A Little Solace

I’m looking for the few rays of light to help us through this skid.  That’s Von Wafer gettng stuffed by the rim early last night.  Everyone laugh and drink in that good mojo.  Don’t panic.  Just keep this in mind:  There are 6 FULL months of basketball to be played before the Finals even begin.  We’ve only played 2 full months.

But it’s hard.  It’s hard when Shank Shaughnessy comes out of the woodwork.  What is he saying in that column anyway?  Anything?

At times like this, you can do nothing else but keep looking forward.   

“We’re going to get their best punch,” Celtics captain Paul Pierce said of the Cavaliers. “We got a chance to play them in our home opener. When you play in a game like this, teams like us want to try to find the edge because we know somewhere down the road we’re going to see them in the playoffs… The way we are playing, this is a great way to get back on track.”

Ray Allen agrees.

“I really don’t care who we play,” said Allen. “I look at it as an opportunity for this team to get back on track.”

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6 Responses

  1. screw the curly haired boyfriend. this team needs to get it together now.

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  3. was that video choppy as hell for anyone else or is it just my sh!tbox computer?

    Great, first the Celts hit the wall and now my computer’s shot to sh!t…

    LeBron’s gonna punk our ass now.

  4. Don’t panic. The Celts are still very much in the hunt – the hunt for number one – number one – in the East, that is.

    The new fad in the anti-Laker media is to gush about Cleveland, just like they were gushing about Boston a month ago. But the best team in hoops IS the Los Angeles Lakers, a fact that will become harder and harder for the media and Celts fans to ignore.

  5. Kurt, you guys beat us one time, at the Staples Center. And now all of a sudden the Lakers are that much better than the Celtics? I guess you’ve forgotten how the Lakers beat Boston twice at Staples in the NBA Finals; that didn’t help LA too much now did it? If the Lakers beat the Celtics at TD BANKNORTH GARDEN later this season, then you can come on here and talk all the shit you want until you get blocked. But right now, all the Lakers have is a slightly better record than the Celtics.

    As for the Cavs game, this could be a turning point in the Celtics season. People are really starting to doubt them, especially on the road, and if they can go to Cleveland and come away snapping the Cavs home winning streak, then I think it will give the Celtics confidence going through these long winter months. If they lose, well, everybody except for Celtics fans expect them to lose, so it won’t change much.

  6. This clip actually bums me out…we were up 8, and von wafer was playing for Tmac, and we still found a way to lose…pathetic

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