Shoulder Issue For Rondo?

Frank Dell’Apa reports

Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo’s left shoulder was wrapped after the team’s Friday morning shootaround. But Rondo said he would start the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“This is a big game for us,” Rondo said of Friday night’s matchup. “We’re struggling right now, and if we can get a win, it can get us back jump-started, as well.”


28 Responses

  1. It is cold and snowing here in Cleveland I’m thinking Boston will win by 8 i got my (redsArmy Loyal Member shirt) on and i will be in Section 100 row 30 seat 3 I’m 4 beers in and i like the C’s chances. Sorry i did take kobewearsapurplethong but my mom said i should not meet men over the internet. GOOOOOOOOOO CELT’S

  2. Rub some dirt on it and dust it off Rondo – 3 hours away from Game time – Good work JesterOO drink one for me and start chanting “Pierce’s better” Da Da – Da Da Da!

  3. We have to have a call-in show just so I can hear Jester’s voice. Dude is amazing.

  4. No problem Jesteroo, I wouldn’t take me either! Don’t get so drunk you don’t remember the game! And give Lebron a nice loud “WHERE’S YOUR MOMMY???!!” for me. Have fun pal and GO C’S!!

  5. I think Rondo can really get at Mo Williams on both ends of the court. Hopefully he does so.

  6. I’m 8 brews in, I’m leaving now hotel secuirty just knocked on my door and asked me to stop yelling “Peirce is better Da Da – Da Da Da!” Go Celtic’s full update Sat afternoon if i make it.

  7. Right on!

  8. End of the 1st qr – Cavs scoring at will – Celts down by 10 – PP has 2 pts???? WTF – Perk’s shoulder is a problem again and Rondo got his faced mashed at the horn. We need stops and run the ball.

  9. At the half Celts down by 9, we are lucky not down by 29. We need STOPS!!!! Pruitt looks a lot more comfortable on the floor.

  10. I’m gonna say it right now. Nobody’s gonna like it.

    Before his value goes any lower:


  11. We look terrible, i dont know of our offense or defense looks worse; either way it doesnt look like celtic basketball

  12. Thats just stupied. Ray Allen is fine. nobody was compaining when he was shooting lights out earlier this year.

    Rondo needs to take it to the hoop! GO PERK!!

  13. Ray is forcing up shots because we don’t have good ball movement. PP has to get in attack mode and get to the line for us to have any hope. Cavs are getting to anywhere they want on the floor. Need STOPS!

  14. C’s are more agressive in this quarter but they continue to turn the ball over.

    1) Van Gundy just said that Lebron is better than Larry Bird, with no qualifiers. He should be fired immediately.

    2). Lebron can’t shoot jumpers. Why does everyone overlook this obvious weak spot in his game?

    3). NO ONE should ever doubt KG’s heart. He’s been the lone bright spot in this recent losing streak.

  15. 4) Rondo didn’t touch Lebron. Absolute horseshit.

  16. What’s your take on Rondo? I am not pointing the finger just at RR but man he is hard to watch sometimes. See those dumb turnovers, no J’s, and free throw misses. Man, I like RR but he stresses me out.

  17. Yup, that was a BS call

  18. Doesn’t look good man – Cavs turning up their version of the Celts D. Down by 12 starting 4th qr.

  19. We need Pierce to step it right now!

  20. No doubt about it

  21. Verajao is the biggest flopper I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s so annoying. Perk take him out please

  22. We are LeBron’s little bitch out there. The man is simply the best player on the planet. That said, the Cavs learned a lot from us last post season. We are playing like sissies, but they are playing like men also.


    Patience, right?!

  23. has the team lost it’s heart? Where are the clutch shots? Why is Paul Pierce not going to the hole and getting fouled? How long is this team going to play House who is not hitting shots?

    Where is the swarming defense of last year?

  24. This is horrible.

  25. Well your not going to be able to contain lebron anymore, which is why we would of had to win that game with our offense. Our offense was garbage and the D was no better, lebron played unbelieveable and we seriously looked intimidated by them. I dont like that at all

  26. Was it just me or we didn’t double up on HGHLebron all night long? PP couldn’t get off his shot because of the Cavs sticky Defense. Remember ECF last year when HGH touched the ball he would be doubled team Every time. Our 10th straight lose at the Q – We have made teams look like champs the last 16 games. It has to end at some point.

  27. Nobody’s collapsing on Rondo when he drives anymore, and he’s not adjusting to it, hence the increased number of mid-air passes lobbed into traffic. Rondo had 13 assists tonight, but he had next to no success when the Cavs had their defense set. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if something was wrong with him, physically or whatever.

  28. i be hammered i will fill u in later by all

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