This Lost Its Luster

A week ago, I was all pumped up for our biggest test of the season.  Now, I’m not sure.  All of a sudden, the Celtics are going in as underdogs.  It’s almost a reversal of how the Celtics went into the Lakers game.

Call me crazy, but this could be the kind of game that energizes a tired Celtics team.  Maybe they truly are becoming the Pistons of a few years ago… a team that plays to the level of their competition during the regular season and turns it way up come playoff time.

This game can turn into a statement.  If the Cavs come out and blow the Celtics doors off… then they’ll assume the mantle of “team to beat.”  If the Celtics come out and win… or lose in a hard-fought battle… then all this “free fall“…  “what’s wrong with the Celtics” … and flat out being the butt of jokes stuff can go away.  I won’t even consider the possibility of the Celtics going in there and blowing them out.


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  1. I really was looking forward to this too. I used to think the C’s had a great chance of winning any game. Now I think they have a great chance of loosing any game. It makes me sad to watch them lose. But it makes me mad to see uncontested lay-ups, lazy turnovers, and half-hearted rebounding. What’s so frustrating is that we know how good they can be. But I’m beginning to wonder if they do.

  2. Perfect time for a gut-check game like this – don’t get lost in the trees, Celts fans. No trophies given out in Jan.

  3. Chin up.

    This is the game the Celtics need to win, so let’s approach it that way.

  4. thinking back to a couple of years ago, and then reading that butt of jokes link actually made me laugh

  5. Since Xmas day our Celts have struggled in all aspects of the game. I will be shockingly happy if we can pull out a W tonight at the “Q”. I know, I know its early in the season but It will be devastating to lose tonight. Winning is the only option – Bring our A game on both ends of the court and we can win period. Need our swagger back before we take off to Toronto.

  6. The Celtics are fine. I’ll say it agian this team was killing the NBA all last year and went on a 19 game win streak not too long ago. THEY DIDN’T ALL OF A SUDDEN LOSE IT. Its just a rough patch of games. All teams go thru this.

    However what I do want to see today is Pierce as the Go to guy. We’ve been lacking a go to guy in this losing skid. He needs to step up and be the PP that we know!

  7. Tiredness is no excuse. Every team in the NBA has a schedule similar to every other team. They’re all working hard. So the Cs have had 2 more games than most.. so friggin what?!?

    Doc must shoulder most of the blame for the current skid. For one thing, he kept playing Tony Allen as if he were a good player. Excuse me?! The guy can’t shoot worth a damn, loses the ball regularly, can’t pass, and worst of all, he is seriously STUPID. Doc’s idea of a CHAMPIONSHIP team’s second lineup includes… Tony Allen-The-Idiot and Scal The-Fat-And-Slow. What the hell?!? (Seriously, I don’t think there’s another NBA team that would keep these guys on their roster, much less give them minutes.)

    Doc must have had a stroke or something, because this makes NO sense at all. Meanwhile, an apparently GOOD player like Pruitt sits on the bench, and two hotshots like Walker and Giddens have been in D-League. This is absolutely Doc’s fault. Guy’s got a lot to learn about how to manage a team. Somebody needs to sit down and talk to the man (or punch him in the gut till he says ‘OK, I GET IT’).

  8. G4L…wow…finally someone admitting PP needs to step up and stop the bleeding…I’ve been saying it for a week…

    Don’t know why its so hard for you guys to admit…

  9. Doc’s a stubborn SOB (note refusing to play Gomes and Rondo two years ago) and so it was with gifting TA all the minutes and burying Gabe on the bench. Only injuries force Doc to do the right thing and give somebody else a chance.

    We lose tonight and it’s more of the same. We win and we just wash all of the crap of the last two weeks off of us and we’re excreting diamonds.

  10. Are the rooks back? I’d like to see some energy and heart off the bench. Maybe a little time for this lineup-Giddens, Walker, Pruitt, Pierce and KG?

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