Giddens, Walker Recalled

Jess Camerato reports:

In the midst of a three-game losing streak, the Boston Celtics have recalled rookies J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker from the NBDL’s Utah Flash. Giddens (17.3 points, 6.5 rebounds) and Walker (18.7 points, 5.3 rebounds) have been standouts on the Flash given the playing time to develop. Both players welcomed the assignment and have been preparing for their recall since October.

Interesting move.  Why now?  Could this move signal some rest for the weary starters?  Are we going to see if these guys can provide some answers for our bench?  Or is this a message to the current bench:  your jobs aren’t safe?


20 Responses

  1. this is a good thing, both of them have put up impressive stats in the D league, and before we go looking for the answer to our bench problems outside the organization i think its a smart move to give the guys we already have a chance to prove their worth

  2. Maybe this Blog is being read by DA ;-)

    Great move. They will make mistakes. But any rest they can give the starters plus the energy level can only help. My worry is that DOC will let them rust on the pine

  3. As much as I love watching Scal hit coffin nail 3’s when we’re up by 20 on shitty teams, I think Billy Walker needs some of his minutes.

    and I think Giddens can take over some of Tony Allen’s “Hands like stumps, bad passes, weak layups” minutes too.

  4. Another thing that I like is that these guys did not pout. They went down and played haard. They need to play so that they do not lose that momentum

  5. Play them! We have several young guys who have doe well because they’ve had a chance to play. BBD, powe, rondo, etc. We need *something*, so let’s see if giddens and walker can provide it.

  6. I’m ready to see Walker eat up a few of Scals garbage minutes….And I’m ready to see a few Powe-esque facials being served up at the rim. That Kid has got a hammer

  7. see i knew this would happen.

  8. Funny thing!! I decided to look up Giddens and Walker’s stats before this was posted. I think we do need some spark and energy off the bench. Remember that dunk Walker had in the preseason? We need that kind of spark especially NOW! I agree with above post by thetitleisours – How many minutes will Doc play them? In my opinion I think Danny is going to give one last look at the rookies before considering picking up guys off waivers or trades. Get Sam I Am off the bench too – We need to fill the holes – Our starters need more help off the bench. How sweet will it be to bounce back tomorrow night vs. HGH Lebron, end their home court winning streak and we can get back on track.

  9. This shouldn’t have had to happen. But our bench DOES need improvement. Baby, TA, Scal and Patty O. have not been any help. Despite “The Streak”, we have actually regressed since last year, losing PJ and Posey and having the current bench not step up to fill their shoes. I’m all for bringing up Giddens and Walker, and giving Gabe meaningful minutes, but we ARE going to need outside help as well, especially with our starters being “tired” all the time.. Oh, and Sam “I’m here to help Rondo” Cassell is just taking up space and money. How does his being there help anyone but Sam?

  10. They got up here fast – saw Giddens at the CVS is Waltham like an hour ago. Dodger hat buying a big thing of apple juice – kinda random.

  11. Sam’s there for Scal too. They play some one on one or something like that. I think Sam has some insight that might be valuable for Rondo and maybe some others, but he’s not a coach for the team…he’s a player (believe it or not). So you’re absolutely right, Dr. H, it’s not helping anybody but Sam…so get him in a uniform and on the court or get somebody in to replace him.

  12. I love this move, and to be honest I like a bench of pruitt giddens and walker more than eddie tony and scal… eddie needs the minutes but I think the spark that these kids can give us is going to light a fire for this team, get out in the open court and rock the damn rim that will get the bench goin and fire up the starters, I love it im so glad these 2 are back in celtic green

  13. I wonder if BBD and TA would/will get similar numbers with the Flash…..

  14. Walker can bring some MUCH needed energy. That kid is the real deal. His stock fell off due to a knee injury, but he is a great young talent.

  15. Lets get down to business Celtics at Cavs – I hope Cavs wear those ugly ass throwback uniforms. Our Celts have a chance here to make a statement to the Cavs, HGH Lebron Crab travel, to the NBA, to opposing fans and to all the media, ESPN, Stephen A. Smith, Lakers, Cavs, Lebron, and Kobe Lovers we are not going anywhere. Title contenders wannabe have to come through Boston!! Lets get this win for all die hard Celts fans.

  16. If I came on this site and said Giddens and Walker would need playing time in January to get you guys on track, you would have laughed me off the site…

    You are all in denial.

    You don’t have an assassin…a killer…a “gotta-have” guy…

    You are an old all-star team who took the league by surprise last year and beat a Laker team still finding itself, a year ahead of schedule…

    Rondo is very average, made to look better by his company, when he’s needed to dominate-he can’t…

    Perkins without the presence of KG is a joke.

    Pierce needs to take over tonight…if he does you’ll win and I will sing his praises as THE man. If this were the Lakers, I’d be looking to Kobe to get us out…in fact…he would have already…

    In bad streaks like this its not enough to hang your hat on tag-lines like “defense wins championships” or “we win as a team, we lose as a team”… You need PP to be a killer tonight…its not about KG’s “injury”…its not about Ray’s slump…its not about being “tired” (whahhhh!)…its about…
    I’ll say it again…


    Go Lakers
    Go Celtics
    I want a rematch in the Finals…get back on track C’s…this isn’t fun anymore.

  17. You got us Laker fan – Pierce does have to step it up a LiL bit

  18. haha i dont really know if that comment by inferno is even worth replying to but I might as well. Where was that “go-to” guy last year in the finals for you, I think pierce, on the biggest stage in the game showed everyone how go to he is, so please save your subtle shots at pierce because you know he outplayed your kobe in the finals by a long shot.

  19. I love how all the Laker fans use the excuse “You beat us a year ahead of schedule” Inferon, shut up, seriously, youre a joke. The Celtics don’t need Pierce to score 40 points, alright. They need to play something called “defense.” Have you ever heard of it? Probably not, seeing as how you’re a Lakers fan.
    Defense+ Rondo getting in the lane+ Balanced Scoring= Unbeatable Celtics team. Thats how they won on their winning streak; that’s how they’ll win the championship.

  20. I like Giddens and Walker getting mins but they should not see the floor against LeBron tonight. Seeing a freak like that could shatter their confidence when they realize they’re never going to be able to play at that level.

    But i like the move. They’re better than Scal and Tony right now. They’re athletic enough to play good D. It’s all heart anyways. They won’t want to let KG down.

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