Let’s Enjoy This Matchup

Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/NBAE via Getty Images

I didn’t like the Jason Kidd/Devin Harris trade when it happened, and I think we’re finding out now that Dallas made a mistake by letting this kid go.

Harris is taking a team that was already making lottery plans this year… and led them to a .500 record.  It’s a team with clear sights set on the 2010 LeBron sweepstakes.  It’s a team with an extremely selfish Vince Carter and some thrown-together pieces.  Yet Harris is carrying them.  He’s averaging 23 points and almost 7 assists per game.  He’s put up six 30-point games and two 40-point games.   He’s got 6 double-digit assist games so far and a handful of others that were close.

Get it?  Harris is good.  And we should enjoy the challenge facing Rajon Rondo.  Rondo isn’t the same kind of player as Harris and he isn’t asked to do the same things.  Rajon, being more of a distributor that he is, has ten double-digit assist games to go along with the same handful of “close” ones.  But Rondo’s challenge will be to slow down the Harris train, which few people have been able to do this year.

It’s another classic point guard match up.  It might not have the marquee appeal of Chris Paul vs. Derron Williams…. but it’s just as good.  We are Celtics fans first, and we will root for Rondo to win.  But if he can’t stop Harris, we should take a moment to appreciate what appears to be another great young point guard.

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One Response

  1. right now i think harris is definitely better than harris, he has all the same offensive skills and is a better defender

    remember it was harris who almost single handedly defeated the spurs in the playoffs a couple years back

    i think if you put him on a team with the same type of pieces that cp3 has, a lot of people would argue that devon is better

    and until further notice rondo is in the second tier, behind devin, chris, derron, and probly derrick rose right now to

    hes more in the wheelhouse of jameer nelsen, mo williams , and jose caulderon

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