The Rondo Dunk

That was nasty


17 Responses

  1. that was an incredibly stupid statement by the commentator. if i were playing rondo, i would gladly give up a dunk every 3 months in exchange for a horrible jumpshot

  2. About damn time Rondo – We need your aggressiveness it spreads like wild fire when you do.

  3. Im waiting for ambassador to come here and say, “yea nice dunk rondo but that doesn’t compare to anything MJ would have done, the C’s suck, MJ RULES”

  4. Don’t get MJ started Papa Irish LOL

  5. that was kind of sick, but not nasty. if you guys want to see some nasty dunks, i will get you guys the bulls championship dvds collection. there are some highlight dunks in there that i am sure you will enjoy with a bag of popcorn and a soda pop. let me know guys.

  6. MJ’s Ambassador….you take the cake for the person most constantly living in the past. Not only are you living in the past….you’re living in the mid-late 90s!


  7. Bring on your DVDs – This man was better in dunking Dominique Wilkins – He was robbed in Chicago Stadium. You know it so admit it man. Ain’t no stopping now Scott LOL

  8. You guys shold do another Liveblog soon! I’m pissed I missed the first one (the Scott in the Liveblog was an imposter one).

  9. What does it benefit a team when its point guard dunks once in awhile, if that point guard will not or cannot shoot the jumper? Answer: very little. Without a jump shot, the Celtics lose every time UNLESS the big 3 are hitting… at least one has to be hot, or 2 doing ok, for them to win. And with opponents leaving Rondo to guard others, it becomes ever harder for the big 3 to do their work.

    Bottom line: It is a joke, really, to have a team with a point guard who can’t shoot. Rondo today is the flat-chested Hooter of the Celtics… a walking contradiction, an oxymoron: A guard who can’t shoot. I know you will say that he did it last year, he has had some great games, he doesn’t NEED the jumper, etc., etc. Doesn’t need the jumper?? Yeah sure, like a Hooter doesn’t need tits.

    Here’s what to do: Pruitt starts. Rondo goes to the gym for 1000+ jump shots/day (that’s right, before and after games), with a shooting coach, and stays there until he’s ready.

  10. DRJ, seriously, shut up. You’re clearly an idiot. The Celtics wont the effing championship, with him leading the way in a couple games (see Game 5 versus Cavs, Games 2 and 6 versus Lakers). We all know he doesn’t have a jumpshot, but to say that we start Pruitt over him must be a joke. I guess you’ve already forgotten about the 19 game winning streak, that Rondo was the catalyst for? Yeah, ignore the good and overreact with the bad. Your practically a fairweather fan.

    And Rondo does many other things above average. He is faster than almost everyone else in the league, he’s superathletic, he passes very well (I’d say a point guard that can’t pass is a better analogy to the Hooters girl without tits). He defends better than any other point guard in the league, and he rebounds better than any other PG except Jason Kidd. No shit, of course he could use a jumper, but he’s a pretty damn good player with out one. I mean, jesus christ, he got a triple double, man! Rondo is just fine, his jumper WILL develop (Tony Parker’s J didn’t get good until a couple years ago), and you need to chill out.

    And what’s with this quote?:
    “Without a jump shot, the Celtics lose every time UNLESS the big 3 are hitting… at least one has to be hot, or 2 doing ok, for them to win.”
    NO SHIT: Generally, a team needs their best players to play well in order to win. If both Kobe and Pau Gasol are having an off night, the Lakers probably won’t win. If LeBron doesn’t have a good night, the Cavs don’t win. If Yao, McGrady, and Artest are off, the Rockets lose. Its not to much to ask for one or two of the Big 3 to get hot, so you have no point there.

  11. “It is a joke, really, to have a team with a point guard who can’t shoot.”

    Obviously the Celtics are not a joke, or else they wouldn’t be one of the best teams in the NBA. The Celtics didn’t lose 7 out of 9 games because Rondo doesn’t have a jumper. They lost, in part, because Rondo wasn’t as aggressive getting into the lane on a consistent basis. Then when he did get in the lane, he didn’t make good decisions. Do you even watch the Celtics games?

  12. Amazing how you just don’t get it JD. Rondo can’t get into the lane because defenses have learned that they can sag off him, help-defend other players, and still block his drive when he does come in. Why? Because they don’t think he’ll make (or even take) the jumper. This is a CRITICAL flaw in the Celtics, one which other teams have now TOTALLY figured out how to exploit.

    Of course, Rondo is still “pretty good”, as you say. But with his critical “no-tits” flaw unfixed, the Celtics will NOT be winners this year, or any year to come. The big 3 cannot carry the team in every game, only some games. Ray’s 36 points was his season high… you think he’s gonna hit his season high every game?

    Lemme tell you, Toronto played TERRIBLY on Sunday. Yet if they had hit just a few more shots, the Cs could easily have lost that game EVEN WITH Ray playing out of his mind. And had Ray not had his amazing game, they WOULD have lost for sure, even with the Raptors playing as badly as they did.

    Can’t live in the past. In the past, other teams had not yet figured out how to handle Rondo. Now they know. Cat’s out of the bag. Cs will go nowhere but straight down unless they figure out how to fix, or work around, their critical flaw of having a starting point guard who can’t or won’t make a jump shot.

    I’m telling you — guards BY DEFINITION must be able to shoot the ball. Whether they’re ‘point’ or ‘shooting’. That’s why Rondo is the walking oxymoron he is today… he is guard who doesn’t even fit the definition. Pruitt on the other hand can: handle the ball, shoot the ball, drive, pass, defend. Cs need to open their eyes before it’s too late… because too late is coming fast.

  13. 14 11 and 6 aint bad. Point guards are supposed to pass. Assists count for points you know.

  14. i remember rondo burning the lakers last years finals, i was cursing that green blur on every transition, a dude that fast that can finish in the lane is pretty nasty even if he can’t shoot.

    if he showed more consistency i’de think he sold his soul to be an all star. give him a few years and he’ll be there. i still expect brilliance from in the post season, some players just rise up and i have a hunch rondo is one.

    o btw kobe and pau shot for a combined 9-29, we still beat the heat :)

  15. DRJ, Rondo clearly can get into the lane, because teams have been sagging off of him for over a year now and he still gets into the paint. You’re being ridiculous by saying if a guard doesn’t have a consistent jumper, than he doesn’t belong in the league. You don’t seem to get that Rondo has other talents that more than make up for his lack of a jumper. Like I’ve said before, Rondo is really good without a jumper; he’ll be great with one. Stop with all this nonsense about benching Rondo for Pruitt: we all know Rondo’s jumper is awful, but you’re going completely overboard.

  16. Evidently there are some other people who don’t agree with you DRJ.

  17. DRJ, the Cavs figured out how to deal with Rondo last year, so did the Lakers and the Celtics were just fine. And Rondo was only in his second year; he’ll continue to improve. You seem to be blind to very other facet of the game besides shooting.

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