Remembering The Good Times

Watching the Celtics lose again was painful. And the fact that some dude named Von Wafter hit a clutch shot while our Big 3 fizzled down the stretch….well that’s enough to bring about a deep depression. Fortunately the gogo-dancers at the Pleasure Pit in the Planet Hollywood casino were able to bring a smile back to my face.

Anyways, during this dark time in the Celtics season, I thought it would be a good idea to remember the good ole days – like the 2008 season. I just finished reading Peter May’s book – “Top of the World.” It’s certainly not heavy lifting, but that’s how I like my books. Here are a couple of good stories from May, starting with one tale from after the Game 4 comeback win over the Lakers in the Finals:

After the incredible victory, the Celtics owners returned to the team’s headquarters at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Wyc Grousbeck tossed his credit card on the bar and announced all drinks were on the Celtics. Then, once the Celtics’ entourage noticed a huge picture of Jack Nicholson over the bar, they coudn’t resist. Out came the digital cameras and cell phones and photos were taken of celebrating Celtics raising their glasses in front of the most famous Lakers fan of all.

And May explains the real reason why Ray Allen started wearing that sleeve in the ECF:

“It was because Rip was living up to his nickname. He doesn’t cut his fingernails. You ask anyone around the league and they’ll tell you that he has the longest fingernails of anyone. I had these scratches and bumps and welts all over my body, and after every game, I’d find these new scratches on my arm. He’d dig those nails into my arm…”

Now that’s gross.

There are more cool stories…the book is definitely worth your time and money ($25 hardcover).


7 Responses

  1. ew… that thing about Rip’s fingernails is so nasty…. he’s a weird guy

  2. Seriously…that’s just grimy. The dude has money…get get those things taken care of if you can’t do it yourself (which is beyond me as to why he can’t).

  3. maybe he’s a banjo player in a bluegrass band on the side and uses his fingernails as guitar picks . . . or he’s a dirty player who does it to intentionally hurt other players.
    I’m sorry to mention it, but it’s Wafer not Wafter. I’m sure it was just a slip of the finger. F and T are keyboard neighbors.

  4. Good idea, thinking of the good old days, ’cause they’re gone. Savor those memories.

    The Celts were December’s Flavor of the Month, before they hit the Purple & Gold wall. Now the Cavs are the critics’ darlings. But all that is just to generate buzz, because the real Lords of Basketball are rising in the City of Angels. The next Laker Dynasty is upon us, my little green friends.

  5. So you’re in Vegas? Hope you’re having a good time.

  6. It’s a shame that Rip is such a scumbag on the court because he is one of best UConn products out there.

  7. Yeah I have to say that The Celtics intro is of the best, if not the best, intro that I’ve seen for a basketball game. Definitely gets me pumped up even though I’m on the other side.

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