Too Tired

There are a million theories about what’s wrong with the Celtics.  So at a time like this, it’s generally a good idea to turn to Occam’s Razor… which essentially is the theory that the simplest explanation is usually the best one.  The simplest explanation when it comes to the Celtics is:  They’re tired.

Mike and Tommy were talking about it tonight, and I believe them.  The guys look tired.  They’re doing things that tired teams do like miss defensive rotations and settle for jumpers.  Hell, KG made one of the prettiest passes you’ll ever see to give the Celtics a lead with 1:34 left… and he just calmly walked to the bench.

Where’s the stream of F-bombs?  Where’s the pounding of the chest or emphatic slaps for his teammates?

The fatigue hit the C’s again tonight… as they faded again down the stretch.  This is no longer a road problem.  This is a fatigue problem.  11 points (a season low) in the 4th quarter tonight prove it.  And the nearly 40 minutes from Ray Allen and 38 minutes for Paul Pierce aren’t going to help.  The C’s dropped this one tonight 89-85.

Box Score Recap

Other thoughts:

  • I think Gabe Pruitt showed he should be getting some more minutes.  He did make a couple of mistakes, but he clearly played well enough to earn some extra burn.
  • How many different ways can we say Eddie House (1-5) and Ray Allen (4-13) are ice cold?
  • With 4:17 left in the game, before Ray hit 2 free throws, the only Celtic to score in the 4th was Gabe Pruitt…. and he only had 5 points.
  • Rajon Rondo easily got deep into the lane, but never did anything more than dribble out of the paint because of Yao Ming.  How about an up-fake or trying to draw a foul?

So that’s 3 straight losses… and 6 of 8.  Someone get me a drink.

** update:  just a note to commenters – we’ve set up a filter that requires some comments to be approved before they’re posted.  It’s our efforts to combat the Lakers trolls who are still trying very hard to spam the hell out of us.  So much for the theory that they’re only spamming anti-Lakers posts.  Anyway, some of you might have comments that get caught up in that.  I apologize for that, but we’ll approve comments as soon as we can.


28 Responses

  1. ya ive been drinking since the rockets hit that last 3

  2. I don’t care what anyone wants to say.

    Its’ not the bench. It’s the starters taht ar losing these games.

    I saw no reason to take out Glen Davis or Leon Powe in the 4th tonight. They were playing great.

    The starters have lost us the last 3 or 4 losses.

    And it’s mostly Ray & Rondo, but KG sucked ass in the second half tonight too.

  3. Last year at least one of the bigs made clutch shots near the end. The entire big three choked at the end. Maybe should have kept Pruitt in at the end. Run with the hot hand. If the starters are tired than keep on on the bench in crunch time.

    Has father time caught up with this team? Maybe Doc needs to give each of the big three a rotating day off to recharge their batteries. Doc may have burned them out too early in the season. Give starters a day off now and then

  4. Garnett almost got a T at the jump-ball, so I don’t agree with that. I think now that the Big 3 got the rings, the banner ceremony is done, the Xmas Lakers game came and went, I think they just lost focus. They have done and seen it all in the last 8 months. So now it’s like, who cares about going all out? They need new motivation. I don’t quite know where they’ll find it, but let’s hope they do. This Cavs game just may do it. And sorry-all these bloggers/media saying it’s players’/coaches’/mgmt’s fault-THEY ARE THE SAME DAMN TEAM AS LAST YEAR EXCEPT POSEY. It’s obivously mental/physical/emotional breakdown.

  5. That three killed them.

  6. And how do ya fix a fatigue problem with out writing off a week’s worth of games? Seems like the only thing to do is sit the starters for major minutes, or am I wrong…are there magic pills?

    If the starters sit, our second unit won’t be putting up W’s, I’m guessing.

  7. These guys are professionally trained athletes with superb conditioning-and they are getting tired?! I can maybe accept that on a long road trip, but give me a break. If they’re tired now, how do we expect them to make it through the playoffs, or even TO the playoffs? We think they can win any given night. The Celtics think they can lose any given night. That’s the difference. Where’s the pride on this team?!

  8. We’re looking all over for the place for people to blame and for reasons for this slump….

    When the real reason is that ever since John took down the forums the Celts havn’t been playing well.

  9. I think you rest rest one at a time and play the other two for a few games. We did win last year when KG was injured. Maybe that injury was a blessing in disguise for him as he seemed well rested when he returned. This would be a little less drastic

    Either that or Buzz coffee. That stuff is powerful!

  10. Remember their age though and how many games they have played under their belt. Cannot help but slow down a little after 30 and many hundreds of games. Nature cannot be beaten no matter how hard you try.

    “A man has got to know his limitations”

  11. Even though I’m a Laker fan, I’m also a basketball fan and this slump is really bad. I hope you guys can pull it together.

  12. Anyone know where I can get some Bruins tickets? I’ll trade ya’ a nice Garnett jersey…

  13. like foreaaaaaal though ima laker fan to, THREE GAMES INA ROWW!! good luck pullin out this.

  14. This is where we find who the real fans are the bandwagoners probably are jumping ship already.

  15. That was easily the most disappointing game of the season. They had the crowd going crazy, they had retaken the lead early in the fourth, Artest had fouled out, and instead of slamming the door shut, everything just fizzled out and the entire starting five just seemed to almost give up.

  16. Well we are staying in games with the big three all playing well under their true ability. Give them rest and they should pull out of this.

    They have been playing at a high level for a long time. They all need mental health breaks

  17. I am glad you have put a filter up for some of the more annoying Laker trolls. It gets annoying and hard to read any of the real comments here. Much less congested. Thanks

  18. wow nora you fuck, i just said good luck and you waste a whole chat space to say that, fuck you, i give you guys so little support im a laker fan i could easily post boston sucks a billion times but i dont

  19. That loss left a mark.

  20. dom, I did not mean that all Lakers fans are that way. How about reading what I said? I believe I said ‘some of the more annoying Lakers fans’ how that translates into all of them I don’t know. I certainly did deserve an obsenity laced post. Red’s Army is screening some of the comments here and I said I appreciated it. Notice how your comment from before is still there. Once again, that was not directed at every Lakers fan.

  21. Not much to comment on in this game as I did not see it. Hopefully Friday night is a good game and I can get a feel for the team. It kills me to see them losing like this. I still do not buy the tired thing though. If they are tired then maybe each player needs to look at what they are doing off the court. These are incredibly trained athletes who have access to world class exercise, health and stamina training facilities, they should not be this tired playing 35 minutes every few nights.

  22. It’s not the actual physically tired that is getting them, when you talk about these guys you talk about being mentally tired. It was fun to start the season and defend the championship and this and that but this is the lull of the season where you are just kind of waiting for the all star break and they have no interest in pouring there hearts into every game. It’s going to be a real tough stretch but I hope they realize the hole they are digging themselves, cleveland is building that lead every day and they know how important home court was last year in the playoffs. They have lost their edge and competitive fire about being “the champs” and it is losing them games

  23. “In our last timeout, you could see it in our guys’ eyes. Like, ‘Shoot, we’re going to lose this home game,'” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “It bothered them. You could see that. And I was thinking ‘That’s a good thing.'”

    I think that this is the loss that is going to wake them up, losing at home really bothers this team and blowing a game where you could have and should have won is not going to sit well with this team. Friday should determine where their heads are at but I think we are going to come out determined.

    “Nobody said it was going to be easy. I know, at times, we do make it look easy,” Garnett said. “We are a very, very confident team. … I feel we have the mindset to weather the storm.”

    just another quote that I liked because i know this team hasnt lost its swagger or edge, when they want to win there is nobody that can stop them. watch out cleveland.

  24. If it takes them until now to wake up, that’s a problem itself.

  25. Does it feel like there is a big green elephant in the room and no one wants to admit it…?

    Pierce charged 2 guys at once and then missed an open jumper to tie…I said it before and received vulgar responses, but PP needs to step up and win a game for the C’s…KG has never been that guy and Ray is not built that way…where is your leader in time of need…

    Why can’t you admit he’s not stepping up in clutch time?! I have seen numerous theories as to why your slumping and Piercs has barely been mentioned…

    Paul Pierce needs to beat the Cavs Friday. It wasn’t failed team D…it wasn’t Rondos turnovers…it wasn’t Doc’s blank stare…none of that mattered when PP had the ball with a chance to tie…

    With all that said, your still going to make it to the finals against the Lakers, but this losing stuff is no fun for Laker fans either…we want a measuring stick out East…and we don’t want it to be Cleveland.

    Go Lakers

  26. Maybe we’re just coasting until late in the season and playoff time. It worked for the Spurs for a while

  27. noo, celtics are simply playing every game like its a nba finals game, now they are tired, celtics arent the youngest team in the league.

  28. What the spurs did was smart, they knew they are an older team so they didnt go full steam till late season/playoffs

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