KG Sings Pierce’s Theme Song

Hilarious moment from last night’s post game.  Very fitting, though.  Nice to see some vintage Paul Pierce in the second half last night.

(video from New England Sports Guy)


7 Responses

  1. That clip should really be played on the jumbo in the Garden any time Pierce comes up big near the end of the game. It could quite possibly give Gino a run for the money.
    Nice to see some levity from the guys again.

  2. YES. Perfect use for it.

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  5. Good to see the players having fun to loosen things up. KG, though, should not quit his day job ;-)

    SLAM, the team is no different than the one that won all those games in a row. The team is just fatigued. That can be the only explaination for them missing shots now that they were making early. The legs do not have the same lift. Defense has been softer lately, another sigh of fatigue. DOC needs to give the starters a day off now and then. Maybe KG’s injury lasy year was a blessing in disguise. It kept him from burning out too early

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  7. “Fuck it”

    Did anybody catch that at the end of the video? Or am i hearing things

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