Halfway There

If you got excited about this video, then congratulations… you’re old like me and Chuck.

I can’t believe it… but the Celtics season is half over, and they’re sitting there at 32-9.  That puts them on pace for 64-18 this year.  Last year they were 66-16.  Last year we were winning games by 10 points.  This year, we’re winning by 9.

So… what are we so worried about?

Ok, so we went on a huge streak where we won some games we should have lost.  And then we went on a skid where we lost some games we should have won.

But considering that a lot of us EXPECTED to win fewer games this year, I think we’ve got plenty to be happy about.

Also out there:

Empty the Bench ponders what if the Celtics didn’t trade for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett? Interesting stuff.

And just in case you missed Chris Paul’s line last night:  33 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds and 7 steals.  Damn.


12 Responses

  1. go back even further and say what if the C’s didnt pull off the trade for telfair, then you have brandon roy in that mix, furthermore, go back even further and say pierce didnt block his trade for a draft pick then you have a starting lineup of

    pg: Chris Paul (who the c’s were set to take with the pick they were gonna trade the truth for)
    sg:brandon roy
    sf:jeff green
    pf:al jefferson
    c:kendrick perkins

    and the bench

    pg:Delonte West
    sg:Tony Allen
    Sf:Gerald Green, Wally, Scal
    PF:Ryan Gomes, Leon powe
    C:Raef Lafreantz

  2. It’s a fun thing to talk and write about… and it’s certainly well thought out… but the fact is we never know what these guys would be in different situations. On top of that, we don’t know what the effect of getting these guys would be on future draft status. If we had Chris Paul, would we really have gotten Jeff Green or Brandon Roy?

  3. Just wanted to say that I got pretty excited hearing the Garden errupt singing “Living on a Prayer” last night.

    Also I love how ESPN keeps plugging KG’s singing and Pierce’s heroics on SportsCenter.

    I’m feeling very happy about the team again. This week rocks.

  4. which two would you rather have

    CP3 and Green?

    or Roy and Rondo?

  5. that telfair trade was all about unloading LaFrentz. God there were some terrible contracts in there…Blount, Raef, Vin Baker…ughhh

    Fun read though. Takes me back to how optimistic i used to be about that crew. I loved Big Al and Gerald. At the time, I remember thinking we gave up too much to get Garnett. I didn’t want to part w/ Gerald…go figure.

  6. Let’s hope Billy Walker isn’t the next Gerald Green/Kedrick Brown…all hops, no game.

  7. That’s a pretty ridiculous first two paragraphs of that article. Essentially, it was more fun to be a fan of the Celtics when they were losing 18 straight games? Um….what? For those of us who are real Celtics fans, those were painful days.

  8. Billy The Kid’s got hops AND game. Great potential there. JR too. All we need now is a big. Damn that PJ… since when is family more important than basketball?!

  9. I’d rather have Roy/Rondo.

  10. Is that CP3 and Jeff Green? If so, I’d take that combo.

  11. I can tell you what we are worried about: LeBron James. :) But other than that, everything is fine. Now that the talks about 70+ wins have stopped we can focus on what really matters: Getting ready for the Playoffs.

  12. D…please tell me your a 35 year old woman.

    Even if your not…please say you are…please tell me you work in the diner and not on the docks…

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