The Secret To Rondo’s High FG%


Rajon Rondo is shooting almost 52%.  It’s a ridiculously high number for a guy with a suspect jumper.  But looking at his Hot Zone chart (referenced today on True Hoop), and you’ll see that 205 of his shots have come at the rim.  He’s made 62% of those.  Rondo has taken 290 shots this season.  So 85 of his shots have NOT been a lay up or dunk.

His next “favorite” spot is the elbow… and he’s 7 of 22 from there.  Amazingly enough, he’s a combined 6-9 from the left corner 3 and right baseline 3.   But this highlights the need for Rajon to figure something out with his shot.  The only person who should be happy looking at that much blue on a chart is a democrat during an election.


8 Responses

  1. On top of all that, Rajon misses a lot of layups. I understand he has freakishly big hands, which makes it harder to shoot, but he’s got to improve somehow. He had all off-season to work on this.

  2. He’s gotten better at his decision making in the lane, but his confidence in his outside shot has dropped a little it seems. Remember last year, when he was jacking up most 18 footers he got that were wide open? Well, he needs to get back to that, because he was money last year. He’s even started making some threes. He just needs to figure out when to shoot and when to drive.

  3. “I understand he has freakishly big hands, which makes it harder to shoot…”

    Sounds like something a big man would say.

  4. I mean, that’s really just how it is haha.

  5. It’s harder to shoot the basketball with bigger hands…plain and simple.

  6. stat geeks should get outside more

  7. if I had Rondo’s hands I’d never need another girlfriend

  8. hahahaha

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