The Manu Ginobili Plan?

Since we’re all grasping at straws here.  How about this idea:  Move Ray Allen to the bench?

Eddie House as a starter would allow him to really set up as a shooter, which we know is really his forte’.  Ray Allen off the bench can give the second unit their “captain.”  Let’s face it, he runs with the second unitalot anyway.  Who the hell cares where he spends the first 5 minutes of each half.  After that, it’s all basketball.  And it will still be meaningful basketball.  And maybe he won’t have to play 40 minutes a night, which could make him an even more effective player.


13 Responses

  1. I’ve been saying this for a few weeks now.

    He started off the season hot, and Doc decided he could just burn him out like that.

  2. I say go to cleavland let paul ray and kevin have the night off whats it gonna hurt weve lost 6 out of 8 with them.

  3. Love the idea.

  4. yea but the spurs did cause they have pops, doc just isnt that creative

  5. great idea…we need to start showing different looks. Playing with different line-ups gives the players a new outlook without making drastic changes.

  6. I’m all for it-make it happen!

  7. Yes. As much as I’m not liking Eddie House right now, it’d be nice to have someone big off the bench. Right now it just makes me sad.

  8. Dropping 6 of 8 dictates the need for a change. Mix up the line up Doc, the minutes will shake out the same or very similar….

  9. I would love this, the man is getting older anyway, give him a little more of a rest and take the burden off of house as well, he can stretch the floor just as much as ray, but I still feel eddie is more of a liability defensively than Ray ray so this might keep it from changing.

    the team just HAS to get back to that defensive intensity they used to play with, no easy baskets!!!

  10. we’re a defensive team first, and while ray allen isnt a great defender, hes better than eddie…I deffinetly dont think its gonna happen unless he went to doc and brought it up

  11. I mentioned that they should do this a while ago. Great idea, also having walker and giddens join the team is another great idea. This should give the starters some rest and the bench some eagerness to step up or else they may lose playing time.

  12. There’s no need for major changes. This team is the defending champs and still the best team in the league. They don’t need to change a huge part of what they do.

  13. i would love it if it weren’t eddie we were talking about and we cant do it with TA because then we have three guys who cant shoot in the starting lineup

    damn, I wish we had a young hot-headed stud on the bench earning playing time on the perimeter, then this would work

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