A Winning Streak

Anyone else drop their pipe and nearly light their smoking jacket on fire when Bargnani hit that three-pointer to force OT? Fortunately my cognac spilled amid the panic and put out the flames.

Seriously though, is anything going to come easy for this team? The Celtics overcame a 9 point halftime deficit with strong 3rd and 4th quarters. But in the final 1:30 of the fourth, they surrendered a 3-point bomb to Will Solomon, another jumper by Bargnani and following a Pierce missed free throw that could have iced the game, the Bargnani game-tying three.

But the Green came out with some passion in OT. Pierce nailed a 3 and a deep 2, Ray buried a 3 and then a triple-teamed Pierce found Leon for a layup. KG beat three Raptors for an offensive rebound on a missed free throw. The Celtics set a team record for points in an overtime – 22. In fact, they scored more points in OT than they did in the 1st and 4th quarters.

Pierce finished with 39 pts, 13-26 FG, 9 rebounds in 49 minutes. Not bad for a guy who wasn’t going to play due to sore knee. KG had 20 pts, 12 reb and 2 blks. Leon played a solid game too – 10 pts, 7 reb in 26 minutes.

Celtics 115 – Raptors 109 |Box Score | Recap


8 Responses

  1. some love for Scallie 11pts!!!!!!

  2. i like the lineup of the 4 starters and powe, hes hardly out there with the other 4 starters

    and i desperately hope that danny scouring the waiver wire, free agent list, and any trade scenario to fortify our bench

  3. Anyone else hear KG hum the Superman song in the postgame presser? Hilarious.

  4. haha what do you think of sending scal, big baby, TA, and giddens to Golden State for Magette?

    i dont know any C’s fan that would say no to that but i doubt the Warriors would go for it, the only reason they might want to would be to get out of his 5 year contract

    another option would be scal, TA, big baby, Giddens, and POB, to minnesota for mike miller

  5. you would have a team that looks like this: rondo/pruitt/cassell
    pierce/miller or magette/walker

    obviously then you would want to go out and sign ZO, horry, and Austin Croshere to replace scal

  6. thats like our entire bench for one person? haha seems a little desperate to me, remember we did win 19 in a row with these guys

  7. yea and houston won how many in a row last year? bottom line is a long winning streak doesnt automatically guarantee a championship; fortifying the bench though, that probably does

  8. Excellent game for the Cs. Best news: PP played like the Paul of old. Lots of energy, even after 50 (!) minutes. Said later he got extra rest, a massage, and hyperbaric chamber treatment.

    That last is interesting. It increases the oxygen carried by the blood (the O2 actually gets into the plasma as well as the red blood cells). Now it would help anyone feel a little better, but the dramatic effect it appears to have had on Pierce indicates that maybe they found him to be a little anemic. That would explain a lot, including his lethargic play in recent games. (It also causes insomnia, btw.) It’s possible he got a little anemic from dieting (badly) to lose the 10-or-so pounds he recently lost.

    Anyway, the great news from this game is that Paul is back, in full force.

    Rondo had a typical game. Scal and Leon were great. Pruitt did well in limited minutes. I’m just mystified over Big Baby getting minutes and O’bryant still sitting almost entirely on the bench. Doc’s a weird dude.

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