Big Baby’s Big Problems

Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

Kelly Dwyer on Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie just kills Big Baby today.

Now, while this may seem like a reaction to Davis’ 1-12 shooting night, you have to understand that I pride myself on trying to be even keel with these things. That said, Davis is killing the Celtics. Destroying this team.

His PER on the season is around 8, which puts him amongst the worst rotation players in the NBA, and PER doesn’t account for his defensive attributes. Which are awful. Ruddy awful. And I just refuse to buy the excuse that Doc Rivers can’t play Kevin Garnett and Leon Powe on the court together.

What’s interesting in that last link to, the best 2-man combo on the team is Brian Scalabrine and Ray Allen… so take that for what it’s worth.  But cruise down Big Baby’s line and the only real positive you’ll see is when he’s on the floor with Garnett.

I will echo one thing that was said in our live blog yesterday:  What did Leon do to not get minutes?


13 Responses

  1. I hope they trade him somehow

  2. I have to say I hope Ainge will make a move or two before the trade deadline – Its obvious our bench is weaker than other elite teams. Losing Posey was painful, T. Allen/Perkins injured, Sammy sitting, Baby development is suspect and PJ Brown retired, etc. Think of all the extra minutes our starters have to pick up. Hey Danny we need a shooter and power forward…something for our depth or else C’s will have a very difficult time down the stretch. Your thoughts?

  3. You can see all of his offensive problems right there in the picture: he’s as short as Jamario Moon (a shooting foward), yet he has no ups whatsoever, and he has short arms. Leon is just as short, yet he can jump well, and he has length. Unfortunately, I don’t think Big Baby will be able to do much in this league unless he can figure out how to consistently score around the rim without getting blocked.

  4. Give Baby credit he is nice energy player but that’s about it. With his height and weight he could have made a good linebacker in the NFL.

  5. I think, since they were looking at a back to back, Doc was saving Leon for tonight, re: his lack of minutes yesterday.

    And seriously, is Patrick O’Bryant that bad that he didn’t get a single minute, while Big Baby nearly lost us the game?

  6. One of the problems with big baby is that he is constantly on the floor with leon as the other post, that means docs playing not just one but two undersized powerforwards; so if the other team plays just two regular sized forwards we are at a disadvantage, and forget about it if they have a center in their

    I think Big Baby needs to go back and watch some sir charles vids, their are ways that big baby can be successful he just needs to find them; he is talented enough to get their

    that being said im not sure it will happen this year

  7. Yes Danno – PO’B is that bad. Even the Warriors gave up on him but Danny took a risk gave PO’B a second chance. I thought POB would excel playing with KG or at least learn something from him but it turns out he just isn’t a good player.

  8. @Dano

    I like that call on a back to back home/away, Powe is gonna get his run tonight. I’m interested to see what kind of #’s he’s gonna put up.

    look at Millsap out here. He’s a hustle, former collegiate rebounding champ, maybe a little undersized guy. Not really big, but long enough to challenge around the rim. That might be more of Powe’s ceiling, but who knows if he gets big minutes

  9. i just dont understand how Doc Rivers decided that Scall should start over Powe. All Scal does is foul. I guess maybe he matched up with Bargnani better but I just do not understand Scal’s role

  10. You know what I became a Celtics fan? Because they found a way to win WITHOUT the best players (big 3 aside of course). With no bench to speak of. I love that about them. But now I don’t know… now there are too many things working against them. It will be miraculous if they repeat, just amazing. Here’s hoping.

    – Our beast in the middle, Perk, now has a critical flaw. His shoulder. Did you see what caused his latest injury? An opposing player basically SLAPPED HIM ON THE ARM. That’s what threw his shoulder out again. Folks, if his shoulder is that delicate, then you have to believe that his playing days are now numbered. I don’t think we can count on Perk in the middle this year. Which is a huge blow.
    – Something is wrong with Pierce. Hopefully it’s short term, but who knows.
    – Rondo has that critical flaw of having no jumper. We got away with that last year and in the first 1/3 of this year, but other teams have now figured out how to exploit this flaw, and now they will all do it. If he does not start hitting jumpers, it’s gonna be very hard for the Cs to continue winning.
    – Doc really needs an imagination infusion. Start playing Pruitt and POB a lot more, put BBD on the bench and keep him there, minimize TA (especially in key moments), and start using your rookies more. Can’t just follow your original plan, Doc — I know that’s hard for you to do, but try.

  11. And Powe’s line with KG is twice as good as Big Baby’s. That’s why I threw that in there.

  12. “What did Leon do to not get minutes?”

    I’ve been asking this for two years. He’s been our best big man off the bench for a long time. He’s going to leave Boston after this year because of how Doc has treated him.

    Doc has always had it out for young, talented guys. Remember him yanking Big Al for Raef? Burying Rondo behind Bassy?

  13. PER..? Fucking stat geeks drive me nuts. Baby hustles, dives for loose balls and is a good dude. Go ahead and trade him for some pussy with a mediocre jumper.

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