Thinking Of It’s Working Up My Appetite

I know it sounds kinda crazy…

Maybe you think I’ve got mental problems…

But I’m looking forward to a little afternoon delight tomorrow in Toronto.  This crap has gone on long enough, dammit.

The Celtics are still a great team.  The Celtics are still one of the best teams in the NBA.  How good are the Celtics?  Well… let’s look at everyone’s records:

  • Cleveland:  29-6
  • Lakers:  29-6
  • Orlando: 29-8
  • Boston:  29-9

Notice what we all have in common?  29 wins.  This ridiculous 9-game stretch only served to bring the rest of the pack to us.  We’ve played 3 more games than Cleveland and LA… so you know they’ve got a stretch coming where they’ll fade after a few back-to-backs.

History never lies.  And history tells us every team will hit the skids at some point.  We’re doing it now.  They’ll do it later.  Which would you rather have?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going jogging.  Or yogging.  I’m not sure what it is, but it involves running for an extended period of time and it’s supposed to be wild.


36 Responses

  1. this team looks like it needs a break and some practices to get their swagger back

    cause last night lebron had all the swagger, i dont like that thats supposed to be OUR thing

  2. Another redsarmy excuse jus say celtics are tired.u guys can never tip your hats to the better team.lakers didnt go 2-9 at any point last year theyre a better team this year whamakes you think theyll do it this year. .

  3. Maybe not 2-9…. but they’ll hit a rough patch at some point.

  4. Boston didn’t go 2-9 man

  5. I believe Calderon is out tomorrow which is a major blow to Toronto. I think a home and home sweep of the Teradactyls would be just what we need. I also believe the All-Star break will help with some much needed physical and mental rest. February will be crucial-we have twice as many road games as home games. The great thing is, if you look at the schedule, we have 2 straight weeks of home games in April. We only have 2 road games the whole last month. I haven’t stopped believing-I’m on this bus until the wheels fall off.

  6. Ron: San Diego, it stand for “Whale’s Vagina”

  7. I think its time for danny to call his old friend kevin once again, lets face i he has a player that perfectly fits a dire need of the C’s and it would just be selfish of Mchale to keep him all to himself and not share him with the C’s

    Its Obvious that Minnesota is not going anywhere this year and probly not the next either, and seeing how that minnesota is boston farm league and all, its time to call up mike miller

    The guy loves playing D and can drain threes with his eyes closed, he would be a perfect replacement for that missing posey in all of our lives

    its also a big plus that Kobe hates him and he used to play with Pau, so i think i speak for all celtic fans when i say “Kevin its time to let mike free and buy him out” Its his time, much like it was KG’s time last year

    and while were at it why doesnt Sacramento go ahead and buy brad miller out to, then we could have a whole, miller time thing; think about it it would be spectacular

  8. I will admit it all the teams we’ve lost to since Xmas Day have been better than us especially Lakers and Cavs (As of today only). We hit a brick wall. Losing 7 of 9 was unexpected but it is what it is. Gauging from our performances recently we aren’t even close to title contenders level but C’s will play better soon. Laker & Cav fans want props for beating us once and judging us on this losing streak. Last time I checked this is January so keep it in your pants LA-LA M’fers. We got Orlando in couple of weeks that will be a good test and Lakers on Feb 5th – Payback is a bitch!

  9. Hey Fsantos33…how about tou let Boston get their swagger back and then you talk about beating LA and Orlando, cuz right now Boston can’t even beat the most depleted team in the NBA.

    I think the Celtics slowed down after they got their streak snapped. They played at such a high level in that 19 game stretch that they got discouraged after a few losses.

  10. We only have two problems right now: our offense and our defense. The offense grinds to a halt once the substitutions begin, with Ray the only credible threat. Leon works hard, but ALL his points are very difficult ones, usually off of second, third and even fourth tries. This is why the Marbury option intrigues me. These teams we’ve been losing to are not good teams (except CLE), but they are smart, and they’ve figured out that if they just play aggressive defense on the Big 3, they can lay off everyone else out there. No one else is a threat.
    Our defense will only get better when the C’s realize there is something worth fighting for. They proved they could win it all last year. They proved, with the streak, that it was no fluke. Now they are just mentally exhausted and have little motivation. Doc needs to light a fire. Maybe reminding them that we really only have this year and next year before our window closes might help.

  11. Chicago Bulls is probably the only team that hasn’t gone through a losing stretch when they won 72 games.

  12. look guys I’m a Lakers fan ,and I’m telling you that it’s still too early to make assumptions of who’s the best team.I hated the celtics when we lost in the guys have chance estill. After all what matters is June .after what you guys did to us we are hungrier then if it’s a lakers vs celtics final I feel confident we can now exploit ur team.

  13. Yea Lakers 24 7 we definitely need our swagger and confidence back before facing ORL and LA – We will see how C’s play the next few games.

  14. I’m sorry, im almost positive lakers wont go through a bad losing stretch like this, lakers know they are young and very talented, they called a TEAM MEETING twice already this year,once of which was after the back to back loses and after that they starting playing well. Celtics are tired, Ive said this time and time before its not a slump, its fatigue,you dont win 19 in a row and then just suddenly go 2-9 or what ever it was. That lakers game which they lost in also took some of the swagger away, dont fight against it, you know its true. But dont even trip, because the celtics will still be fighting for that 1 spot with the cavs at the end of the year.

  15. doctor hardwood, are you kidding me? yes, the celtics proved they could win last year, but the 19 game winning streak doesn’t prove they will win it all this year. it’s funny how you guys keep saying that these games don’t matter too much since it’s only the regular season, but now you are arguing that winning 19 regular season games in a row are enough to prove they can win it all this year? remember guys, as you guys have been saying over and over again, it’s only the regular season. nothing is decided in the regular season. make up your minds guys, don’t flip flop. call me doctor hardwood when this celtics team goes on to win 6 championships in the next 10 years. then i will agree with you that this team wasn’t a fluke. one or two championships doesn’t cut it in a decade.

    all i know is that every top team in the league sucks. cleveland sucks, lakers suck, orlando sucks and celtics suck even more. the bulls would have dismantled any of these teams with little effort. 72-10 remains enshrined in bulls glory.

    bulls still hold the best record in league history. bulls had the best duo in league history with jordan and pippen (sorry shaq, i disagree with you saying that you and kobe were the best duo). bulls had the best player in league history. bulls, bulls, bulls. gosh, they are just the best! everyone else can bow down to them begging for mercy. MJ will just drain the game winning basket in your face every time you beg for mercy. just ask bryon russell.

  16. Look, MJ’s Ambassador, I didn’t say the streak proved they would win it all again this year. If you had read the entire post you would have seen that I was making a point about motivation. Last year the C’s were motivated to prove they could win it all. This year they came out of the gate motivated to prove it wasn’t a fluke. Their intensity was there, and they won 19 in a row. Now they are playing like they have nothing to play for.
    I’ve never said this years’ C’s will win again. I’ve never said they would challenge the Bulls. And I’ve never asserted that they will win 6 Championships in 10 years. In fact, had you actually read the entire post you would have seen me opine that the c’s have only a very slim window left to win it all.
    Now go watch your ’90’s Bulls videos in peace and stop worrying about people challenging your team.

  17. Well MJ’s Ambassador… considering your team has utterly sucked for its entire existence except for that one stretch, I can understand that you want to live in the past.

    But do yourself a favor… live in the past on someone else’s site. Comparing historic championship runs against a franchise with 17 banners, and 8 championships in a row is just a losing battle. Our team has almost 3 times as many titles as your team.

    So enjoy your 72 wins against the worst competition in NBA history. It’s pretty much all you got.

  18. well redsarmy… it seems like the celtics have been living in the past too much as well. now this is a good point brought up by a lakers fan that if you consider modern history (not ancient), say since the 80s, the celtics have won a whopping fourteen (i mean, measly four) championships, while the lakers have won eight. so you can make the argument that the more successful franchise in modern history (notice i said modern, not ancient) is the lakers. obviously, i am not the only one living in the past as well. your beloved celtics have also suffered from that symptom. but even the lakers recent success is unimpressive, since they needed almost three decades to get eight championships. the bulls got six championships in one decade, and your four championships in the same timeframe is twice as unimpressive when you compare to the bulls. almost three decades, and they only have four championships to show for it? such a storied and superior franchise can only muster four championships in almost three decades???? even the spurs have matched the four championships that the celtics have won in almost three decades in just the last 10 years. sorry to tell you, but your organization is still living in the 60s, the only decade they dominated to a similar degree as the bulls. since the 60s, no one but the bulls have won 6 or more championships in a decade, not even the storied celtics franchise.

    in response to only having 72 wins, i got more than that. i have recent success. you guys have ancient success, rusting championship banners. the celtics are like the roman empire. once upon a time they were great, but not anymore. other franchises have had better success in recent history. the bulls just rule. they are the real deal. down with every other team. you shall all bow down to the bulls and MJ.

  19. Tell us how you really feel MJ – LOL

  20. “You shall all bow down to the bulls and MJ” Well, seeing as how the Bull’s entire success is based on a rookie and MJ runs the Bobcats organization, I really don’t think anyone will be bowing down to either of those two

  21. You are wrong JD – MJ did score 180 pts on us in 9 Ot’s in the 86′ playoff game (C’s won) so we should give the bull props right?

  22. Hey to all C’s fans on this post – LiL Bull Mj said we are like the ancient Roman Empire – Can you say Roman Empire 17 times for us pretty please?

  23. Look MJ, before you start running your mouth about MJ and the bulls, let the records show such, Celts 17, Lakers 14, Bulls 6. 6 bro, let me repeat 6. and you said “just ask byron russell” ?? are you kidding me, byron russell? what? is he the top defender in the history of the nba? cmon bro, MJ is great, but let it go. Bulls have their history, but they are NO WHERE comparison to the CELTS or LAKERS history. So, dont come in here telling us that the BULLS and MJ is all that. Learn your history, and also, do you really think the BULLS are ever going back to the elite dynasty they were once in??? please comon. Enjoy talking about MJ is the greatest and the BULLS were the greatest. But thats it. Chitown will NEVER be back. Boston and LA will run the NBA again. Again MJ learn your history.

  24. Its funny that MJs Ambassador hinges all of her posts on one person. All the Bulls and you have is MJ. Yes he may be the greatest player ever. But that still means that in the entire history of your organization you have 1 great player. Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, John Havlicek and Larry Bird. Thats four people I can name that are among the top 25 EVER and it took me 10 seconds to think of their names.

    Atleast if you were a lakers fan I could understand since they had Magic, Kareem, Wilt and Jerry West. The Bulls had 1 guy who was an amazing player and carried them to all of their success. Dont even bring up Pippen because he wouldve been a nobody if he didnt play with Mike. When MJ left so did all of your hopes. Enjoy your 72-10 and Luol Deng. Ill take our 17 banners and continued success with the new big 3.

    Eat it bitch.

  25. yea, you can say roman empire 17 times indeed. only problem is that in the last three decades, you can only say it four times. what happen to this superior franchise? i don’t think that four championships in that period of time is considered acceptable for the high standards that were established in the 60s. for a franchise of such stature, you can even say the celtics have underachieved as an organization in recent times. so do realize that if you boldly proclaim that i am living in the past with my bulls, then i can say the same thing about the celtics organization. they are so satisfied with what they accomplished in the 60s, that since then they forgot their winning formula that worked so well in that era. as for celts81, i will take my 6 fresh and recent championships over your rusty and dusty championships from the 60s. why even glorify those championships anymore??? that was like five decades ago. get with the times people. so you go ahead and eat it loser. just ask bryon russell how it tastes.

  26. i know its already 2009 but is last year really considered ANCIENT? yea if you would turn off espn classic for two seconds you might notice we’re the DEFENDING CHAMPS

    One can also argue MJ that without the tragic deaths of Len Bias AND Reggie Lewis the C’s would have gone on another dominating run that would have kept your boy MJ out of the record books and stuck with only 3 or 4 championships

    lets face it buddy the Lakers and C’s of the 80s would kill Jordans bulls, even Stern who everyone knows hates the C’s claimed that the 87 C’s were undeniably the BEST TEAM he had ever seen, and he was the #1 fan of the 90s bulls

  27. apparently “ambassador” means “dicksucker”

  28. hahaha its pathetic seeing this bulls fan trying to argue recent championships with the celtics.

    HEY how many rings do you have in the last year? oh thats none, your pathetic team didn’t even reach the playoffs and we are champs.. 17-6= 11, so in 2020 maybe we can have this discussion again, if derrick rose becomes the best player to ever be? haha your pathetic we are the most winning franchise in history, keep your 6 rings in the “expansion” era, your pathetic, and its not even worth arguing with you, laker fans can bring it harder, because they are at least in the double digits, patheticc and boring………….

  29. Don’t feel bad Mj my boys can be harsh – I am sorry – Noah is pretty good bro, LOL. Hey Double P be nice to our guests.

  30. MJ we are looking out for you man, I heard on the news there will be THUNDER storms coming through the city of Chicago. The storm is coming from OK City very violent forecast. Stay in doors my friend. Stay warm.

  31. len bias??? are you joking? MJ and len bias were on two different levels. len bias would be stuck looking up at MJ if he hadn’t passed away. again, i could see the picture in my head, MJ making the game winning basket over the outstretched arms of len bias. plus, larry bird, kevin mchale and all those celtics were already over the hill. len bias and reggie lewis would have come short time and time again against the best duo of MJ and pippen. and no papa, last year is not ancient history. the 60s and 50s are ancient history (sorry celtics and lakers). but are you really going to use last years championship to brag? i mean, serious, one championship in 22 years? are you seriously going to brag about that? this grandiose organization should have been able to muster more than one championship in 22 years, right? or have the standards of winning fallen that low for this organization?

    if you think about it, how does this organization go about winning eleven championships in such dominant fashion and in a very short time frame, to needing almost four decades to win barely six? then you had the lakers dominating in the 50s as well. there was no salary cap, luxury taxes or anything in those times. boston is a big market, so of course it was easy to bring in great players and pay them all without any salary caps, luxury taxes etc. that’s how the lakers and celtics dominated in those eras, and why they haven’t been nearly as successful since all those rules were put in place. the bulls overcame all those rules and limitations and still pulled off six championships in a decade. amazing, they are just amazing. the bulls, guys. the bulls.

    so in reality, all those championships in the 50s and 60s shouldn’t count. they should be invalidated, they are illegitimate. so the celtics should really only have six championships, the lakers only nine and of course my bulls would be tied with the celtics. only four championships away from having more championships than any other team. that’s the way it should be.

  32. Get some Coke and Lime like your Laker boy inferno – go to bed dude.

  33. no, i don’t have any celtic or laker boys. i only have bulls boys. all i am saying is don’t count championships before the 70s. so that’s how the numbers add up, six for celts, nine for lakers, six for bulls. so bulls would be very close to surpassing the lakers for most championships ever.

    i rest my case for tonight. by the way, i think you are actually hoping that i do get hit by lightning or something. no one wants to argue with me anymore. go bulls, you can overcome the celtics and lakers. goodnight everyone, sleep well.

  34. If you’re going to go back in history…. you’ve got to back to the beginning. You can set cut off dates to prove any point.

    So the Celtics have more championships than the Bulls in this Millenium. Woo friggin hoo.

    When you walk into the building, look up. We’ve got more hanging from the rafters than you do. Period. End of story.

  35. Okay, so we were the Roman Empire and now we turned into the United States….. you’re just the USSR.

  36. Bulls, Celtics, and Lakers. The bulls are identified with MJ so much that though they owned the 90’s their total history has to be third. The Celtics have the most banners but the Lakers are the winningest team in history. The Celtics rec’d most of their banners in an age when you only had to win 2 series to receive a title while the lakers won most of their titles when you have had to win 4 series. That is a big difference. The celtics lead the lakers 17-14 in titles. I guess you can make the argument for either team as the best in history. I would give it to the celtics right now only because you measure by titles but since they had an easier path back then and keeping a team together is so much easier then as suppose to now that 17-14 lead is a very narrow 3. Also, building a team is so much harder to bring a championship today than it was back then UNLESS of course you have a former Celtic (McHale) helping out his former team.

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