You Know What? Go Ahead And Vote Yi!

You know, I’ve been too hard on Yi Jianlian.  The guy’s got a feathery touch.  He can get in an rebound.  He’s on fire (20, 22, and 13 points in his last 3 games).

And… if he makes it, then maybe KG can get a few days off to rest.

Yep.  I’m reversing course.  Looking at the latest All Star voting numbers, only 150,000 votes separate Yi from KG.  And considering what this team is going through lately, I think the best thing for the Celtics would be some time to relax and get ready for the important part of the season.

So go ahead, Vote Yi!.  Vote Ridnour if you want.  I don’t care anymore.  6 losses in 8 games have completely changed my tune.  Un-stuff those ballot boxes Boston!!  We can do it.

Just to show I’m putting my vote where my mouth is, here’s my East roster:


The Darius Miles saga is getting bizarre.  Yesterday, everyone found out that the 6 preseason games he played with the Celtics count towards the 10 he needed to count against the Blazers salary cap (a cool $18 mil).  He played in two more with Memphis, so he only needs two more.  So to discourage any NBA GM’s from signing Darius and playing him just to screw their cap, the Blazers did the obvious thing:  They’re threatening to sue… sending out a note that includes this:

“Please be aware that if a team engages in such conduct, the Portland Trail Blazers will take all necessary steps to safeguard its rights, including, without limitation, litigation.”

This is gonna get good.  I’m glad the C’s could do their part.

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8 Responses

  1. best idea you ever had! lats get KG out of there…

  2. Wow my votes for Luke are making a difference.

  3. I’m absolutely loving the Darius Miles situation. Just loving it. You have to know that Utah and Denver are considering signing him to a 10-day contract and playing him twice, just to bury their division rivals.

    Essentially, if Darius plays in two more games, Portland gets nailed with $18 million, which means they cannot sign any big free agents because they will be broke.

    This is awesome. C’mon Utah… pick him up for 10-days and play him twice!

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  5. And to think Stern never gave the Celts salary-cap relief after Reggie passed, but Portland gets it because one doctor says Miles can’t play anymore (yeah I’m still a little bitter about that one).

    That email from Portland is ballsy – some team is gonna call their bluff.

  6. Man, I miss Reggie Lewis – I still remembered how he schooled the other Reggie (Miller) back to back years in the 1st round of the playoffs in the early 90’s. RIP #35 – In my opinion I don’t think Portland is bluffing – Miles get ready for a long long vacation because no team will want to pick you up and risk losing their business relationship with Portland for years to come. Yi, Yi, Yi, now I can truly say the online voting is joke.

  7. no lebron starting?? (whiiiiiiiiiiiistle) that’s pretty bold

  8. Grizzlies just re-signed Miles!

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