“Gotta Get That Look Back”

I think this video clip says it all.

While the Celtics have been struggling, the Raptors have won 4-out-of-5 (a stretch which includes wins over Houston and Orlando). According to the Toronto Star, a sore knee will keep Jermaine O’Neal on the bench but Jose Calderon (hamstring) practiced yesterday and seems close to returning.

I really don’t know what to expect from the Celtics. Prior to each game in this four game losing streak, I thought to myself “this is the game they turn it around.”

KG provides a little history lesson to all the haters prematurely digging the Celtics’ grave:

“I can remember when the Pistons in ’04 won, I remember they lost [eight of nine games]. That keeps coming to mind because of confidence, and when you’re rolling and when you’re rolling at the right time. We learned a lot about our team during these dark days here.”

In other words, this streak won’t mean squat come April, May and June. My memory is foggy, can someone remind me who Detroit smoked in the Finals that year?

As for adding another body before next month’s trade deadline, Danny Ainge tells the Herald’s Mark Murphy – there is “nothing even close” right now.

Links: Globe – Celtics Beaten, Not Defeated | Believe in Magic (Spears’ Notebook) | Herald – Rivers Staying Positive | Toronto Star: Sleepy Raptors Hope to Wake Before C’s | LA Times – Celts Crash, Burn on Way Back to Earth

After the jump, a Bucks dancer who loves to soar and a truly special treat – me and the Chief.



9 Responses

  1. Nice use of my Creed allusion to inspire your post…unfortunately most of the little Celtic Spawn on this site weren’t born when these movies came out…their history only goes back to the Jordan era…

    Can’t believe the Chief set aside Mary Jane long enough to take that photo…good to see your alive though…

    “My prediction…pain.”

    Chargers 11
    Steelers 10

  2. Little known fact, both Chuck and Parrish are standing in that photo. Chuck is 7′ 9″

  3. This year may not have a happy ending.

  4. Hey KG, who cares about the 04 pistons, whats your obsession with them? they also added sheed halfway though the year, good luck adding someone with that talent…why do you even bother talking about whos gonna miss the game? we havent been able to beat teams below .500 missing there best player…toronto owes us one and we’ll be lucky to win 2 of the next 4…get ready to get punked

  5. The C’s are by no means out of contention, but we HAVE squandered some considerable advantages from last year’s Championship. While Cleveland added Williams and the Lakers got Bynam back, we lost PJ and Posey and failed to add anything, really. We’ve also lost our “swagger” and the advantage of being the champs. Now teams not only know they CAN beat the Boston Celtics, but that they very well MIGHT. The slump has exposed our weaknesses for everyone to see, and we have taken a step backwards.
    That being said, I believe we can still “right the ship” and contend for the crown. But we must address the personnel and desire issues for that to happen. It will make for a very tense second half of the season for us fans.

  6. […] on an early game day Celtics  17 Who should be the all stars in ‘08-09? Red’s Army Gotta get that look back Thinking of it’s working up my appetite Perkisabeast The rally for Gabe continues And One […]

  7. actually, i think the celtics would have been the US if maybe they would have won about 8 to 10 championships in the last 22 years. i think a better comparison would be going from the roman empire to fascist italy under mussolini. mussolini wanted to bring back the roman empire, the glorious times when it was a great empire. ultimately, he flopped with that master plan. you can pretty much say that winning one championship in 22 years is also a flop for the celtics. they tried to bring back the glorious times and winning ways of the 60s, but instead they flopped too and only managed one championship in 22 years. today, the celtics are democratic italy, a country that’s less powerful than other european powers like germany (spurs), france (lakers) and the UK (bulls).

    redsarmy, i did give you reasoning why i felt the championships in the 50s and 60s shouldn’t count right? if you guys think that the championships in the 90s aren’t worth much because it was an expansion decade, then i can give my argument why i think the championships in the 60s were illegitimate too. but you see the reasoning behind those statements right redsarmy?

  8. seriously Ambassador can you pull an MJ and retire from this site, your annoying as shit

    just because they happened a long time ago doesnt mean they dont count

    i could make up anything to try to invalidate your 90s championship but i could care less yall won them lets leave it at that

    now the only thing C’s fans care about is righting the ship this year and trying to win number 18

  9. Losing Posey I think was a big loss because now when playing the lakers they can’t defend Kobe one on one while Posey seemed to contain Kobe.

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