Scal’s A Hero Too


Paul Pierce is Superman.  KG volunteered to be Batman.  So it seems like the Celtics are turning into the Justice League somehow.  And in light of dueling Brian Scalabrine articles in the Globe and Herald today, I figured we should bring Scal into the action… as Aquaman.

I think it fits.  Aquaman is always called useless, but he’s really not.  He’s just not useful in every situation.  However, if you put him in his element, he’s very effective.  Same with Scal. I’ve been trying to tell everyone that he doesn’t suck. But as we’ve seen in the past few games, he can do OK in the right situation.

Scal hit some big shots in both Toronto games, and he’ll bust his butt on D.  Yes, sometimes he’ll try to do too much… which usually leads to a foul… but Scal will do his job, especially when surrounded by the rest of the starters, and he’ll do it with a level of energy that actually sets an example for everyone.

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After the jump, some KG fan art



15 Responses

  1. Rondo is DEFINITELY Robin…

  2. A big man who rebounds as little as Scal better do some other things very well or he will not help your team. Scal doesn’t do anything very well, despite the hustle and his knowledge of his job. He does not make this team better.

  3. Haha.. Rondo is def Robin.I must say I’ve bought into the Idea that Scal doesn’t suck. He’s been pretty good ever since he’s got his confidence back.

    p.s. Ray Allen as a superhero would probably be some sort of sharp shooter with arrows or something. Perk… I’m not so sure he’d be a Hero maybe more of a villan like Dr Doom who crossed over to the good side.

  4. The whole point on Scal is that he doesn’t make the team worse. He hold the line. What more do you want from him? He’s the epitome of a role player. Put him in a specific role, and as long as he does a couple of things fairly well, then I’m happy.

    Sometimes I think people want Scal to play like Pierce. He’s going to play defense, hustle, and hit a couple of open shots. That’s pretty much it. He’s not forcing shots, he’s not bringing the ball up, and he’s not dogging it.

  5. To me, Veal hustles on Defense but is embarrassing to watch on Offense. It’s usually comical, but not lately when he’s a starter.

    He’s still #44 in the program and #1 in your hearts though…

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  7. John,

    Love the Aquaman comparison. Great explananation why, too.

    A few weeks ago, I thought the starting five was becoming the Fantastic Five. Things change quickly, sometimes, don’t they?


  8. That’s a pretty sick drawing of KG….

  9. Has any one seen an article about a rummered Dennis Rodman comeback that Josh26th-1 floated in the comments of the Globe article?

  10. There’s zero chance of Rodman coming back. He’s going to be 48 in May.

  11. I was gonna say – didn’t Rodman play when Larry played?

  12. Scal doesn’t suck…he’s just fat, slow, can’t get to the rim and only sometimes hits open shots. But he’s not embarassing this team nearly as much as last year and prior years, so I can’t really complain.

    BTW, nice followup feature.

  13. Ray Allen is the Green Arrow

  14. He was able to handle some strong passes this game. As much as I like Powe and Baby, Scal tends to have better hands and less error prone. He will not win a game, but maybe in the mix he can reduce our turnovers and not lose one.We are making too many turnovers. The bench has played better lately but are still too sloppy.

    Well, at least he is taller than Powe and Baby

  15. Rodman is a legend but he is getting old for this.

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