Pierce May Sit

Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

The last time a teammate fell into Paul Pierce’s knee, he said he probably would have missed the next game if it was played on the next night.  Well… this one is being played on the next night, and there’s no guarantee Paul will play.  In fact, Doc said after the game yesterday that he was afraid to take Paul out for fear that his knee would stiffen up.

That video, by the way, comes from our friends at HoopsAddict.com.  They’ve got some very thorough notes from yesterday’s game as well.  Worth checking out.

So Pierce might be out… and we’re waiting for word on Kendrick  Perkins and Tony Allen too.  And say what you want about Tony Allen… we need him on defense.  He’s an adventure with the ball, but he might have been able to prevent some of those shots that contributed to the huge comeback.  But recent struggles aside, don’t expect the Celtics to rush anyone back right now.

“You’ve got to understand this is a long season,” Pierce said. “Every year there are going to be injuries. Hopefully, [Perkins] can get healthy, because we are going to need him in the long run. Obviously, you want to be healthy all [season] long. But the key is being healthy down the stretch run of the season and going into the playoffs, when it really counts. Now we are trying to get through the season with as many healthy bodies as possible.”

I’d like to thank Jessica Camerato for helping us out with the “Vote Rondo” campaign.  Here’s what I told her when she asked me why people should still vote for him, even though he’s got no shot at starting:

“It would be great to get Rondo’s name up there on the list just so voters in other cities can see and recognize it,” Karalis said. “Name recognition goes a long way. It’s why Allen Iverson gets so many votes even though he doesn’t really deserve them this year. It’s why Gilbert Arenas, who has played 13 games since the beginning of last season, is up there. Fans in other cities need to see Rondo’s name on the list so they can vote for him in the future. Besides, I think it would be a nice show of confidence from the Boston fans if he sees a surge in voting. He can probably use it right now.”

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  2. This means that bill and giddens have to get some minutes right? that should be interesting to see

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