Killer Ray

There’s one reason why the Celtics beat the Raptors today – Ray Allen (36 pts, 14 in the 4th, 8-10 3 FG)

The Celtics smacked around the Raptors for 3 quarters today, building a lead of 20+ points in the 3rd. But then it happened…the 4th quarter fade (Toronto outscored Boston 33-19 in the final 12 minutes). The lead dwindled to 5 until Paul Pierce hit a 21-footer with :40 seconds left (with the help of a solid KG pick) to secure the win.

Other observations:

Rondo (14 pts, 11 assists, 6 reb) looked pretty well for 3 quarters. His monster baseline jam was the highlight of the game. He seemed to disappear in the 4th however.

Scalabrine started for Perk who apparently woke up this morning with a sore shoulder.

Big Baby (11 reb) brought a lot of energy to the court today, too bad he couldn’t shoot (1-12 FG) to save his life.

KG had one of his worst shooting days in recent memory. 10 pts on 3-16 FGs.

Pierce (11 pts, 6 reb, 6 assists) suffered some type of leg injury in the first quarter but returned to play 41 minutes. Until that clutch jumper, he wasn’t really having an impact on the game.

“The fourth quarter they’re just falling apart emotionally and energy wise” – Tommy Heinsohn

Thanks to all who participated in our first live blog. It was a lot of fun and you can expect more.

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23 Responses

  1. “What have you done for me lately?” haha everyone was throwing ray under the bus last week and he carries this team to a win now.

    A game like this is exactly what ray needed to get back on track, and look for more hot shooting from ray this week he always carries up a huge game with good play for a stretch. Thank god we didn’t blow this game late

  2. At this point a win is a win. We couldn’t buy a shot in the 4th and the Raptors were blocking everything. But we hung in there, thanks to Ray. We should be blowing out teams like this, but I’ll take the “W” any way we can get it.

  3. I just realized we’re playing them again tomorrow. Duh, dumb schedule!

  4. If not for Ray’s ridiculously spectacular game, the Cs would have lost this one too. There are 4 basic problems:
    1) GLEN DAVIS IS NOT AN NBA CALIBER PLAYER. Period. Maybe if he lost 50 lbs and worked on his jump shot another couple of years, he would be ok. But the former is not going to happen, and the latter doesn’t matter anyway. He STINKS, and will always stink. Yeah, I know, he works hard, especially on defense. Hey, the guy would not make the roster of ANY other NBA team. What the hell is he doing on the Celtics?

    2) RONDO HAS TWO PROBLEMS: (a) He too often drives to a spot with NO IDEA of what he intends to do when he gets there. That’s just ridiculous. Have a plan, man, EVERY TIME. (b) Get a jump shot. He did not make one the whole game. Get Rondo a shooting coach and have him in the gym every day until he finishes 20,000 jump shots.

    3) THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH PIERCE. Even when he has had good games (and this was certainly not one of them), he has not had the energy, the force or the attitude he had last year. Something is going on with Paul… could be sick, hurt, insomniac, depressed, old, I don’t know. (There are times when Paul turns the ball over – which he has been doing in EVERY game, at least twice today – when it looks like he is TRYING to throw the game, it’s that bad.)

    4) DOC RIVERS NEEDS TO GET HIS HEAD EXAMINED. Is there another coach in the NBA who would give Glen Friggin Davis as many minutes as he got today? I don’t think so. The man cannot play the game of basketball. And he is certainly no athlete. WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING ON THE COURT?

    Misc notes:
    – Scal was a pleasant surprise; he’s a lot better than we thought (and smart, which is very important… witness the opposite with TA).
    – Would have been nice to see our rookies on the floor tonight. Especially when everybody else (except for Ray) ran out of gas.
    – KG is having his problems, but I’m not worried about him because he seems healthy, great fierce attitude as always, and he will always bounce back.
    – Seriously though, they need to find out what’s wrong with Paul. Full med workup, talk to him, figure out his sleep/rest patterns, the works.

  5. Pierce is perfectly fine, they are just struggling to get back that full confidence they had earlier on. It’s not always going to look pretty but he has been stepping up and hitting big shots for us throughout the season, I don’t see anything wrong with him.

    and it’s pretty obvious why Glen got so many minutes today, Perk was out and Scal (who played great) fouled out. Glen offers a better option that powe off the bench to me, yeah he struggled shooting but so did pierce and garnett. Glen is a smart team player, stop being so hard on him he just has some things to learn

  6. Sorry… Glen will never be a good player. He is too short for his position, and way too fat. And he has no shot (tho seems to think he does). These things are self-evident and (at least the first two are) not going to change. POB = a much better option when you need the inside presence. Patrick is good now, and has the potential to be great… which Big Baby clearly does not have.

  7. DRJ… again man, you’re way off base with your comments on Pierce. Relax.

  8. Tim, I hope you’re right and it’s just something minor with PP. But he is off his game, all year, and I think it’s best to check it out now rather than wait and hope for the best.

  9. ray allen is the only tite dude on the celtics i hate the rest

  10. Is Rondo a true point guard? I don’t think he has the instincts of one but he seems to be in the learning process. I don’t think he needs to have a plan when driving as much as he needs to learn the game of a pointguard. Are the celtics tired? old? both? That was a long season last year and I wonder if the increase in minutes for the big three will hurt them. I am wonder if the celtics should settle for a 4th seed and not try to burn themselves out to gain a 1-2 seed.

  11. Pierce looks a bit different from last year because he lost about 10 lbs trying to keep his body from going flabby. I agree that his explosive first step seems to be a bit off, but I don’t think he’s sick or anything. He’s not taking it to the rim as much as last year and consequently he’s not getting to the line as much. Last year he got to the line whenever he wanted to.
    I think he’s just pacing himself more this year.

  12. I know Ray had a huge day, but the only reason you ended up winning that game is the 20 footer PP hit to put you back up by 7…he misses that shot and Toronto scores, its a 3 point game and here we go again…

    Finally Pierce delivered.

    Looks like an all Pa. Superbowl is going to happen…Eagles -Steelers would be a hell of a game…

    Go Lakers

  13. Yeah… “finally” Pierce delivered. Because he never has before.

  14. actually, i would have to disagree with both of you. pierce has delivered in the past, obviously they won a championship and at some point he had to deliver a key basket. but of course, you just can’t compare pierce with MJ. MJ delivered time and time again. if you still don’t believe me, just ask bryon russell.

    this is good though, lakers and celtics fans can agree on something huh? the hate isn’t as intense as one would assume.

  15. NO one is trying to compare pierce with MJ shut the hell up, were not lakers or cavs fans that want to argue that Lebron or Kobe is better than MJ

  16. Inferno… get the hell out of here with those comments on Pierce.

  17. What the hell is the whole Paul Pierce depressed thing about! The guy was the Finals MVP, and he won a championship. He is currently the captain of one of the elite teams in the NBA. I really don’t see anything to really be depressed about.

  18. MJ’s Ambassador…who is talking about MJ. Stop living in the 90s and making random comments/comparisons to the Bulls dynasty/MJ. We get it; you liked the Bulls. That’s awesome. They suck now. Get over it.

  19. I don’t know if I’m the only one to pick up on this but Red’s Army was being insanely sarcastic with that comment, Pierce has been clutch ever since he’s been in the league, and still continues to be one of the most clutch performers in the NBA.

  20. I caught on to that, double P. It’s pretty funny what inferno said, considering that Paul has been way more clutch than Kobe throughout both their careers.

  21. back then in 03-04 the C’s were in a long losing streak, experts counted the off the playoffs. Until they won against the raptors on back to back nights and improved their record to make it in the playoffs.

    Maybe back to back nights against the raptors can have a good purpose.

  22. Pierce has always been clutch in his career.

    For the last week or two, his Kung-Fu grip has been pretty limp. I think he’s averaging about 13 PPG, and EVERYONE has been awful in the 4th quarter.

    I take back what I said last week. Don’t trade Ray. Just take more Road Trips to Canada. Clearly the man just needs more Canadian Stripper/Escort poonani more often.

  23. thanks for recognizing my sarcasm

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