequate rest. I blame the coach

    Maybe they should give Scott Pollard a call. And call up Walker please

  8. Fire Doc!

  9. Says the Lakers fan.

  10. […] Wrong with the Celtics? Jump to Comments As the guy who runs Red’s Army wrote, the Boston Celtics were on a precipice of building a lead until Paul Pierce drove to the […]

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