“They Kind of Fold”

“They come in and intimidate you and try to punk you,” Augustin said. “But if you don’t back down from them, they kind of fold.”

He’s right, the Celtics are folding – for now. But I’m pretty sure DJ Augustin and the Bobcats won’t sniff the playoffs this year. And it could be a while, as long as Jordan is running the show.


14 Responses

  1. Bobcats most know quite a bit about folding considering their record.

  2. Umm DJ Bobcats were giving these Celtics problems long before you were drafted. This is what happens when you lose games that could be won with some defensive intensity everyone feels they can question your toughness. Now even rookies are weighing in. Paging QRich…

  3. hate to say it, but DJ’s statement sounds pretty accurate… we have seen quite a bit of folding by the C’s lately, and they just haven’t been up for the challenge put forth by any team. strange game tonight (official wise) but still one that the celtics definitely should have won easily…

  4. Like I said they need to POP these rookies and the ZAZa’s in the world in their mouth. These guys are the Champs and they have been in the league a long tiem ( KG PP RA). Have some respect!! We need to have a enforcer, WHO WANTS THE JOB??? LEON., BABY??? I think ZO would be great on this team!!!

  5. Now that statement does nothing but piss me off. Hope it does the same to the celtics. That is Grade A bulletin board material

  6. if i were the celtics i would just stop intimidating or others stuff i would rather play my game let my game do the talking face it celts fan your team has to shut up.

  7. oh the bitterness!!!

  8. I hate to say it, but he appears to be right, AND his team won. Hard to argue it. We got outscored by 8 points in overtime. Right now we are not championship caliber.

    I don’t mean to say the present team can’t win, just at this stage of the game, we have taken a step back from last year, and even earlier this season.

    I am sure all Celtics read Red’s Army…so hey guys, where’s that phenomenal team leadership these days? Get the brain trust together and figure something out. I don’t want to hear about tired. If there is something else going on emotionally or psychologically with the team, seek help. Be the team we all know you can be.

  9. terrible game, Ray look really tired. Since when does he shoot airballs, let alone two of them. DJ is kind of right but just because they won the game. Need to get some rest but the bench sucks so bad that they can’t.

  10. He’s right, but only because they won. It is time to make a move, all other teams got better by adding and we just got tired by playing a longer season. Hopefuly Danny has something going on that doesn’t include Marbury. I’m okay with moving Davis, or even Powe. Josh Howard may be available.

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  12. Augustine sounds like a Douche. I hate when other teams think they’re doing something right when we’re clearly doing something wrong. That is just taking credit where it isn’t deserved.

  13. The Celtics turned the ball over and missed shots. It had very little to do with Charlotte punching anyone in the mouth.

    Looked to me like the C’s played down to the Bobcats’ level. They did the same thing in NY.

  14. Augustine was acting like a little girl last night. Paul Pierce touched him a little bit and he *slapped* his hand away and tried to start shit. What a bitch…

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