Well, When You Put It That Way…


We’re willing to convince ourselves of anything around here.  Lately, it’s the possibility that Stephon Marbury could help.  Put on the Green Glasses and all we see is his “talent”.  Every once in a while, it takes an outsider… like Ball Don’t Lie’s Kelly Dwyer in this week’s Power Rankings… to really put what we’re considering into perspective.

3. Boston Celtics — Pleased to be adding a turnover-prone point man who hasn’t played significant minutes in 24 months and specializes in making 41 percent of his 19-footers here.

You know, when you put it that way Kelly, it sounds like a pretty dumb idea.  I’m with the growing chorus of Celtics fans asking for more Gabe Pruitt before we do anything rash.  Let’s see if we’re still singing the same tune now that Gabe will more time over the next couple of games.

However, if Gabe isn’t the answer… there will be plenty of names out there that we can consider now that teams are cutting guys this week to avoid guaranteed contracts.  Miami waived Shaun Livingston today… and Phoenix cut Dee Brown.  I’m not suggesting those guys are answers to our problems… but they are point guards who were cut today.


8 Responses

  1. Yeah, I mean if Kelly Dwyer says so…Who the f is Kelly Dwyer….? Thank God fans and media don’t make the big decisions.

  2. I would take either Shaun Livingston or Dee Brown (or even Dee Brown of yore) over Marbury without question.

  3. Shaun Livingston was a great player before he went down. Danny has a history of taking injured players other teams are scared of… Leon Powe being the best example of that. But Leon’s injury was nothing compared to Shaun’s total catastrophe. I just don’t know what’s left of Livingston now…. But if healthy, he’s a much better choice than Marbury… plays D too, unlike SM.

  4. Oh, not THAT Dee Brown? How’s Dana Barros feeling? I wouldn’t mind seeing either of those two though. We’ll see.

  5. Shaun Livingston has freaky length, even without his old ‘fro.

  6. Dana Barros…lol. He’d probably suit up and give it 150% though. Seeing him in the crowd at Game 6 of the Finals last year he looked like he was just itching to get out on the floor. Dee Brown who went to Illinois a few years back by the way. Not Slam Dunk champ Dee Brown D,,,By the way, does anyone recall last year at this time the same PG panic..? Look how that turned out…Ok?

  7. No, not that Dee Brown. The former Illinois guard from a few years ago.

  8. can anyone fill me in on what sam cassell does… does he dress only if there’s an extra uni?

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