So That’s What Defense Looks Like

Loved the defensive intensity tonight. Absolutely loved it. KG set the tone in the first quarter with 8 pts, 3 reb and 1 block. Any thoughts the C’s were going to have trouble with the size of Brook Lopez were quickly erased (especially after watching Scalabrine and Pierce each block his shot).

The C’s held the Nets to 30-percent shooting for most of the game (NJ ran it up in the fourth). And they put this game away with a 37-19 3rd quarter and lead 88-60 going into the 4th.

The best part about this blowout, KG’s 24 minutes, Ray Allen’s 29 minutes and Paul Pierce’s 32 minutes. The team gets two full days off before playing NJ again on Saturday.

The highlight of the game came in the first quarter. Scalabrine (9 pts, 4 reb) poked the ball away from Vince Carter, took off running and Rondo (11 pts, 12 asst, 7 reb, 3 stls) fed him for a dunk. This was the best sequence I’ve seen from Scal since he came to Boston.

Bill Walker had a few highlights – two smooth layups and one dunk.

Comcast cameras caught Eddie House limping down the corridor to the locker room. This is complete speculation, but he may have injured his groin. Dickerson reports House has a mild ankle sprain.

Celtics 118 – Nets 86 |Box Score | Recap

“I’ve got a good view of the banner from either seat.” – Wyc Grousbeck, when asked by Mike Gorman which seat he preferred, his courtside seat or the one at the broadcasting table.

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19 Responses

  1. My favorite moment was Vince Carter going down (AGAIN) like he’d been shot point blank by a sawed-off rifle… only to come back from an extremely minor ankle boo boo.

    Honestly, VC might be the biggest bitch I’ve ever seen. He does it every time. EVERY time. He goes down and makes it seem like he’s got a major injury… then he’s back running around in a few minutes.

    I really hate that guy.

  2. How about Scal just throwing himself on VC’s leg going for that loose ball? And how about Wyc taking a shot at Vince during his 2Q interview? Great stuff….

  3. Tracy Mcgrady would definitely give him a run for his money as the biggest bitch in the league

  4. Those two are related aren’t they? Make sense.

  5. I heard that Wyc said he was pretty sure the c’s would add a gaurd and big man, thats pretty reassuring, as long as that guard is not Marbury

    the team needs another player who can shoot and guard the 2 and 3 positions

  6. Scalabrine is turning out solid

  7. Good news from this game. Pierce played 32 minutes, looked great, never tired – he’s back. Rondo actually took 3 jump shots, made 2 of them – great stuff, finally. Billy Walker looked great out there. If they can bench or just get rid of TA and have Billy step up, that could be a huge improvement.

    Didn’t like what POB showed us tonight in his 6 minutes or so. Looked lost and brainless out there… airballed two jumpers and totally ignored a wide open Walker under the basket. And tho BBD had a good game, I still don’t see him as NBA material. But if the Cs can win it all AGAIN with Big Baby playing an active role… well, that will make the amazement even greater.

    Ok, so all they really need going forward is a big. (Pruitt looks fine as backup point guard.) Hope they find one for the end game.

  8. Ugh…I’m gonna need to get NBA League Pass. I can’t stand not being able to watch the games while at school.

  9. in an earlier comment someone linked the possible deal for mike miller,

    they could work out a deal like:

    scal, giddens, walker, TA, and Obryant


    miller and ollie

    that wouldnt hurt the line-uo as TA is the only one who got regular minutes from that group

  10. From their you can hope to sign ZO or horry, or maybe package big baby and ollie for a cheap big man but youll have to add guys just to fill out the roster

  11. No way I want to give up that much for Mike Miller.

  12. Rondo looked pretty good tonight.Except for when he tried to help baby out of the stands.It was also nice to hear one of the owners say that he thinks they need a big man and another shooter to get pass cleavland.
    Watching kobe hit a three and do his little dance thinking he hit the game winner then watching san antonia win it with a free throw and seeing kobe get upset made my night.
    lebron and kobe make my all cry baby team and they celebrate too much before the games over for me remember kobe game 6 telling the fans not tonight then losing by 39 points thats embarrising.
    Cleavland now has 6 loses lakers 7 orlando 8 lakers and cleavland play next week so it really dosent matter who wins but la win would be better right now.
    And boston plays orlando next week so we can pick up 2 games with one win.
    As long as we keep on winning.
    Walker looked good hope eddies ok we need perk and tony back.

  13. Man did I love pierce going off in the 3rd with that barrage of 3s, when his 3 is dropping the guy is completely unstoppable. and seriously, can we see more of bill walker, the kid just makes plays, and gets people going crazy. I love this kid get him some minutess!!

    yes and kobe losing after he was celebrating using the big ball taunt should make ESPN top 10

  14. Perk may be back here and there, but he’s not gonna be much good this season. Shoulder’s too delicate… no way he makes it all the way. Tony can stay out far as I’m concerned. Let Billy take his spot… can’t be worse, and could be much much better.

  15. G dam’ I am going to get NBA Pass on the 19th and have more fun with all you Celts freaks like myself!!!!!! Lets goooooo C E L T S we have big games coming up. N.BJ again, SHAQSUNSDOWN, OrlOSEDO, PISOFFS, and Lakersuck around the corner. Looking forward to it.

  16. Are we back after a 2-week break? I hope so, it seems a year since I’ve last seen the C’s playing like this (in fact, it was last year :)). Loved the overall intensity.

  17. Yeah, papa irish, no way we’re giving up that much. I don’t see us ditching on Bill Walker so early and I don’t see Scal leaving right now. We’ll see what happens though.

  18. yeah that wass funny when Kobe did the Sam Cassell jog back…haha got a good laugh out of that, and even bigger one when roger mason hit the GW..that was enjoyable game after watching the celtics beat up on the nets

  19. The best part of the faker game was watching Ginoboli block Gasol’s shot in the paint, spilled my beer laughing. Kobe pouting into the locker room, phil pissing and moaning rodmanovich picking his nose, and the fakers finding a way to lose even as the Spurs turned the ball over every other possession in the 4th. the NBA – where meltdowns happen.

    I did see something that made me wonder for the C’s, Big shot Bob was sitting in the audience looking bored. Don’t know if he’d come out and go east, but he would spread the floor and provide some interior defense. Get on the phone danny, he’ll bring some scoring without bringing cancer.

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