They Haven’t Fooled Me

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

I’m thrilled that the Celtics have won two in a row.  I’ll take what I can get.  But I’m not fooled.  The Celtics haven’t fixed much.

Last night, I staked out my spot at the gym.  Right on the treadmill in front of monitor number 3.  I hit the start button at the beginning of the first quarter.  By the end of the quarter, the Celtics and I looked exactly the same.  Worn out.  Our shoulders drooped.  Our expressions were pained.  The difference, of course, is that I’m a 35 year old man who staked out prime couch space and ate two whole pies between Christmas and New Year’s while the Celtics are finely tuned athletes at the absolute pinnacle of their physical well being. Except they’re not at their pinnacle right now.  They’re tired.  Be it age, too many minutes, a grueling early schedule, or a combination of the three.  They’re just not themselves.

I’d be a bit upset of I was a Raptors fan.  I thought they were supposed to be more than primarily a jump shooting team.  I admit, I don’t get to watch any Toronto hoops other than when they play the Celtics.  But they seem to lack a bit of aggressiveness (until Roko Ukic went nuts).  I think the Raptors bailed the Celtics out of some tough spots over the past couple of days by settling for jumpers.  Maybe you can argue that the Celtics defense made them settle for jumpers… but I don’t think they were trying to do much more than that.

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  1. True, The C’s still didn’t look like the C’s of 2008, but they WERE hustling more and rebounding better. And they seemed to get better as the game wore on, instead of fading down the stretch like they have been. Maybe playing from behind all game motivated them some. The Barngiani 3 at the end of regulation was bad, and Rondo’s inexplicable inability to guard that little twerp Ukic made me wince, but at least we had guys step up at the end, instead of fading into the woodwork. We’re definitely not back where we need to be, but I’m encouraged.

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  4. I think they are back.

    Not all the way, but well on their way. Defensively they were cutting off penetration, and at least running the first two or three off their jumper. They are significantly undermanned, so some slippage is expected but the energy was good throughout the second half.

    By the end of the back to back with NJ, they will be back like Poltergeist II.

  5. Keep the Faith. This IS the best team on the planet. They hit a rough patch. They’ll sort it out.

    Anyone realize that Marbury ruined the team even when he wasn’t even on it?? All the Marbury talk started right before the road trip out west and before facing LA. Guy’s not even on the team and he’s a cancer.

    Hope he never gets mentioned again.

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  7. Negative, negative, negative..Sheesh. Do you want them to fail to fulfill some sort of self-hatred thing you got going on..? Cheer up, will ya’..? GO GREEN!

  8. I agree 19 seems to be their number they scored 19 in the first and fourth quarter then score 22 in 5 minutes of overtime if they played that way all the time theyd score about 196 points a game.Tired is the word.They had a 20 point lead sunday but couldnt hold it they almost blew that game too.I still say give the staters some time off rotate one a day sit them all do something.Everyones excpecting a miracle cure all star weekend not me.Docs coaching ability is sub par his managing of people is good but his rotations are not.Maybe its time for a new coach Ive been a die hard fan since the late 70s and ive never really seen a good coach fitch was ok kc had so muct talent hed just say give larry the ball rick pitino stunk in the nba did he ever win 2 games in a row as a celtic coach? his assisnt did pretty good after he left.Wake up Danny we need that best record for home court in the playoffs.

  9. Strange entry. Cs looked a little out of it when they were down… but they came out full of energy in the 3rd, and never let up. Most of all, Paul Pierce had ENDLESS energy in this game. After the game, when asked if he was exhausted from playing almost 50 full minutes, PP said no, he could go another quarter. And he looked like it… not tired at all. Said it was the extra rest, the hyperbaric chamber, etc. Whatever was wrong with him, it seemed completely fixed in this game. This was Paul Pierce of last year, in all his glory. BETTER, in fact, than last year, because last year he would get worn out playing this many minutes, but not so last night.

  10. They wont be back until they fortify their bench which they have yet to do

  11. Is Ukic that good or did he just eat his wheaties at half time?

  12. That’s the first I’ve seen him play. I wonder if Rondo was taken by surprise at all.

  13. With my Leon mancrush it was tough seeing him struggling to score. Pulled down some key boards though and played solid overall I thought.
    I wish more of those attempts fell though so he would have made the most of his extended playing time.

  14. You’re right they haven’t fixed that much.

    Because really, there wasn’t too much broken to begin with.

    They played a lot of road games in the last two weeks, and some of them were ugly. None of them were blowouts, most were decided by 5 points or less. Tony’s injured. Pierce is banged up and STILL scores 39. Perk is out. Ray and Eddie have booth been fairly cold (with an exception).

    and beyond all of that, even last night showed – the Officiation in the NBA, on both sides of the floor, SUCKS right now.

    Eddie Rush, Dick Bavetta, Joey Crawford and that young kid Tommy was screaming about the other day need to be fired. Period. It’s like they are all taking Donaghy’s bets for him from prison.

  15. Officiating is the NBA’s black hole, it’s weakest link by far. Following up on officiating: There are bad calls (and non-calls) in EVERY game, for every team.

    Solution: No more on-court referees. Have 2 guys sitting in a booth, watching monitors. All calls are made (and verified) using video and instant replay. Flops are ignored, or better yet, punished.

    Ok, don’t wanna get rid of the on-court refs? Then at least have those guys in the booth and give them the power to override any call the on-court refs make.

  16. Replays, yes. You still need on courts refs to break up the little skirmishes and check the ball.

  17. Yeah, of course you’re right about needing on-court refs too. But wouldn’t it be great if they were totally emasculated and had to conform to the off-court video refs every time? Now that would be a sight to see.

    Here’s another idea: If an on-court ref calls a technical on a player, and is overridden by the off-court refs, then the on-court ref gets fined $1000 a pop. :))

  18. The more tech’s the better I hate to watch grown men cry!

  19. Maybe Brian Scalabrine has earned himself a few more minutes at forward when Perk comes back. He was able to handle some strong passes this game. As much as I like Powe and Baby, Scal tends to have better hands and less error prone. He will not win a game, but maybe in the mix he can reduce our turnovers and not lose one. We are making too many turnovers. The bench has played better lately but are still too sloppy. Also, even though I am not one clammering for more POB, I am surprised he is not brought in for some size mismatches on Baby and Powe. It is a human chess match afterall

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