Another Late Fade

For a while there, I thought the Celtics were playing well enough that this game could end up as a win for them, even if they lost.  Now, it’s just a loss.  Instead of making this a heavyweight match that went to the end, they got knocked out (again) halfway through the 4th quarter. 

This difference in this game came from behind painted lines.  The Celtics were outscored by 12 points at the line, 9 point from beyond the arc (C’s shot 26% from 3, Cleveland 50%).  That’ a 21 point difference in a 15 point game.    

Celtics drop another one, 98-83.  If you’re counting, that’s 4 in a row, and 7 of 9.  The Cavs are 19-0 at home.

(Box Score  |  Recap)

Other thoughts:

  • Paul Pierce, who had been trying to carry the Celtics through this horrible stretch, struggled mightily.  Meanwhile, LeBron was out of his mind.  He had 38, Pierce had 11 on 4-15 shooting. 
  • Gabe Pruitt didn’t look bad in this one.  He over-pursued on defense a little bit, which made him very susceptible to the cross-over dribble.  Still, I thought he did well enough 
  • I really want to punch Anderson Varejao in the mouth.  I just feel like he deserves it.  So imagine how much it pained me to watch his butt-ugly jumpers falling.
  • Why, when the Celtics gave up at the 4:00 mark, did they continue the “hack-a-Ben” thing?  
  • Looking at the teams’ records, it’s easy to see how fatigue might be setting in for the Celtics.  Each team has 29 wins, but the Celtics hav 3 more losses.  The Celtics schedule will ease up, eventually.
  • I know I’ve said this before, but every time I see Zydrunas Ilgauskas I think he’s about to put Steve Buscemi into a wood chipper.
  • Is McDonald’s the only company in America that still has an advertising budget?  I see that guy drop a pancake on the floor in every show I watch.  From the Celtics to Grey’s Anatomy (ummmm… I noticed it while my wife was watching it)

32 Responses

  1. Hate the hack a Wallace were better than that,it made me sick!!

  2. Sheeesh….when’s the break happening? A moist oasis in the distance….can we make it that far?

  3. Sure could use a cheerleader ’bout now :)

  4. Have you noticed the team isn’t taking it to the hole like it used to? PP used to get a lot more foul shots. Only Powe seemed to be effective underneath and they did not play him enough. They need to ride the hot hand and be willing to pull the cold one. Not going strong there is a sign of fatigue.

    I am sick of House. Rather see Pruitt or one of the rooks there more often when the game COUNTS.

    Where is the swarming defense of last year?

    Can’t wait for break

  5. I think the Cavs will probably win it all this year. They’re playing the best combined offense/defense in the league.

    – Paul seems sick to me… or depressed… or both. Nowhere near what he was last year.
    – Ray’s in a slump.
    – Rondo simply sucks now. Scared, tentative, BAD.
    – Eddie got hot when the game was out of reach. That means it’s a mental thing (of course, it always is) so maybe he needs a shrink, or a brain transplant.
    – Speaking of brains, don’t let Tony Allen back in the game until he grows one. I.e., get rid of that moron.
    – Big Baby and Scal — uhh… they’re FAT. What the hell?!? What are they doing on a championship team? But, if they lost weight (40 lbs for Scal, 50 for Davis), they might be good players.
    – POB and Pruitt need to play a LOT more minutes, now.

  6. DRJ…. dead wrong on Pierce… where’ve you been this whole season?

    The real problem tonight was free throw attempts… PP, KG, and Ray combined four just four FT ATTEMPTS… that’s not blaming it on the refs, that’s just to show the “pussy” mentality the Celtics have been playing with lately.

  7. Also, John and Chuck, ever since you became sell-outs and took down the forums, the Celtics havn’t won a game. Thanks for that.

  8. DRJ…Cavs wouldn’t go 5 with the Lakers…you guys just officially suck…what an embarassing 4th…Pierce should be ashamed…

    That loss to the Lakers was the end of your short lived dynasty…that’s what happens when an all-star team of vets wins it all…once it gets tough again, the hunger is gone…and I don’t think Apollo Creed is gonna be there to help you get it back…

    “Its over Johnny!”

    Gloves are off…start rebuilding Danny-boy!

    Go Lakers!

  9. Where has the defense gone that we were known for? We are getting lazy, turning the ball over, and getting out-hustled. Here’s what we’ve been giving up in opponent FG% and OUR OWN turnovers:
    Los Angeles: 46.2%, 18 TO
    Golden State: 45.8%, 23 TO
    Sacramento: 27.9%, 14 TO
    Portland: 45.2%, 13 TO
    Washington: 38.3%, 18 TO
    New York: 41.5%, 14 TO
    Charlotte: 48.1%, 18 TO
    Houston: 48.6%, 11 TO
    Cleveland: 50%, 16 TO
    Our entire team strategy revolves around defense. When your shots aren’t falling, you just tighten the D and cause turnovers and quick baskets. Right now, everyone is playing “Celtics Defense”…except us.

  10. Things arent working things need to be fixed players need to be benched or coachs need to be replaced i love doc but ive never been over impressed with his game plans or player rotations.
    Is doc a coach or just a figure head lets shake up the starting lineup.They need to sign someone anyone they really need a pj brown and a james posey.Biggest mistake not resigning posey.

  11. Please don’t give the Laker fans an even worse name than they already have inferno. Please.

  12. Another “confetti game” for a Celts opponent – save it until June.

  13. Id like to see O’Bryant take Big Baby’s minutes.

    Davis has not been effective at all lately, and he doesnt have the length to provide the help D around the basket

    Plus, i cant remember the last time i saw him in the paint on offense, all he wants to do is shoot jump shots; and while he is a “supposedly” good shooter he doesnt show it in the games

    and there is no way at any point the rest of the season should doc play big baby and powe together; they arent big enough, and are rebounding and defense goes to shit when they are in at the same time

  14. They might not make it to June if they continue to play like this.

  15. papa irish>>>>> I could not AGREE with you more!!!
    Well said!!

  16. lol inferno…you truly know nothing about basketball if you seriously think the celtics need to start rebuilding.

  17. Good point Tim. Lately I’ve been looking for the forums and I can’t find them. Maybe if we bring them back the C’s will start going on a winning streak. PLEASE BRING BACK THE FORUMS!

  18. You guys relax, yeah we are in a slump right now, but this team has nothing to really get up for right now and they lost their intimidation factor over the league so they can’t just go to games and win. They are still much better than pretty much every team in the league, and they can and WILL right the ship. We lost to the hottest and best team in the league at the moment. It’s not that big of a deal, they will band together and they know they are unbeatable when it counts. The schedule will ease up, the all star break will come, and they will finish the season on fire, I hate seeing some of these fans already thinking this is the end of the world, we are the champs, relax.

  19. Oh and inferno, the cavs would demolish the lakers… The way I see it, this is a two team race for a championship, and its between the celtics and the cavaliers. Lakers most likely won’t even come out of the west, and if they or whoever does, they don’t stand a chance, the East has the two best teams in the league

  20. for the idiots out there blaming this on specific players, just stfu, we win and lose as a unit….and for the other idiots calling out BBD and glorifying Powe have little to no basketball IQ..Powe Has regressed, BBD is a better defender, passer, shooter, screen setter…Powe is a black hole who has regressed dramatically…he had a good game in the finals, thats irrelevant now…the kid looks like an idiot out there right now, maybe Patrick should be taking his minutes a-holes

  21. how about adding carlos delfino who said to be looking for a team in the nba, he can be this years posey – great shooting and some good D.
    and why not trade tony allen to OKC for joe smith? tony is just no a championship matirial

  22. Tonight’s game was painful to watch, we were playing like we were the Thunder: badly. I’m now officially start to think that someone must be traded or fired, we can’t go on like this. We ain’t gonna win no title keeping on with this lineup… probably we wouldn’t even make it out of the first round… I don’t know what to do, if the right thing is to give the starters some game off, to give the rookies big minutes, to sign someone… but right now, something must be done.

  23. How come Sam-I-am doesn’t play? He could give the 2nd unit some points off the bench (and we really need that). When the big 3 sat down, I was waiting for Bill Walker to get some pt (and perhaps a throwdown on Hickson). Just some momentum/swag going into the next game. Then Hack-A-Ben came along…

  24. Yeah Tim, the Celtics said “Oh crap, that website took down the link.” That’s the problem.

  25. Scott…the Celtics core is old…in basketball years, they are old…KG played since high school…even worse…Ray (although a great shooter) has played old since college and Pierce with all his stabbing and gunshot wounds, has to be feelin’ it…after that its a bunch of role players…Danny better start trading for some young talent…

    Double Pepper…you have the brain of a walnut.

    On the other hand…the Captain, some coke and a few limes I know did a number on me and a few friends (Celtic fans)…so I may have been a little “emotional” last night…

    Go Lakers

  26. First off, The Celts are in a deep funk. All teams go thru this. I’m not saying it doesn’t suck because it does, but the Celtics will get back to form I’m really not worried about the Celtics in January.

    I’m glad everyone wants the forums back, but if you talk the talk you must walk the walk. In other words go and participate in the forums.

    p.s. I wonder what JTB is doing without the forums?

  27. nothing to worry about, i think they key to ending this slump is for ray to hit some of his shots..if you guy’s remember last year when they interviewed the “big three” they asked who would you want to take the last shot.? it was ray..they feed off him..they feed off his shooting.

  28. Ok I have calmed down its a long season and better to go thru this early and work it out then to have it happen at the end of the year. Its clear that Doc. has to use his bench more and hope they improve by the playoffs. Ray will find his stroke again and as was said that opens everything up. Long live Ainge vote for rondo Go Celtics!!!!

  29. Idiot, you took my message completely the wrong way, i in no way blame any loss entirely on big baby,

    and i in no way have ever glorified leon powe, in fact i really said nothing about

    listen i love Big Baby as much as any celtic fan, but the fact is that he and powe are both undersized posts and he rotation where doc has them in the game at the same time is part of the reason that are second unit is hurting us so badly

    they simply do not have the ability to guard another team that has a true power forward or center

    now the reason i say play o bryant over big baby is cause at the very least POB gives you length and size on the court, not to mention hopefully another shot blocking presence

    and i say keep powe in the game because, face it big baby does not help this team as much as leon does right now, on defense he probably is a better on the ball defender of bigger guys than powe, but what powe lacks in shot blocking ability he makes up for y consistently taking charges while rotating over

    and on offense there is no contest, leon gets to the foul line, gets second chance points, energy baskets, and has actual post moves that we have seen; the closest big baby’s been to the basket this year is when one of our guys is shooting free throws other than that he wants to play offense like ray ray and eddie,

    and as far as his shooting goes davis is a regular danna barros, he is a warmup shooter, never make it in the games, in fact he looks scared to shoot, which is probly causing his poor shooting to begin with, regardless i will not accept the statement big baby is a good shooter until he starts making them in the games

  30. […] huge victory ESPN Roundtable:  The Boston Celtics – Cleveland Cavaliers showdown Red’s Army Another late fade Courtside View Tip of the cap to old friend Chris Wallace on Miles signing Lex Nihil Novi How […]

  31. come on you guy’s, leave big baby alone.! remember we are not the same team as last year.! we lost some good players..posey..cassell (doesn’t play)..and brown..combined thats about 25 years worth of big game experience.!!all these road games have to be taking their toll.!you know what it’s like when your legs feel like rubber…i think when ray starts hitting shots it will loosen things up….then teams won’t pack it up inside so much.!!i agree with you pappa irish, lebron has our swagger now.i don’t like it either.!!

  32. Hey inferno – not cool with the Pierce Stabbing wounds comment and no body got shot okay. Maybe its time for your medication or your cokaine with lime. Yea, its obvious Celts have older players and it could be our last run at the title – we know so what’s your point. Don’t get too ahead of yourself with your Laker love because what goes around comes around.

    P.S. Do you really think Lakers can beat Cavs in 5 if you played them in the finals? Really? Come on man.

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