The Rondo Pose


I know Rajon is about to sign a deal with Nike.  I’d like to suggest the above as his logo.  Why?  Because every time I cruise through the web looking for Rondo photos… there are a million of him taking that same right-handed lay up.  The proof, after the jump.








6 Responses

  1. Thats true.. but I’de rather see the one doing the fake behind the back pass. Thats his trademark

  2. speaking of that G4L, he had a sick one last night. Nice applause the crowd gave Smoltz too.

  3. They need to remake those D-Wade commercials that had him always getting up off the court. Rondo is the only player i have seen that hits the floor more times than the basketball. They should just make a towel in the shape of his crumpled body so it would save the towel kids time in cleanup.

  4. Love the pose.

    And I hear ya Scott, but nobody took the beating Iverson got. He’d eat the floor all the time since he’d take 26 shots per game as opposed to Rondo’s 6-8 shots per…

    a behind-the-back silhouette would be tight on a shirt. More distinctive…you know you just got Rondo’d if you see that.

  5. @G4L–To me and my young boys, Rondo signature move is the “cuff.” Hands down its the most simulated move in our house, nerf ball or not.

  6. I can think of another pose…

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