The Bi-Curious Case Of Eddy Curry

eddy_curryCome on… that headline joke writes itself… because Eddy Curry’s driver is accusing him of sexual harassment.

A man who worked for three years as Eddy Curry’s driver is suing Curry, alleging sexual harassment and a failure to pay him tens of thousands of dollars.

In a lawsuit filed Monday in federal court, the former driver, Dave Kuchinsky, claimed that Curry, the Knicks’ center, owed him $68,000 in back wages and another $25,000 for charges made on Kuchinsky’s credit card. In the suit, Kuchinsky also described two incidents in which he claimed Curry dropped his pants and made lewd and suggestive remarks.

Curry steadfastly denied the allegations Monday. Curry’s lawyer, Kelly Saindon, called the allegations “preposterous” and added, “In my opinion, it’s extortion.”

Well… that’s a new one.


12 Responses

  1. I’ve got a buddy who works in the news realm that told me there was a blind item about a New York Knicks executive that is living an alternative lifestyle…

    …right around the time there was that bizarre overdose situation at Isiah Thomas’ home.

    I’m just sayin’.

  2. I’m cool with the alternative life style. But whipping it out (allegedly) and soliciting your driver for whatever he wanted is a bit much.

  3. Well the 25Gs on the driver’s credit card could only come from Fast Food drive thru’s…Guy’s got a case.

  4. Who cares? Too bad for D’Antoni… He’s a good dude who inherited a bunch of mentally-micro morons. Send Curry to the D-League where he belongs. Fat fu$&.

  5. I don’t feel so bad for D’antoni—it was hi$ choice to go to there…

  6. To be honest, I think D’Antoni has done a great job with the Knicks thus far….considering what he inherited.

  7. Apparently, the driver is a sketchy ex-con, with a 3 year prison term for burglary to his credit.

    Something tells me he’s making this up.

  8. With a last name of “Curry”, you know there are probably already jokes circling

  9. huh..? Curry-I don’t get it-it’s not that obvious-do you know more about that “lifestyle” titleisours..? lol jk

  10. Now I know why Marbury sat out… its not of the money or playing time or team politics it was because Curry has been looking at him like if he were his girlfriend. Barff

  11. Where was Rondo when this was going down?

  12. Sorry Kobethong, I gave that up for Lent. Don’t get your hopes up lol

    FYI Curry is an Indian Hot Spice

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